Bob Revolution Flex Duallie Review

9.6 Total Score

  • Durable tires and excellent suspension system
  • Safe and easy to maneuver
  • Both seats and canopies can be set individually
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Made of premium materials
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Bulky and heavy
  • Takes a lot of space when folded
  • No accessories
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Most new moms find it hard to get back into shape after giving birth to a child, let alone two children. However, there is a way to burn those extra pounds away while having fun with your kids at the same time. The bob double stroller is an ideal stroller for all moms of two who want to get back into shape.

It’s a great double stroller you can use every day. It works with an infant car seat so that you can use it for toddlers too. The entire stroller is made out of very high-quality materials and fabrics, but it’s still not too heavy for transportation. Storage isn’t an issue, as you’ll have all of the space you need for diapers, toys, and other necessities.


  • Handle Bar Height – 33.5 – 50.5 ”

  • Stroller weight – 33.1 lbs

  • Weight capacity  – 50 lbs per seat

  • Folded dimensions  – 30.8″W x 18.5″H x 39.5″L

  • Pneumatic tires   – front 12.5″ back 16″

  • Stroller width   – 30.5″


  • Comfortable Seats

The bob double stroller is really a great double stroller you can get today. Your kids will surely love to sit side by side in comfortable seats while you get your workout done. Both seats recline individually, which is great when you want to stroll with a toddler and an older child.

The maximum tilt is 70 degrees, and the highest position is almost entirely upright. The canopy above the seat has a mesh window that improves air circulation. The padding for the children is excellent. It’s water resistant, so it’s easy to clean when something gets spilled. The weight limit of the seats is 55lbs, and it’s designed for children that are at least 8 weeks old. If needed, you can turn the stroller into a travel system with an infant car seat.

  • Canopy

Each canopy works individually, and there are 5 different positions you can set them to. That’s great because it can shield a sleeping child entirely while your other baby enjoys the views. The canopies are large and protect your children from the sun all the way down to their knees. The canopy is also water resistant, so you won’t have problems in case of rain.

The peekaboo window on each canopy lets you keep an eye on your children. They have a Velcro closing system, which is a little outdated.

  • Adjustable Handlebar

The handlebar is adjustable, so it works for both tall and short parents. It goes anywhere from 33.5″ to 50.5″ from the ground. This is a great feature some other models lack.

  • Storage Basket

The storage space is critical when going on a run with a child, let alone two kids at the same time. Well, the bob double stroller has all the storage space you could ever need. The basket under the seat is absolutely massive! It can hold all of your diapers, toys, and even the stuff you bought in the grocery.

The basket is easily accessible from all sides, even with reclined seats. So, you can stuff the stroller with half of your house and still have some room to spare.

  • Other Storage Pockets

Each seat has a mesh pocket on the side. It’s great for holding toys and other items for the baby. If you need some extra storage space, there’s a medium-sized pocket on the back of each seat. You can hold smaller things like phone, wallet, or keys there.

  • Great Pneumatic Wheels

The wheels on this model are amazing! The wheels are made of resistant polymer, and you can inflate them with a standard bike pump. The rear wheels are larger, with 16 inches in diameter. They are also wider, for improved stability when jogging over uneven terrain and gravel. The swivel wheel on the front is 12.5 inches, and it can be locked straight for more stability.

As a result, this double stroller is very maneuverable and easy to navigate. You can run and cut through busy streets with no problem. The wheels will run over sand, snow, mud, with ease!

  • Modern Suspension System

Strollers made by Bob all have great suspension systems, and so does this one. The bob double stroller has an excellent suspension system your baby will love. You can run over bumps, dirt roads, gravel, mud, literally anywhere, without losing any comfort.

The system is adjustable, so you can set how soft it is. That way, your children will stay comfortable and safe, and they are protected from any spinal disease too. The suspension is another reason to why this stroller is so maneuverable.

  • Safety Features

The brake is located between the rear wheels. It’s flip-flop friendly and easy to operate. The wrist strap is attached to the handlebar, and it keeps the stroller tied to you in case it runs away. Safety is critical, and this one is very safe.

  • Easy to Fold

Keep in mind that this is a double stroller, so it weighs more than a single seat model. Even so, it’s still light enough to put in and out of the trunk. The two-step folding system is another standard feature all Bob strollers have. It folds to 30.5” x 17.5” x 40”, so make sure you have enough trunk space.

Bob Revolution Flex Duallie Review

What’s wrong with the product?

– Bulky and heavy

The stroller is big and a little heavy compared to a single stroller.

– Takes a lot of space when folded

Make sure you have lots of space in the trunk.

– No accessories

Needs a cup holder and snack trays.


All in all, the bob double stroller is one of the best and most famous such strollers on the market for years. The company is known for making premium products that have all of the best features in the category, which is the same with this double stroller.

It’s heavy, stable, safe, and comfortable. It also provides plenty of storage space and lots of sun shade for your children. Get it today and start running in no time!

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