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Chicco Lullago Portable Bassinet Featured

Going on a trip with an infant requires a strategy. Planning out your steps ahead is key and figuring out where your newborn is going to sleep might a good place to start with. A travel bassinet can be of great help on your first vacation with the new baby.

A portable sleeper is an excellent option because it allows your little angel to nap while you are doing your own thing. A bassinet is not really a crib, but it’s still much more than a simple cradle – it’s a safe space for your newborn to relax safely and soundly.

Brica Fold N Go Travel Bassinet
Brica Fold N Go Travel Bassinet

Weight: 2.45 lbs
Dimensions: 29.5" x 21" x 12.5"
Weight Limit: 15 lbs (each)
Age limit: 0 to 3 months
Dream On Me Lacy Portable 2-In-1 Bassinet
Dream On Me Lacy Portable 2-In-1 Bassinet

Weight: 14 lbs
Dimensions: 35.5” x 21.7” x 30”
Weight Limit: 20 lbs
Age limit: 0 to 6 months
Fisher Price Rock N Play Bassinet
Fisher Price Rock N Play Bassinet

Weight: 8 lbs
Dimensions: 33.25” x 22.5” x 24.5”
Weight Limit: 25 lbs
Age limit: 0 to 6 months
Chicco Lullago Portable Bassinet<br data-lazy-src=
Chicco Lullago Portable Bassinet

Weight: 17.8 lbs
Dimensions: 36” x 22” x 27”
Weight Limit: 15 lbs
Age limit: 0 to 5 months
Miclassic Bassinet – 2 in 1 Rocking Bassinet
Miclassic Bassinet – 2 in 1 Rocking Bassinet

Weight: 16 lbs
Dimensions: 37.4" x 23.8" x 28”
Weight Limit: 33 lbs
Age limit: 0 to 5 months


Brica Fold N Go Travel Bassinet

Brica Fold N Go Travel Bassinet Review

There are many sleepers on the market, but only a couple of them are fit for constant travel. Brica’s Fold N’ Go model is definitely one of them. As of recently, it comes with an upgraded design that makes it comfy and safe.

It is an excellent option for parents looking for a quick and safe travel solution. Its user-friendly design has earned it a place among the best travel sleepers. Folding it and unfolding it is a matter of seconds.

The model is great if you want to keep things simple as it practically doesn’t require any assembly. All you need to do is click the safe point in. When not in use, there is a carrying handle for ease of transportation. The bassinet also comes with a removable fitted sheet that is machine-washable, allowing you to always keep things clean.

There are only a few bassinets that can compete with it when it comes to weight as it is only two and a half pounds. You can fit it almost anywhere without even noticing it. This neat sleeper is surrounded by mesh sides that ensure excellent airflow and therefore secure maximum breathability.

Some parents have complained that the mattress pad is a bit uncomfortable as it seems tin, but it is entirely secure and is manufactured to satisfy the highest safety standards (ASTM). It’s only significant handicap would probably be the 3-month age limit, which is far lower than the maximum 6-month age limit some models have. The frame of the unit is comprised of tubular steel, meaning it is as strong and durable as far as sleeper frames go.

One of the signature features of this bassinet is its ingenious 4-point safety locking system. Along with its sturdy base and firm mattress, your baby’s safety is guaranteed. But still, keep in mind that once your child is able to push up with their hands and knees, you will have to discontinue the use.


  • Lightweight
  • 4-point safety lock system
  • Mesh sides
  • Easy to Clean
  • Firm Base


  • Thin mattress pad
  • 3-months Age Limit

Dream On Me Lacy Portable 2-In-1 Bassinet

Dream On Me Lacy Portable 2-In-1 Bassinet Review

This Dream On Me Lacy model delivers all the great features of a proper sleeper at a very pocket-friendly price. Its overall design is simply adorable, and the model features a nice protective net as well.

The net is really a nice touch as it offers excellent protection from those pesky insects that are flying around. Sometimes, it does get in the way, but it’s removable, so you can always detach it when it’s not needed.

