Best All Terrain Stroller Reviews

Best All-Terrain Stroller Reviews

Having a small child is an enjoyable adventure in its own right. Some parents like to step up the game by introducing their young ones to the beauties of the great outdoors. Other families live in the countryside, and mountain trails or beautiful rich forests are a part of their everyday life.

Although enjoyable, carrying a baby around can be demanding even in normal, city circumstances. In the world of gavel pats, dirt roads and meadows, having a good quality stroller can make all the difference. Let us take a look at some of the best all terrain strollers that can handle even the toughest terrain.

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller
Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller

Stroller Weight: 32.6 lbs
Weight Limit: 50 lbs
Minimum Age: 6 month
Adjustable Handlebar: No
Fold: One hand
Brake: Foot
Baby Jogger Summit x3 Stroller
Baby Jogger Summit x3 Stroller

Stroller Weight: 28 lbs
Weight Limit: 75 lbs
Minimum Age: 6 month
Adjustable Handlebar: No
Fold: One hand
Brake: Hand, Foot
Schwinn Turismo Swivel Single Jogger
Schwinn Turismo Swivel Single Jogger

Stroller Weight: 24.5 lbs
Weight Limit: 50 lbs
Minimum Age: 6 month
Adjustable Handlebar: Yes
Fold: Two hand
Brake: Hand, Foot
Chicco Activ3 Stroller
Chicco Activ3 Stroller

Stroller Weight: 27 lbs
Weight Limit: 50 lbs
Minimum Age: 6 month
Adjustable Handlebar: Yes
Fold: One hand
Brake: Hand
Bob Rambler Stroller
Bob Rambler Stroller

Stroller Weight: 25 lbs
Weight Limit: 75 lbs
Minimum Age: 8 month
Adjustable Handlebar: No
Fold: One hand
Brake: Foot

A go-to stroller for parents who are always up for an adventure. The Graco FastAction Fold Jogger quickly became the best all terrain stroller as soon as it appeared on the market. The manufacturer paid great attention to even the smallest details.

One of the biggest reasons this is a great all terrain stroller is its wide wheelbase. The rear wheels are set apart at two feet for maximum stability as well as maneuverability. The front has a swivel which allows it to easily take on turns and bumps.

The tires are air-filled, enabling them to act as a natural suspension system and cushion the ride. For additional control, the whole thing is equipped with double action brakes. Stopping the stroller requires two steps.

As your child grows, the roomy seat will make sure they feel comfortable during the process. It can be easily adjusted and reclined, even when you are on the go. To ensure maximum safety, there is also the five-point harness that can be converted into a three-point harness.

The sunshade is pretty basic. If you want to but a better one you can purchase it as an additional accessory. However, the canopy included is equipped with two side mesh panels that provide excellent ventilation.

What delights many parents, are the removable snack tray and two cup holders. The tray easily comes off and pivots as well, The storage basket is quite roomy; it can easily hold a large diaper bag and a purse or a smaller backpack.

It is named Fastaction for a good reason. Its easy one hand-fold is its main feature. All you need to do is a pull strap, and the stroller will fold itself. When folded, the automatic lock holds the buggy in place making sure it won’t expand in your car trunk.

You can convert it into a car seat stroller combo by purchasing the Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35 or 35 LX. Graco’s Click Connect mechanism makes the whole process very simple. It is also suitable for jogging, proving that this buggy deserves its place among the best strollers on the market.


Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller – Editor’s Choice

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Review


  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Parent Organizer
  • Grows with child
  • One-hand fold, stands on its own
  • Simple seat recline;
  • Compatible with Graco car seat
  • Great Ventilation
  • Spacious Storage


  • Basic Canopy
  • Non-Adjustable Handlebar
  • Heavy

Baby Jogger Summit x3 Stroller – The Best Car Seat/Stroller Combo

Baby Jogger Summit x3 Review

An award-winning all-terrain stroller that performs great no matter how tough the terrain gets. It has all the features a parent would want to see in a stroller, such as a full-protection sun-shade, spacious seat, ample storage, and an easy fold.

