Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center Review

9.4 Total Score

  • Electronic Music Settings
  • Light
  • Carrying Handle
  • Easy to Disassemble
  • Easy to Clean
  • Has Wheels
  • Locking Mechanism
  • Changing Station
  • Easy to Remove Bassinets
  • Sturdy
  • The Price
  • No Clear Instructions
  • Temporary Usability
  • Heavy
  • Comes Only in One Color
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The baby trend twin nursery center is one of the best solutions for families with twins. The package comes with removable Rock-a-Bye sleepers, canopies, and a carrying handle. The bassinets are padded with plush fabric, and they sport mesh walls that ensure great ventilation. The mesh provides maximum breathability and also enhances visibility, although the black color of it might affect the latter.

The list of excellent features just keeps piling up. The twin bassinet comes with a convenient changing station that ought to make your parent duties a bit more manageable. With its fourty+ pounds of weight, it doesn’t quite fall in the lightweight category, but the wheels it rolls on make it easy to move all around the house.

There are some extra features included that are intended to help the twins fall asleep easier. The unit is capable of emitting soothing music. There is a volume control feature, so that you can adjust it to the babies’ preference.

It also has a vibration setting that is certain to help when the babies are particularly restless. For the parents’ convenience, there is a nightlight built in the bassinet. You won’t need to fumble clumsily through the dark to find a feeding bottle or something else you might need, nor will you need to disturb the sleep of your babies during the process as the nightlight is dim enough.

It would all be perfect if it weren’t for the price. The model comes with a lot of conveniences, so the price is above average, but it is somewhat reasonable considering that this is a twin sleeper. The real downside of the model is the lack of clear instructions – once you get the package, you are left on your own.


  • Weight – 41.3 lbs

  • Weight limit  – 15 lbs (each)

  • Dimensions   – 49.2” x 46” x 30.3”

  • Age limit –  0 to 4 months



The package comes with two rock-a-bye bassinets, each having its own handle. Their design and handles allow you to take them out of the playard.

You don’t need to drag the whole playard around the house; you can simply lift up each bassinet individually and take them wherever you want. Unlike with the Graco model, where the bassinets can only be removed once the children outgrow them. Each bassinet has a canopy as well.


Despite its weight, the unit is portable. It comes with wheels that allow you to roll it to any corner of your room without breaking a sweat. The wheels come with a break, so you won’t have to worry about safety.

Due to its weight, you will need to break a sweat to move it outside the house, but the folding mechanism and travel bag make it an easy endeavor.

Changing Station

Most parents will agree that the inclusion of a changing station is a huge relief. Baby Trend really hit the nail on the head with this one. The changing station comes with a tray for diapers and wipes – the whole thing makes diaper changes reasonably quick, which is especially useful when you are traveling.


It is quite option feature as it increases the “lifespan” of the product. Once your children outgrow their bassinets, they will still be able to to use it as a playard.

Truth be told, the playard might be a bit narrow for both children to use it at the same time, but it’s still better than having to get rid of the product after just three months. Keep in mind, once the children are able to climb out of the playard on their own, you should discontinue the use.

Mesh Sidewalls

Like every other proper twin bassinet, this model has mesh sidewalls that secure excellent airflow and therefore maximize breathability. Mesh sides are crucial as they basically neutralize the risk of suffocation. They also increase visibility, allowing you and your children to see each other – which ought to be soothing for the whole family.

Mattress Pad

The bassinet doesn’t come with a traditional mattress, but with a padded mat of appropriate firmness. It is comfortable enough and satisfies all the required safety standards. The whole thing can easily be wiped down, or hand washed. The manufacturer doesn’t recommend putting it in a washing machine even if it has a “hand wash” setting.


What some parents might consider the best part of the deal are the awesome accessories that help them put their baby to sleep without much effort. There is a music player that has volume control so that you can adjust it to yours or your children’s preference.

It also has a vibration feature too, which can soothe even the most restless baby. Not to forget the rocking action the bassinet comes with. The sleeper has a nightlight as well that makes nighttime feedings or diaper changes more convenient.

Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center, Circle Tech

What’s wrong with the product?

-The Price

For a temporary piece of baby gear, the Baby Trend Nursery Center is somewhat pricey. All of the brilliant features do justify the price, but the unit is still designed to be used only temporarily, so you’ll have to decide if all the conveniences are worth the extra buck.

-No Clear Instructions

A bassinet shouldn’t be like a piece of Ikea furniture. Compared to other models, it takes a while to put the thing together as it doesn’t have proper instructions. It is not really a deal breaker, just a minor encumbrance.


The Baby Trend company seems to know about all the hassles a family with twins has to deal with. Managing two children at once isn’t easy, and parents need all the help they can get, so the Baby Trend Nursing Center comes with a ton of features that ought to make parenting easier. And it really does its job just like promised, but you have to decide if you are willing to pay more to get the extra conveniences.

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