No matter where you plan on putting it, it is sure to match the furniture. It’s not the lightest model on the market, but with its fourteen pounds of weight, but it’s still pretty easy to pick up and transport. To make sure of that, the model is equipped with built-in wheels.

The wheels have a rotating base which enables you to convert the bassinet into rocking mode. All of the features are pretty straightforward. A somewhat noteworthy downside of this bassinet would be its flimsiness, so one ought to be careful when transporting it.

Once the package arrives, it won’t take you more than twenty minutes to put the whole thing together. The owner’s manual is quite easy to follow, and it only takes one person to assembly the sleeper.

One of the best things about this unit is the sizeable storage space it comes with – hardly any other model out there can compete with it storage-wise. You can fit all your essential baby gear, including extra clothes and a large diaper bag. The bassinet features mesh sides that ensure both visibility and breathability.

Due to the bassinet’s super-affordable price, some sacrifices had to be made, and it’s a kind of obvious since the mattress pad is a bit thin. It might not be the most comfortable mattress, but it is still easy to remove and wash. When it comes to design, there are a few colors you can choose from – be sure you’ll find one that’s a perfect fit for your family.


  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Sizeable storage basket
  • Light
  • Easy Fold
  • Safety Net
  • Rocking Feature


  • Net Gets in the Way
  • Bed of Bassinet Shifts a Bit

Fisher Price Rock N Play Bassinet

Fisher Price Rock N Play Bassinet Review

If you’re not looking to spend a lot of money on a bassinet, the Fisher Price Portable might just be the right sleeper for your family. It comes at a price that fits any pocket, while still being safe and very easy to use. There are also a couple of features included in the package for your convenience.

The bassinet is not made of the best materials, and some of the materials used in the manufacturing process still remain a mystery, but it is still a safe product. It comes with a toy, but make sure to keep it out of the bassinet. Regarding ease of use, this model scores very high.

It is very light and easy to carry – you can even convert it into a rocking cradle. The mattress isn’t exceptional, but it can easily be removed and safely washed in a washing machine. Unfortunately, the lining cannot be removed, but it can be wiped down easily with a damp cloth.

The folding mechanism is operated by two levers positioned at the base of the bassinet, and it is pretty straightforward. The Fisher Price Portable bassinet is great for travel, just as its name promises. It is compact, and since it weighs approximately eight pounds, very easy to carry around.

Like any decent sleeper, this model is equipped with mesh sidewalls. They are entirely breathable and allow you to keep an eye on your little one as they are see-through. Mesh sidewalls are an essential safety aspect as they practically neutralize the risk of choking.

The child also feels more secure when they can see you through the mesh. There is also a mirror on one of the sides.

Since it’s quite compact and easy to fold, it will likely fit in the trunk of your car. It’s not only a safe bassinet but a very convenient one as well. Considering the incredibly low price of the product, and the temporary nature of the bassinet, it is well worth the purchase.


  • Affordable
  • Highly Portable
  • Comes with Mirror and Toy
  • Light


  • Materials Could Be Better
  • Lining not Removable
  • No Storage

Chicco Lullago Portable Bassinet

Chicco Lullago Portable Bassinet Review

Here we have a sleeper that was certainly manufactured with mobility and comfort in mind. It is very easy to assemble as its legs snap into place and make a one-piece bed – the whole process takes just a few moments. The frame of the unit is pretty light, so you won’t have any problems carrying it around.

It is also easy to disassemble, taking only some buttons to push. You even get a convenient carrying bag that makes it even easier to transport.

The upper part of the bed is partial mesh on each side so that there would be adequate airflow. Since it’s only partial, you can sneak just a little peek inside, enough to be able to make sure your baby is safe. The mesh is crucial as it ensures breathability.

While the design of the sleeper is minimalistic, it still manages to impress with its sleek and modern look. The sleeper is compact when folded, but spacious enough when unfolded. The plush mattress pad that comes with the bassinet is particularly comfortable as it is brushed.