The high-end seat can accommodate a six-month-old child and any kid weighing up to 75 pounds. By purchasing a compatible infant car seat, you can turn it into a car seat stroller combo and also use it with a newborn. The seat is spacious and is made of high-quality fabric.

It’s equipped with an excellent all-wheel suspension system and air-filled tires that make the ride smooth even on rough terrain. The front wheel is both lockable and swiveling, making the stroller a breeze to push and steer. The front-wheel lock lever is conveniently located on the side-frame.

The stroller features a much-appreciated hand brake that allows you to reduce your speed when going downhill. There is the adjustable tracking feature to make sure your stroller is rolling perfectly straight. It also has a single-action parking brake located on the rear wheel shaft.

It indeed is a one-hand stroller in more than one way. Not only can you maneuver and steer it with one hand, but it also features an impressive one-hand folding mechanism. It only takes a pull of a strap to fold it.

For extra safety, there is a strap beneath the seat that prevents the stroller from running away when you are rolling over tricky terrain. The strap has been deftly attached to the bottom of the frame, so that, in case you fall down, the buggy won’t go down with you.

The Baby Jogger brand is especially renowned for their marvelous canopies, among other features, of course. No matter what adventure your family embarks on, your child will have full sun coverage from dawn till dusk. It has three big panels and two sizeable peek-a-boo windows.


  • Adjustable recline, including near-flat position
  • Shock-absorbing suspension
  • Durable air-filled tires
  • Feels light
  • Great maneuverability
  • Easy one-hand fold
  • Spacious storage;
  • Excellent five point harness
  • One-hand steering


  • No self-stand fold
  • Non-adjustable handlebar
  • No auto-lock

Schwinn Turismo Swivel Single Jogger –  Affordable Stroller

Schwinn Turismo Review

When it comes to economic all-terrain strollers, with Schwinn Turismo, you get more than you pay for. This model comes with a lot of extra features that even more expensive all-terrain buggies lack. For its low price, there are surprisingly few complaints.

It weighs only 24.5 pounds, which is below average for its category. The seat features a comfy near-flat recline and is equipped with a five-point harness. There is also a removable child tray with two cup holders and a small snack compartment. Although the canopy is not big, it can be adjusted to block the sun where needed.

The Schwinn Turismo has a maximum height limit of 40 inches and can hold up to 50 pounds. The regular seat can be used with 6-month-olds. However, if you purchase a compatible infant car seat, you can use it with newborns as well.

Parents weren’t forgotten either, as the model has two parent cupholders and a small closed compartment for keys and a phone. The canopy has AUX speakers so that your child can listen to their favorite tunes during the family stroll. The handlebar swivels up and down allowing parents of different heights to adjust it to their comfort.

The rear wheels are 16″ big, and an all three have great suspension. Real wheels feature additional shocks while the front wheel is lockable and swiveling. The front wheel lock and release lever is located right under the handlebar, meaning that you don’t have to hunch over to adjust it, like with most other models.

The folding does require two hands, sort of, but it is pretty straightforward. You need to grab the two hand-grabs on the handlebar and press the button on the right one, after that, the stroller easily collapses. The swing bracket included makes sure the stroller stays closed once it is folded.

If you are aiming for a pocket-friendly stroller that performs well, The Schwinn Turismo won’t disappoint. It’s safe and easy to maneuver. The additional features alone are worth the purchase.


  • Air-filled rubber tires
  • Aluminum wheel rims with spokes;
  • Easy to use lock and swivel switch
  • Padded, adjustable handlebar
  • Additional suspension on rear wheels


  • Small under-seat basket
  • Small peek-a-boo window

Chicco Activ3 Stroller – Ideal for Naps

Chicco Activ3 Review

Chicco raised the game to another level with their new all-terrain Activ3 model. The Activ3 rolls smoothly over uneven surfaces and even curbs. It is built of sturdy materials and comes with a couple of additional features. The marvelous canopy on this buggy really stands out. It has a zipper which allows you to extend it for extra sun protection. The canopy comes with two peek-a-boo windows that allow you to keep an eye on your little one at all times.

