Brica Fold N Go Travel Bassinet Review

9.3 Total Score

  • Light
  • Mesh Sidewalls
  • Easy to Clean
  • Sturdy
  • 4-point Safety Lock
  • Compact
  • Thin Mattress Pad
  • 3-Month Age Limit
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The market is flooded with all sorts of bassinets, but only a select few are actually fit for constant travel. The brica travel bassinet is surely one of them, as it does its job more than well. The revamped version is entirely safe and even more comfortable.

If you are looking for a quick travel solution that is also safe, the Fold N’ Go could be just what you need. It is quite user-friendly, which makes it one of the most popular choices among travel bassinets. Folding and unfolding the sleeper is a piece of cake.

Parents who like to keep things simple are sure to be happy with this model as it doesn’t require any assembly. The only thing left for you to do is tuck in the safety point. It comes with a neat carrying handle that allows for easy transportation.

With the model, you also get a fitted sheet. It is easy to remove, and you can throw it into the washing machine. That way, you can always keep the unit clean.

When it comes to weight, there’s very little chance you’ll be able to find a lighter bassinet on the market as it only weighs two and a half pounds. You can bring it wherever without even feeling it in your hand. The sleeper has mesh sidewalls that make sure your little angel is able to breathe safely, as it increases airflow.

The bassinet is manufactured according to the highest safety standards and has rightfully earned its ASTM label. Even though it’s light and compact, it is supported by a sturdy frame made of tubular steel. But, what really sets it apart from other travel bassinets on the market is its ingenious four-point safety lock.

It does sound like a perfect model, right? Well, almost. The 3-month age limit is its disadvantage, as it far from the typically recommended 6-month age limit.


  • Weight – 2.45 lbs

  • Weight limit  – 15 lbs

  • Dimensions   – 29.5″ x 21″ x 12.5″

  • Age Limit:  –  0 to 3 month



The frame is so high it allows for solid protection against those pesky insects. The material of the frame is tubular steel. Don’t let the weight fool you – the bassinet is as sturdy and durable as they get.

Ease of Use

It is one of the best bassinets when it comes to ease of use – hardly any other can top it. Packing and unpacking are both quick and simple. All it requires is to click in the safety point. When you fold it, you can easily carry it around thanks to the convenient carrying handle.

Mattress and Sheet

There have been complaints about the thickness of the mattress. Some parents consider it to be too thin and therefore a bit uncomfortable. Although it could possibly be more comfortable, it is still completely safe to use, nevertheless.

It comes with a fitted shit that can easily be washed. Simply take it off and throw it into the washing machine. Simplicity when cleaning is a significant factor as your child is bound to make a big mess sooner or later.


Another aspect in which this bassinet is definitely a forerunner, if not the best. Again, it’s mostly due to it’s incredibly lightweight and the carrying strap. The handle is located on the top of the bassinet, and it allows you to carry the thing around safely.

You will hardly notice it in your hand as it is only 2.5lbs. The bassinet can fit anywhere, and you certainly won’t have any problems bringing it onboard a flight, let alone storing it into your car trunk.


The mattress pad is perhaps a bit thin, but it is not essential to comfort. What’s essential to both comfort and safety are the mesh sidewalls. The Fold N’ Go is a very breathable bassinet with exceptionally great airflow. Mesh sidewalls are often underappreciated. They are essential in keeping your baby safe as they neutralize the risk of suffocation. If you are going on a tropical adventure, your baby will surely appreciate the extra airflow.


It is considered to be one of the safest travel bassinets. Along with the mesh sides, the sturdy steel frame, and a firm mattress, there is the 4-point safety system that ensures maximum security for your baby. The bassinet is tried and tested as it meets the ASTM Bassinet Safety Standards. The ASTM label is an excellent indicator of quality. With that, you can rest assured your baby is safe.

Brica Fold N Go Travel Bassinet

What’s wrong with the product?

-3-months age limit

Bassinets are generally suitable only for newborns – that comes as no surprise. The approximate age limit of your average bassinet is 6-months, as a rule of thumb. Once your baby starts pushing up and moving around on their own, it is time to transition to a crib.

But even for a bassinet, the Fold N’ Go really has limited usability. 3-month age limit it has is half the typical recommended age of use. It can also only hold a baby that weighs 15 pounds max.

It’s an excellent travel solution, but don’t expect to get a product that you’ll be able to use for a long time. It would be better if the bassinet were a bit bigger so it would last longer and would be able to accommodate larger babies.

-Thin Mattress

Generally, the mattress on a bassinet shouldn’t be very thick as, according to the experts, that would pose a safety risk. Every parent wants the best for their child, so the complaints about the thin mattress are understandable. Even though it couldn’t be much thicker, many parents feel that the mattress pad could be a bit more comfortable.


An excellent lightweight and portable solution for your first vacation with the newborn. Even though it is a product that will serve you only for a short time, you can be sure it will be of excellent service to your family. The bassinet is equipped with all the essential features of a proper sleeper, so you can be at ease knowing that your baby is well protected.

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