The mattress pad is quite soft, and its cover can be easily washed. However, the manufacturer advises users to line dry all the bassinet materials, so it would be wise to get a backup fitted sheet. Babies are cute and all, but they sure do love making a mess.

Speaking of sheets, some parents have complained that it’s hard to find replacement sheets, so it is probably best to get one from the manufacturer. Other than that, the whole thing is very convenient to have on a family vacation. Your child will definitely appreciate the spacious interior – it puts off any possible claustrophobic vibe.

The legs of the model don’t seem to be quite thick, but don’t let the looks deceive you – the model is very sturdy. The height of the bassinet matches your average bed height, allowing you to position it alongside your bed and keep an eye at your little one while relaxing.


  • See-through mesh
  • Light
  • Great for Travel
  • Comes with Bag
  • Sturdy
  • Neutral Colors
  • Matched Bed Height


  • Hard to Find Fitted Sheet
  • Bit Floppy Mattress

Miclassic Bassinet – 2 in 1 Rocking Bassinet

2in1 Rocking Bassinet One-Second Fold Travel Crib Portable Newborn Baby

There are two special features that make this sleeper particularly noteworthy. The first being the fact that it can be folded in a jiffy, making it an excellent choice for storing and traveling. The second one is the bassinet’s rocking mode, which will prove to be of great aid when you are putting your baby to sleep.

The MiClassic delivers a lot of features at a very reasonable price. Aside from the mattress pad, the sleeper comes with a cover that is removable and washable.

The mattress has a supporting frame. But, more importantly, it is waterproof – making your job much easier when things get messy. The mattress has a noticeable crease in the middle, which is just an eye-sore, it doesn’t’ really affect comfort nor safety. Once you put a fitted sheet over it, it becomes unnoticeable.

The size of the bassinet makes it not-so-great for a smaller apartment. One can easily bump into the thing as it takes up a bit more space when unfolded.

However, if your baby is bigger than average, then they will surely appreciate the sizeable interior that allows them to grow. You baby certainly won’t feel claustrophobic in the MiClassic. If you are looking to avoid spending a great deal of cash on a sleeper, then this might be the choice for you. Even though the bassinet is affordable, it wasn’t manufactured with any safety sacrifices.

Despite its larger unfolded dimensions, it is still great for storage and travel as it comes with a nice, compact fold. It is a proper travel bassinet as it comes with a convenient carrying bag. Wherever you are headed, you can be sure your baby will have a safe spot for sleeping.

The two pairs of legs make the sleeper quite sturdy. Each pair is connected by a shaft to secure stability. The rocking feature is an awesome addition, but you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to. You can keep an eye on your baby at all times thanks to the mesh sides. They also secure breathability and make sure the airflow is satisfactory.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy Assembly
  • Compact When Folded
  • Pocket-Friendly Price


  • No Storage
  • Bulky When Unfolded


Of all the gear you need to pack for your vacation, a travel bassinet might be the most important. Not a sleeper of any kind, but a travel bassinet particularly. Travel sleepers are excellent as they allow you to keep your baby close. But, choosing the right one for you requires some know-how.

Adorable baby

Things to Consider When Purchasing the Best Travel Bassinet


Without a doubt, this is the most important part of any travel bassinet. Aside from safety, of course. When going on a vacation, you would like to go for a compact and lightweight model that is also foldable.

Typically, the most convenient sleepers are the models that come with a shoulder bag and handle. Some portable units are even equipped with a set of wheels, allowing the parent to easily move it from one room to the other. The most portable travel sleeper is also sure to be fit for airplane use.


Even though some models can be converted into a proper cradle, a portable model typically comes with limited movement. Nevertheless, it is possible to find a portable sleeper that has a rocking feature. But, you must know that leaving a newborn unattended with the rocking mode is risky.


