Babybay Bedside Sleeper Review

9.4 Total Score

  • ASTM Certified
  • JPMA Certified
  • TUV/GS Certified
  • Convertible features
  • Versatility
  • Easy to assemble
  • Top-quality materials
  • No accessories included
  • Mattress not included
  • Expensive
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One of the most versatile co-sleepers out there, if not the most versatile. Aside from being a co-sleeper, it is a proper bassinet too. It can be detached from the bed in a jiffy and used as a bassinet or co-sleeper interchangeably.

The babybay bedside sleeper is made of top-notch wood, looks like a crib, and keeps your child close while providing easy access for mid-night breastfeeding. It’s impressive design, and the overall finish compliment any bedroom the co-sleeper winds up in. However, all of its excellent features add to its weight and therefore impact its portability.

It is also on the pricier side, and might not be a good choice for parents on a tight budget. However, if your budget allows, you won’t make a mistake going with the exceptional babybay co-sleeper that is renowned for its safety and versatility. Because traditional co-sleeping is potentially risky, Christian Pihale had come up with a solution that allowed his wife to stay in bed and keep her child close, while still meeting their needs.

That’s how babybay came to be. Many parents now rely on it to keep their children close and safe. It has proven to be of excellent service to many families so far and thus is often recommended to new parents.


  • Bassinet weight – 32 lbs

  • Weight limit  – 24 lbs

  • Dimensions   – 36″H x 20″L x 37″W

  • Age limit  –  0 to 5 months


  • Accessibility

The co-sleeper is very easy to access even while you are in bed. The bassinet is made to work with beds of different heights. The lower sidewall allows you to effortlessly get your baby in and out while you are resting. The co-sleeper is attached to the bed by a flat portion on the other side of the bed which is connected to a long, adjustable strap.

  • Portability

The bare co-sleeper is inconvenient to move around due to its 28 pounds of weight. However, you can purchase caster wheels separately that will make it mobile. It is best to purchase the conversion kit that turns the bassinet into a crib as that makes the model safer to use with the caster wheels.

  • Assembly

The assembly process isn’t as simple as it is with some other models, but it doesn’t take much effort. There is both a written and illustrated manual. However, since some parents complained about the manual being confusing, the manufacturer uploaded a video tutorial on their website.

The co-sleeper comes with a unique anchoring mechanism that securely holds the whole thing to a boxspring bed or a traditional bed frame. The complete assembly process ought to take fifteen minutes of your time.

  • Cleaning

There are no machine-washable items on this co-sleeper, since it is mostly wood. The model can be simply wiped down with a damp cloth. However, the mattress pad can be washed by hand.

  • Breathability

As the co-sleeper looks like a standard crib, it has wooden slats with plenty of space between them, and no mesh walls, unlike most other models on the market. In other words, it is perfect as far as breathability goes. There is no material or other items that can negatively affect your baby’s breathing.

  • Sleeping surface

Just a reminder, you’ll have to buy the mattress separately. The babybay co-sleeper mattress is very safe and has no low points. It fits great into its base as the pad doesn’t shift even when one pushes their fingers between the mattress and the wooden slats.

This goes for the Classic mattress. There are five kinds mattresses in total that can be chosen from. Each is designed for different needs and is slightly different from the rest.

  • Versatility

It is possibly the most versatile co-sleeper out there. It can be detached from the bed very quickly and used as a bassinet. You can interchangeably use it as a co-sleeper and bassinet.

With the purchase of a particular attachment, you can turn it into a proper crib. If you have another co-sleeper of the same kind, you can join the two and make yourself a full-sized crib. When your baby grows into toddlerhood, you can use it as a children’s bench.

  • Extra Features

The height of the mattress platform can be adjusted. This allows you to choose the height that is most suitable for your bed. This feature increases the overall safety of the product.

  • Safety Certificates

This co-sleeper meets the TUV/GS, JPMA, ASTM safety regulations. Very few baby products meet all of the aforementioned safety standards. Parents whose utmost concern is security will certainly sleep sound if they opt for this model.

baby in a babybay bassinet

What’s wrong with the product?

-Mattress Not Included

One would expect to at least get a mattress with one of the most expensive bassinets on the market. Luckily, it has a lot of positive “most” and “est” features that justify its high price, so one might as well shell out for a mattress as well. But still, the company ought to change this practice in the future.

-No Accessories Included

Since the product doesn’t come with a mattress, it’s only logical that it doesn’t come with any accessories. And again, one would expect some accessories with such an expensive bassinet. However, there is an array of excellent accessories that can be purchased separately.

-The Price

The product is high-end and therefore very expensive. It seems even more expensive, considering that it doesn’t come with a mattress and some extra features. However, one cannot say that it’s price isn’t justified as it is likely the safest and most versatile bassinet on the market.


The babybay is a real piece of furniture that closely resembles a traditional crib. Unlike most of the other models, it is intended for the long haul, as its versatility enables the user to convert it into a crib, or a kid bench. The design is simple, but it makes the babybay one of the safest co-sleepers money can buy.

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