Arm’s Reach Cambria Co-Sleeper Review

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  • Affordable
  • Very portable
  • Easy to access
  • Hard to set up
  • Not as eco-healthy
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The Arm’s Reach Cambria Co-sleeper is a modern bassinet with a traditional touch. It’s got beautiful curved wooden ends, and all the advanced features like mesh sides and built-in wheels. It’s a co-sleeper designed to be used next to your master bed, keeping your little one safe from any danger. You will be able to tend to your baby at any time, and the bassinet also provides bonding time for the mommy and baby.

The innovative design with a side that’s easy to lower makes it easy to breastfeed. It is primarily a co-sleeper, but it can also work as a freestanding bassinet. The frame is very sturdy, and it’s made out of wood.

It’s got adjustable built-in leg extensions that are standard for most Arm’s Reach models. The patented attachment strap allows you to connect it to your bed safely. Every purchase also includes a sheet, a nylon attachment strap, a mattress, and a removable, machine-washable fabric liner.

When it comes to taking care of your newborn, it’s best you keep it close so you can attend to it at all times. If you’re a new parent and if you’re still not sure about what to do when your baby starts crying, this bassinet will help you take care of your little one. You won’t even have to get out of bed. Now, let’s take a closer look at the features of the Arm’s Reach Cambria in more detail.


  • Bassinet weight – 28.6 lbs

  • Weight limit  – 30 lbs

  • Dimensions   – 31″H x 34″L x 20″W

  • Age limit  –  0 to 5 months


  • Mobility

You can see right away that the Arm’s Reach Cambria has plenty of features designed to help you take care of your little one more comfortable. It is primarily a co-sleeper that’s attached to your master bed, but it can also be used as a freestanding bassinet if needed. It is a large and bulky bassinet that’s not designed to be moved around a lot, but it also has built-in wheels that will help you move it from one room to another quickly.

  • Two different modes

This bassinet has two different modes: the co-sleeper mode, and the freestanding mode. If you want to use it as a co-sleeper, you will have to use the specially patented strap to attach it to your bed. The built-in legs can also be adjusted to the same height of your bed in seconds.

When used as a freestanding bassinet, you will have an unobstructed view of your little one from all angles. It will look great as a separate piece of furniture due to the wooden sides and, depending on the color you choose. It will work well with the rest of your furniture.

  • Adjustable wheels, sides, and height

The designers of this bassinet have really thought about everything. It’s fully adjustable to your needs. You can set the height of the mattress, so it matches the height of your bed. The wheels can be taken off entirely if you want to use it as a freestanding bassinet. Otherwise, they make it easy to move from room to room.

The sides are also adjustable and can be locked upright or in the lowered position. When dropped, it provides you easy access as you sleep next to each other. That’s a feature you can’t find on many models, so it’s a big plus. The most important thing is keeping your baby safe and protected, and this bassinet provides precisely that.

  • Storage

You will definitely have enough storage room for everything you need around your little one. The large storage basket under the mattress will hold stuff like diapers, extra clothes, burp clothes, wipes, baby formula, and anything else you might need. But, if that’s not enough, the Arm’s Reach Cambria has a storage pocket on the side ideal for holding milk bottles and small necessities.

  • The assembly

Putting this bassinet together is the most frustrating thing about it. It’s a well-made and highly-affordable bassinet, but it’s not easy to set up at all. The instruction manual is not very detailed, so you’ll probably need a couple of minutes to figure out how to put all pieces together. You might even have to start over at some point because something went wrong. It’s best you get someone to help you hold pieces while you screw them together.

  • Comfort

Comfort is guaranteed with this bassinet. It’s got a nice mattress with a removable cover that’s safe for machine-washing. The sides are padded and made of mesh material, providing comfort and air-flow to your baby. The materials used for the mattress could have been a little better, but it still works fine.

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What’s wrong with the product?

-Not as eco-healthy

The materials used for the frame and the cradle are excellent, but the mattress is made out of polymer material that’s not very comfortable or eco-friendly. Some people replace it with a firm pillow instead.

-Hard to set up

Easy assembly is a feature you get from most bassinets, but not this one. It’s a little complicated to set up, and you will probably need someone to help you do it correctly.


Getting a safe and comfortable bassinet doesn’t always cost a fortune. The Arm’s Reach Cambria is an affordable alternative for people who are on a tight budget. It does sacrifice some features like premium materials to lower the price, but it’s still safe and comfortable enough for most babies.

It works well as a co-sleeper, but it can also be used as a freestanding bassinet. That gives you a couple of options, but it’s also got built-in wheels so that you can move it without problems. When used as a co-sleeper, you can adjust the height and lower the side closest to the bed for easy access, which is especially crucial for recovering moms. The bottom line is – you get all the useful features but at a lower quality.

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