Traveling bassinets are without a doubt a great sleep solution for a family vacation. Whether you will be able to use one as a permanent sleep solution depends on the particular model you are considering purchasing. To make sure your baby is always comfortable, check if the bassinet comes with a fitted sheet.

Typically, a baby bassinet mattress pad shouldn’t be too thick and has to have a certain firmness to it. More budget-friendly models often don’t come with a fitted sheet, but one can almost always be purchased separately.

2in1 Rocking Bassinet


A portable bassinet can be so much more than a sleep solution – it can serve more than one purpose. Having all your baby essentials within arm’s reach is a considerable advantage. Some models have sizeable baskets underneath that can hold a large diaper bag, or two, and some extra clothing.

Extra Features

Toys, music players, vibration setting, and so on, are not so important to have on vacation but are can come in handy. If you think you might have trouble putting your baby to sleep, considering buying a sleeper with one of the features that can help you. After all, it’s your vacation too, and a bassinet that makes your parental duties easier is well worth the buck.

But, if you can go without them, then, by all means, go for a more minimalistic model. Extra features can bring some extra complications. For example, a music player certainly requires batteries to work.

Folding and Storage

Storing and folding a portable bassinet shouldn’t feel like a chore. A good travel sleeper is easy to assemble and fold. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a space saver when it’s unfolded, but it should come with a compact fold that allows for easy storage.

Most units come with a similar folding mechanism. However, not all can fit in a car trunk once folded, so be sure to check the dimensions when placing your order.

Size and Weight

Not all bassinets are similar in weight – it can vary by a wide margin. Typically, you would like a lighter model for travel. In case it comes with wheels, the weight might not be such an important factor.

The weight is always listed in the specifications, as well as the weight limit.


Q: Can I Travel Bassinet Be Brought Onboard as Cabin Luggage?

A: Not all models are the same, and some portable models are certainly too big and heavy to be brought onboard an airplane – even when they are folded. However, the most compact models are sure to fit in the overhead compartment. Be sure to check for the dimensions in the specifications before opting for a model.

Q: Can a Portable Sleeper Fit into a Car Trunk?

A: Yet again, this is another characteristic that varies from model to model. However, if a bassinet is foldable, then there is little doubt it will conveniently fit into your car trunk. The dimensions are always listed in the specifications, and they are most useful when trying to determine such things.

Q: What is a Travel Bassinet?

A: A portable bassinet is the type of baby sleeper that is designed to be easy to transport. They are great for vacations and family trips. Typically, such a bassinet is light, compact and foldable.

Q: How much does a portable sleeper weigh?

A: A portable model can weight as little as three pounds and as much as twenty pounds. The light weight of a bassinet is an important factor, but not the only one that contributes to its portability. Some models fall on the heavier side perhaps, but come with wheels, a carrying strap, or some other convenient features that make transportation easy.

Q: What is the weight limit of travel basinets?

A: Each model has its own weight limit. It is very important to know that the usability of a sleeper doesn’t only depend on the weight limit. Once your child gains the ability to push up on their hands and feet, you must discontinue the use. Typically, that occurs before their sixth month.

Q: What is JPMA?

A: JPMA stands for “Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association.” It is a comprehensive certification program that aims to help parents in purchasing infant gear that is manufactured to satisfy certain, high safety standards. If your bassinet comes with the JPMA label, you can rest assured your baby will enjoy the maximum comfort and security.

The label indicated that the piece of equipment is built to satisfy the enacted requirements of the COSC through ASTM standards. For a product to have the ASTM label, it has to go through independent lab examinations, and on-site follow-ups carried out on the grounds of the manufacturing facility.


The first vacation of your baby’s life won’t be the one they will remember, but it can still be one of the most comfortable trips they’ll ever have. A travel sleeper is not only great, for the child but also a great gift for the parents. Even when you are not planning on traveling too far, it can make visiting friends and family much more enjoyable.

With such a model, you won’t have to worry about where your newborn will sleep or whether your nephew is still using their crib. A proper travel bassinet will make sure your first family vacation with the newborn will be as smooth as it possibly can.