Chicco Cortina Cx Review

9.3 Total Score

  • Includes KeyFit car seat
  • KeyFit travel system
  • 8 reclining positions
  • Easy transitions
  • Adjustable handle
  • Tray for parents
  • Storage
  • Heavy in weight
  • Tray won’t budge
  • Hard to steer
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A good quality car seat stroller combo was created with the purpose of providing parents with convenient traveling options while making the baby comfortable and cozy. It is meant to be accommodating to a growing infant and, therefore, serve you for a longer time.

The stroller is meant to be used from birth to infancy, up to 36 months. Its weight limit is 50 pounds which means it can carry a toddler, too.

This travel system seat can quickly be secured onto the baby carriage or car with one click. This transition can be performed in a matter of minutes.

The reclining options are more than sufficient offering a total of 8 different positions. This will provide your growing infant with a set of different seating options, each more comfortable than the next. Moreover, the bassinet is heavily padded and can cozily enclose your laying baby.


  • Weight of product – 47 lbs

  • Dimensions of the product  – 34.2 x 44 x 20.8’’

  • Folded dimensions   – 42 x 21 x 20’’

  • Weight limit on stroller – 50 lbs

  • Weight limit on car seat  – 30 lbs

  • Recommended age limit – from birth to 3 years

  • Number of reclining options – 8


  • Reclining positions

The Cortina Cx offers 8 different reclining options for your baby. The backrest can be easily adjusted and switched out to your child’s preference.

One of the positions is that of full recline with a footrest for additional comfort. This option is perfect for when your baby needs to rest or doze off. Moreover, the bassinet creates a cozy enclosure for your baby, making it irresistible to take a nap.

Another helpful feature of this reclining system is the memory of recline positions. This will retain the backrest position while it is transported, folded, or unfolded. It helps you save time, as you won’t have to readjust the backrest position each time you move the seat.

  • Car seat

This feature is a real life saver for parents. It will make your traveling days far more convenient. The chicco cortina cx travel system ensures that you get an easy to use car seat which can be moved from stroller to vehicle in no time.

  • Tray for children

The child’s tray can be easily removed on either side. It offers two cup holders and can be safely washed in the dishwasher. It is conveniently designed to provide your baby with a surface to lean on or eat from while staying simple for the parents to maintain.

  • Wheels

The front wheels have a suspension system, they swivel and lock with a simple tap of the toe. They have stability and maneuverability. The best thing is that they can quickly rotate in any direction even with all the extra weight.

  • Adjustable handlebar

The handlebar can be adjusted according to the height of the parent. It offers three distinct heights for either mom or dad and is padded for extra comfort.

  • Storage

Infant baby carriages are most practical when they offer a sufficient amount of storage. This stroller is particularly convenient when it comes to providing parents with extra space. It has a spacious storage basket which is perfect for carrying diaper bags, toys, blankets, food, or any other baby stuff.

  • Canopy

The canopy is made of a material which is easy to remove and machine wash. It is designed to be durable. To properly maintain it, make sure you wash it in low temperatures for delicate fabric.

  • 5-point safety harness

This harness is padded to keep your little one both safe and comfortable. It entails 5 straps, as the name suggests, which go around your child’s shoulders, hips, and crotch area. Parents tend to prefer the 5-point safety harness over the three strap one because it allows their child to be active and move around while staying safely seated.


What’s wrong with the product?

– Heavy in weight

The product is not considered to be a day-to-day lightweight buggy. Though it features helpful perks in the design, it is a weighty baby carriage. It would take time and effort to push it around for an extended time, not to mention unloading bags and baby essentials from it.

– The tray is tricky to remove

The children’s tray is hard to take off in the beginning. This can be quite a nuisance if you are in a hurry. On the bright side, it will become looser in time and will be easy to remove from the stroller.

– Steering will become hard

Steering can become difficult over time as the weight of your child increases. This can happen because of the design of the wheels. Though they are designed to be durable and sturdy, they will become more demanding to manage with the added weight.

Additional features

  • Peek-a-boo window

This feature is a parent favorite since it allows them to see their child easily and without disturbing them. The canopy incorporates this peek window to help parents monitor their baby effortlessly.

  • Tray for parents

The parent tray is right at the handlebar and has a cup holder and an additional compartment for holding your stuff. This can include anything you need within hand’s reach like your keys, phone or wallet.


The Chicco Cortina Cx Stroller has a practical removable seat which can be easily used in just a few steps. The KeyFit allows you to click the seat in and out of the stroller or car with ease. The stroller offers these easy transitions from stroller to the vehicle while retaining the backrest position intact.

The carriage has a variety of 8 different reclining positions with an additional memory recline system. This feature will memorize the seating position in which the seat was left in and retain it before and after folding. What is more, the fully-reclined position has pop-up leg support which is perfect for a nap.

The baby carriage has extra space for storing baby essentials, diaper bags, or your groceries. It is designed to handle extra weight while keeping your ride smooth and your baby comfy.

The perks for parents include a peek-a-boo window, a canopy which is easy to maintain, a handlebar padded for your comfort with a height-adjustable mechanism. What is more, this stroller offers a tray for the parent with an additional storage compartment and cup holder.

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