Chicco Bravo Le Stroller Review

9.2 Total Score

  • Large canopy, provides lots of shade
  • The features are worth the price
  • Rasy and simple folding mechanism
  • Grows with your kid
  • Will remain useful for the following years
  • Maneuverability could be better
  • Lack of color options
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The chicco bravo le stroller is here to make transporting your child an easy task. Many convenient features have been incorporated in its design in order make life easier for you. It is a 3-in-1 stroller and travel system that will impress every parent with its ease of use.

The needs of a busy parent were not neglected in the manufacturing process. It is well worth considering if you are planning on having multiple children. It can safely hold kids from five to fifty pounds, hence extending its usability to six years.


  • Stroller weight – 23 lbs

  • Weight limit: – 50 lbs

  • Folded dimensions – 16″ x 21.75″ x 28″

  • Handlebar height: – 3 Positions; 36.5″ to 42″

  • Seat to canopy height– 24″

  • Wheels – front – 7″; rear – 9″


  • Sizeable Canopy

The three-panel canopy on this stroller is much appreciated, but it doesn’t go all the way to the bumper bar. Nevertheless, compared to other convertible strollers it is quite remarkable. It comes with a mesh peekaboo window, but there is no closure on it.

Another impressive part of the canopy is the kick out visor that offers additional protection from the sun. The ventilation is satisfactory as well.

  • Adjustable Handlebar

The handlebar comes with a nice foam cover that feels good to the touch and goes from 36.5″ to 42″. It is certainly a great feature.

  • Storage

A spacious storage basket under the seat can fit an extra-large diaper bag and is very easy to access because it sticks out in the back, but it is only accessible from the behind. The basket has a max. weight limit of ten pounds, which is about average for this category. What many parents adore about budget travel systems it the fact that they come with parent organizers. It often an underappreciated feature, even more expensive brands neglect to include them. The organizer includes two cup holder, a smaller canvas pocket and a zipper pocket.

The zipper pocket is useful for holding your keys or such small items. The cup holder is a bit shallow, so it is best to refrain from using it for hot liquids, for safety’s sake. There is also a child tray that has two cup holders and a small compartment for food.

  • Spacious seat

The seat is quite spacious, and it has a three-position recline that is operated by a lever (only one hand needed, no straps!). Since it one of its position is almost fully-flat, is it great for a comfy nap, but still not suitable for children under six months old (it can be used with newborns with the addition of the infant car seat). You won’t have any problems pushing your older toddler inside it.

  • 5-point-harness

Not only is it an excellent safety feature, but it is also adjustable and easy to handle. You won’t be having to go through the efforts of solving the Rubick’s cube just to buckle up your kid. It has a center release, and the shoulder straps are fastened to the waist section.  The button is a bit hard to push, but it can be only a good thing if your toddler is a bit too curious.

  • Wheels

It is equipped with four plastic wheels, back wheels being 9″ each, while the wheels in the front are 7″. The front wheels are both swiveling and lockable, and they perform best on flat surfaces. It is better to avoid uneven pavement if you want the wheels to last more. The stroller has all-wheel suspension, which is essential for a comfortable ride.

  • Folding mechanism

Unlike most budget travel systems, which are usually extra bulky, the LE has an easy, compact folding mechanism. It folds in half and will stand on its own afterward. The folding process requires only one hand, but you’ll need both to unfold it. Since the stroller is of average weight, it is very easy to load it into your trunk. The whole process requires only one hand.

  • Materials

Only high-quality materials have been used in the manufacturing process, making this stroller a durable product that will be in the family for years.

  • Travel System

Naturally, this one of the key features of this model. The Chicco Bravo LE is compatible with the Chicco Keyfit 30 infant car seat. When removing the seat, the canopy has to be removed as well, but it’s no cause for alarm because the infant seat has a canopy of its own.

The Chicco Keyfit 30 can be fitted into the frame without much effort, and parents praise it for its ease of installation, but it is important to know that the infant car seat is rear-facing only. The manufacturer doesn’t offer any adapters for this stroller, so you can’t really use it with other infant car seat brands. However, this stroller-car seat combo is renowned for its safety and convenience.

Chicco Bravo LE Quick-Fold Stroller

What’s wrong with the product?

The color options are very limited, and they are not gender specific. But the biggest downside of this stroller is its maneuverability. Because it is more difficult to push, it is a bit slower than other strollers. You might be reluctant to bring it on lengthy adventures. It is even harder to push it over gravel and grass.

The only advantage in this aspect is the ease of navigating it in tight spots, but that can be ascribed only to the stroller’s weight, and not the design.


In the long run, this stroller is easy to handle, despite the lack of maneuverability, and will grow with your child. It will serve you well up until your child reaches the age of six, and will come in handy on family vacations. The fact that the manufacturer had the parents’ needs in mind as well is commendable and is undoubtedly one of the biggest selling points of this model.

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