The seat is nicely padded and has a near-flat recline. The recline is easy to adjust, and it only requires one hand. It is ideal for napping and quick diaper changes.

The stroller is designed for babies over six months old. However, the model is compatible with Chicco car infant seats, which allow you to use it with a newborn. Of course, that way you also get an infant car seat and stroller combo.

Another excellent feature that stands out is its awesome handlebar. It can be adjusted anywhere between 40″ and 45″ from the ground. Such possibilities are always great for parents of different heights.

Folding it is very easy. It can be collapsed by pushing the gray button and twisting the handlebar. Considering it’s an all terrain stroller, it is quite compact once it’s folded. The stroller is equipped with a much-appreciated wrist strap that will prevent you from losing complete control of the stroller under most dangerous circumstances (like falling).

The brilliant rubber, flat-free tires allow this buggy to perform so well off-road. Unlike with pneumatic air tires, you’ll never have the problem of forgetting to pump up the tires or having them go flat on you. The adjustable suspension features two settings: one for smooth surfaces, and the other for rough, uneven terrain.

The storage basket isn’t quite big, but it is easy to access even when the seat is fully reclined. This Chicco model also has a parent organizer for storing keys, a phone, and other smaller items. Taking its price and capabilities into account, the Chicco Active 3 could possibly be the best all terrain stroller available.


  • 5-point-harness
  • Easy one-hand fold
  • Compact
  • Adjustable, weatherproof sunshade
  • Multi-position recline
  • Adjustable suspension
  • Travel system options
  • Adjustable Handlebar
  • Two peek-a-boo windows
  • Hand-operated brake


  • Weight
  • Limited storage space

Bob Rambler Stroller – Best Folding Model

Bob Rambler Review

The Rambler could be considered a scaled-down version of the famous Revolution Flex. It doesn’t come with so many features, but it is very compact and doesn’t cost as much. This model lives up to the BOB name.

It is ideal for parents who lack storage space in their house or car. Thanks to its easy fold mechanism and 12″ wheels, it can easily fit into a smaller car trunk. The fold is a two-step process.

To ensure stability and maneuverability, the front wheel swivels and locks for smooth and rough surfaces. And, to make it even better, the Rambel is equipped with a mountain bike-like suspension for an extra-smooth ride.  The front wheel has adjustable tracking, and the suspension system has two adjustable shock release knobs.

What makes the stroller so light is its sturdy, aluminum frame. Despite its weight, the stroller is durable and apt for off-road adventures. It can fit a child weighing up to 75 pounds. Even a six-year-old could sit comfortably in it.

The seat is comfortable and can accommodate an 8-month-old child and older. However, if you purchase an infant insert, you can use it with a younger infant. There is also the one hand recline which goes very deep (quite good for napping).

Once you recline it, a big mesh window appears in the back. The seat is equipped with a padded 5-point harness that doesn’t need to be re-threaded to be adjusted. For quick ins and outs, the shoulder straps can be attached to the waist straps.

The stroller lacks a parent organizer and cup holders, but it has both a large under-seat basket and back pocket. Even though the handlebar is not adjustable, it comes with a wrist strap for extra security. The canopy is comprised of two big SPF50+ panels and a large plastic peek-a-boo window.

If you are looking to go on a weekend getaway out of town, the Rambler is compatible with BOB infant car seats. Whether your out jogging, walking on the beach or trekking in the forest, this all terrain jogging stroller will keep your baby safe and cozy.


  • Sturdy, aluminum frame
  • Swivel-locking front wheel
  • Mountain bike-like suspension
  • Durable
  • Easy-to-adjust 5-point-harness
  • Compact
  • Travel system option
  • Single-action brake


  • Non-adjustable handlebar
  • No cup holder, parent tray


Parents who are considering purchasing an all-terrain stroller are advised to do some research first. If you want to get a stroller with max. versatility that you can use off-road on a daily basis, make sure the buggy you are considering meets all of your needs. The best all terrain stroller is out there, and you need to learn how to find it.

