Chicco Activ3 Review

9.6 Total Score

  • Tires can't go flat
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Lightweight
  • Large canopy
  • Locking front wheel and rear shocks
  • Plenty of storage space
  • No mesh window on the canopy
  • No snack tray for kids
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The Chicco Activ3 is the newest all-terrain stroller made by this company. They haven’t dropped such a buggy in a while, but this new edition was worth waiting for. It’s a stroller designed for active parents, but it can be used for everyday activities like going to the store or running errands around town.

The buggy is lightweight, and it has all the features you and your baby need for a fun and safe run through town. The Chicco activ3 jogging stroller is very versatile and durable. It also has all of the features of an all-terrain stroller, including shocks, large wheels, padded seat, decent storage, a big canopy, and many others. Keep reading for more details.


  • Handle Bar Height – 49″ – 45″

  • Stroller weight – 27.5 lbs

  • Weight capacity  – 50 lbs

  • Folded dimensions  – 37½”L x 25″ x 15D”

  • All wheels  – 12″


  • Seat

The seat is very comfortable and is designed for children over 6 months of age because the recline isn’t completely flat when set on the lowest position. The weight capacity of the seat is 50lbs so that it can hold a child up to 5 years of age. The recline is controlled with one hand by pulling on a lever. There are 4 available positions to choose from, and the lowest position is at a 45-degree angle, just what your baby needs for a nice nap.

The 5-point padded harness keeps your child safely in place in the large seat. The buckle does the job, and your child won’t be able to escape it easily. This stroller can be turned into a travel system if you buy the right infant car seat adapter.

  • Canopy

The canopy not only looks great, but it’s also quite large too! If the standard canopy isn’t enough, you can extend the zip-out panel all the way to the bumper bar to keep your child safe from the sun. The canopy also features a peekaboo window on the top, so you know what your child is doing while you’re jogging. The canopy is easy to clean with a wet wipe.

  • Storage basket

Storage is essential for some parents, and the Chicco activ3 jogging stroller has enough of it. The storage basket is smaller when compared to other types of strollers, but it’s large enough to hold most of your essentials. What’s good about the basket is that you can access it easily from the back and the sides, even when it’s fully reclined. The storage basket will hold your diapers, water bottles, and snacks with some room to spare.

  • Adjustable handlebar

The adjustable handlebar makes this model suitable for both shorter and taller parents. It can be set to anywhere from 39 to 45 inches off the ground, so it suits all parents alike. Tall dads and short moms can push the stroller with no difference.

  • Wheels

All of the wheels are 12 inches in diameter, and they are made out of full rubber. That means that you don’t have to inflate them and that they can’t go flat ever. It’s clear why the Chicco activ3 jogging stroller is such a favorite all-terrain stroller. You can push the buggy over gravel, mud, and bumps without worrying about the tires. The front swivel wheel can be locked straight when going over rough terrain.

  • Adjustable suspension

Another feature that tells you that this buggy is designed for some heavy off-road use is the adjustable suspension system. You can choose between two settings, one intended for smooth terrains, and the other one for bumpy roads.

  • Safety features

Safety is crucial when it comes to all-terrain jogging strollers, and this buggy is really safe to use. The child is strapped in with the 5-point harness that keeps it in place. The one-step brakes are easy to control, and they lock the stroller in place when needed.

The buggy also comes with a runaway strap attached to the rear axle. Someone finally figured out that the stroller can fall over when the strap is connected to the handlebar. When it’s attached to the rear axle, you can fall, but the stroller won’t. It is such a simple but needed feature most other products can’t figure out.

  • Convenient extra features

The stroller does come with some convenient features like the parent tray. It’s a nice accessory that helps you store small personal items like your keys, smartphone, and wallet. The cup holder is also there.

  • Easy to fold

The Chicco activ3 jogging stroller has an easy fold, and it stands up when you want to store it. The easy-to-fold mechanism is simple to operate. You have to twist the mechanism in front of the handle while pushing on the button with your thumb. Do that, and the stroller folds on its own.

You can also tuck the handlebar down to get a more compact fold, but if that’s not enough for you to store it somewhere, you can even collapse the wheels inward. Once folded, the dimensions come down to only 37.5” x 15” x 25” which is pretty compact!

Chicco Activ3 Review

What’s wrong with the product?

– No mesh window on the canopy

The fact that there is no peekaboo window on the canopy surprised us. It could definitely use one.

– No snack tray for kids

The parents do get a tray, but a snack tray for the kids would be great to have.


The Chicco activ3 jogging stroller is one of the best all-terrain strollers on the market. It’s made out of durable materials, it’s got nice never-go-flat wheels, the seat is large and comfortable, all of the safety features are there, and you even get a sizeable storing basket which is not a standard for this type of strollers.

The stroller is very easy to fold and store, which is always positive. One of the most loved features of this stroller is the easy-to-operate parking brake and the wheel swivel control that are located on the adjustable handlebar. The canopy is massive, so your child stays safe from the sun at all times. What more can you need?

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