Things to Consider When Buying the All-Terrain Stroller

Unlike a regular buggy, an all terrain stroller has to keep your child feeling comfy while you are strolling over uneven and bumpy terrain. All-terrains are expensive, and it’s easy to make the mistake of choosing one that doesn’t have the features that are suitable for your lifestyle.


The wheels are the most important part of an all-terrain buggy. The majority of all-terrains have three wheels (regular models tend to have four). The wheels should be much larger than that of a normal model, so at least 12″.

Larger wheels allow you to easily roll over though surfaces such as sand, dirt trails, snow, gravel, and grass. Rather than being made of hard plastic, all-terrain stroller wheels look like bike wheels. They should be either made of durable, never-flat rubber or have air-filled tires.

Considering that most wheels are air-filled, you will have to get used to pumping them up occasionally. Always carrying a tire pump in your storage basket is probably a good idea. Some strollers come with a complimentary tire pump.


Typically larger than a swiveling front wheel, a fixed wheel resembles that of a bike more closely. It is locked and immobile (position-wise). Some strollers are equipped with lockable front wheels, meaning that it is fixed only when you want it to be.

Locked wheels roll more smoothly over any type of terrain they encounter. However, with fixed wheels, steering is more difficult, and they only perform exceptionally well off-road. It’s no good going to the mall with the front wheel locked.


If off-road strolls and nature-exploring are not the only things you plan on doing, a swiveling wheel is great to have. A swivel wheel allows for easier steering, allowing you to use the stroller in an urban environment as well. It is important to mention that high-end all-terrain strollers typically have a front wheel that is both swiveling and lockable.


When you look behind each wheel on an all terrain stroller, there should be a coiled spring. Such a coiled spring is basically a shock absorber, and it is a part of the whole suspension system. If your stroller doesn’t have a suspension system, don’t even consider buying it for off-road purposes.

The suspension system allows the wheels to bounce up and down without forcing your child to shake in similar, turbulent motion. Some all-terrains are equipped with adjustable shocks, allowing you to set the system according to your child’s weight and the type of terrain ahead.

Some low-end all-terrain models don’t come with a suspension system. No matter how they are advertised, they are unlikely to perform well on rougher terrain. Bear in mind that the suspension on an all-terrain model complements the air-filled tires of the stroller.

Big air-filled tires cushion the ride enough, but the shock-absorbing suspension will ensure the ride becomes much smoother. Shock absorbers are generally located on rear wheels, but some all-terrains have shock absorbers on the front as well. Even though shock absorbers are not necessary, they do provide extra smoothness when the passenger is a little bit on the heavy side.

Baby Eating

Why Do You Need an All-Terrain Stroller?

During the first six months of your baby’s life, you will probably carry your child around most of the times. Even though some strollers are suitable for newborns, during that delicate period, your child will always prefer to be carried. In case you decide not to buy a stroller that is suitable for newborns, that’ll leave you with some extra time to think about your family’s need and what you want to see in a stroller.

Of course, some parents might want to have an all-terrain stroller that can be used since birth and well into toddlerhood. Unfortunately, no all-terrain stroller seat is suitable for newborns. But, luckily, most high-end models are compatible with infant cars seats, which allows you to use them with as soon as your child is born.

If you are searching for a buggy for a family life that mostly involves public transit, city pavement, apartment buildings, an all-terrain won’t be useful to you. On the other hand, if your family possesses an everyday buggy, and you would like to have one that will be of great use when you go on an off-road adventure, an all terrain stroller is the thing you need.

Such a model is ideal for picnics, a stroll through the forest, a visit to the beach, or mini hiking trips. You will really appreciate the fact that you can effortlessly go over rough, uneven surfaces and the high-end suspension system on such a model will prevent your child from experiencing bumps on the road.

For most parents, the confusion starts when they do decide to buy an all-terrain stroller. Many confuse them with jogging strollers, but they are not necessarily the same thing. Although they are similar, and sometimes they intertwine.

The confusion deters many families from getting a proper all-terrain. So it is essential to know what details to pay attention to and how to differentiate them. The trick is in the small details.

A typical jogger stroller usually has a fixed front wheel. That way, it stays on the path as the parent is jogging. Now, a proper all-terrain has a front wheel (or two) that is swiveling and lockable, which allows is to be used on multiple kinds of terrain. Some joggers do have swiveling and lockable front wheels too, and that, in addition to some other features, makes those joggers suitable for all-terrain use.

In addition to that, a typical jogging stroller will also have a handbrake, aside from a foot brake, which is not necessary on an all-terrain jogger, but it really does come in handy when you are strolling in nature. It must be noted that the best all-terrains are joggers as well.


Q: What is an all-terrain stroller?

A: It is a type of buggy that can handle rough, uneven terrain, such as grass, gravel, sand, snow, dirt trails, etc. They have the ability to cushion the ride of the little passenger. They typically have three pneumatic wheels and a suspension system.

Q: How do I know a stroller is suitable for all types of terrain?

A: For a stroller to be ideal for all kinds of terrain, it must have pneumatic tires (in some cases hard rubber wheels are also OK) and some kind of a suspension system. Those features are the most important on an all-terrain buggy. They cushion the ride and ensure the child doesn’t feel the bumps.

Q: Is there a difference between an all-terrain stroller and a jogging stroller?

A: The answer is not as simple as the question, but, basically, they are not the same category. But, all-terrain strollers can be joggers as well, and vice versa. It is best to check the description of the product that you are considering purchasing.

Q: How big should the wheels be on an all-terrain model?

A: The wheels on all-terrains should be at least 12 inches wide. The maximum width is usually 20 inches, anything above that is completely unnecessary. Smaller wheels allow for better maneuverability in an urban environment as well, while bigger wheels make the ride even smoother.

Q: Are all-terrain strollers suitable for children with special needs?

A: Unlike regular strollers, all-terrains provide extra comfort and safety making some of them suitable for special needs children. However, it all depends on the child’s level of mobility. It is strongly recommended to check the owners manual and contact the manufacturer to see if the stroller is suitable and safe for your child.

Q: Are all-terrain models compatible with infant car seats?

A: It depends on the model. Some all-terrains cannot be turned into a travel system, while most high-end models do accept infant car seats. However, some accept only certain brands, and some require special adapters.

Q: Can all terrain strollers be used with newborns?

A: The basic seat of an all-terrain buggy is never suitable for a newborn. However, it does become suitable and safe once you attach an infant car seat.

Q: What is the weight limit of an all-terrain stroller?

A: It depends on the particular model. The usual maximum weight limit is fifty pounds. However, some models go up to seventy-five.

Q: Is there an age limit for all-terrain models?

A: The minimum age of the child using the stroller should be six months. There is no upper age limit, as long as your child isn’t heavier than the stroller’s weight limit. However, most children outgrow such strollers after the age of five.

Q: Are all-terrain strollers suitable for city use as well?

A: Strictly speaking, they are. However, due to their size, weight, big wheels, and other features, they aren’t as convenient for city use and are very tricky when it comes to transporting them in public transit or taking on narrow turns.


An off-road adventure in a place with beautiful, natural scenery is a perfect bonding opportunity for the whole family. It allows you to experience the joy of introducing your child to beautiful flowers and creatures for the very first time.

For a great family adventure full of fun, thorough preparation is an absolute necessity. Make sure to be well-equipped, be it just an afternoon picnic, or a vacation at a mountain resort. With the right buggy, there will be less worrying about your child safety, and much more room for fun.

Use the knowledge you acquired to your advantage. Take the time to select the best stroller for your family. Your child might not be able to speak yet, but you will be able to see their gratitude when they are comfortably napping in their buggy.