Chicco Liteway Stroller Review

9.4 Total Score

  • Lightweight
  • Compact design, doesn't take up a lot of space
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Cup Holder
  • Mediocre canopy
  • Medium-sized basket
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A name that is certain to come up in any list of best travel strollers. Unsurprisingly so, because of its combination of value and features. It is also popular with parents who already have a bulky, heavy stroller and want to have a second lighter, more compact stroller that’s more suitable for running, errands, short strips, and traveling.

That’s where the Chicco Liteway stroller comes in. It features a spacious seat with a one-hand recline that is suitable for newborns. Typically, that would not be the case because these strollers are not intended for newborns, but this model is quite sturdy and has excellent back support. Add a special padding for newborns, and you can safely place your baby into the seat.


  • Stroller weight – 17 lb

  • Weight limit – 40 lbs

  • Folded dimensions – 46″ x 10″ x 11.75″

  • Handlebar height – 39″

  • Seat to canopy height:   – 24″

  • Wheels – front – 5″; rear – 6″


  • Handlebars

Just like any other travel stroller, it has two handlebars that are covered with nice foam. The ergonomic design makes the stroller very easy to maneuver. When the stroller is empty, you need just one hand to push it.

Another plus is the fact that they are skinnier than most handlebars. They are 39 inches from the ground which is pretty much the average, compared to other models. These are not adjustable, but the height makes them suitable for most parents.

  • Spacious seat

Strap reclines are a source of frustration for many parents, so the one-hand lever recline on the Chicco Liteway is a considerable advantage. You can use it to set the seat at five recline positions, including almost fully-flat one. As mentioned, it can accommodate newborns and children all the way up to forty pounds.

Its usability with newborns is much appreciated, especially if you’re planning a trip and don’t want to bring the enormous travel system. The almost-flat position definitely comes in handy when changing diapers. Parents who live in colder areas will be happy to see that the seat is deep enough to hold a child in their winter clothing.

There is a hide-away boot (a cover) under the leg rest that can be used to enclose the infant if the weather suddenly goes south. You will be very thankful for it if you ever get caught in a rain shower. It’s a bit thin, so don’t rely on it for any additional warmth.

Talking about the leg rest, how great it is that it’s adjustable! It has three positions of its own(up, down, flat). To set the wanted position, press the buttons located at each side and move it as you wish. The five-point harness has a hard-to-unlock double buckle. There is very little chance your child will get away on their own. The buckle is padded, so at the same time it protects the belly and hides the buckle from always-curious children.

  • Storage

In previous versions, the basket used to be detachable, but it has been replaced with an ordinary basket with mesh sides. It is medium-sized, so don’t hope it will fit a big diaper bag, but it’s pretty good for a travel stroller. You can still fit a small diaper bag and some necessities for your baby.

In case you’re out of space, you can hang some small items on the handlebars because it is sturdy enough, but don’t overdo it because it is still not recommended. You can access the basket from the back. It’s something that is typical for these strollers.

  • Easy 3D Folding Mechanism

The folding system is similar to that of any other travel stroller. The process goes like this: draw the canopy all the way to the back, press the lever upward (located on the crossbar), and then press the side pedal. You won’t be able to do it while holding your child, but you’ll still probably be able to use just one hand.

There is a strap included to make it easy to transport and it also has an automatic lock. Sturdier strollers such as this one always have a larger fold than models without additional features. When you compare it to a full-sized one, it is still a win.

It’s doesn’t take much room when folded – you can put it in the trunk of an average-size car and there will be room for groceries as well. It can fit in the back as well if you are going somewhere without your child. The stroller only weight seventeen pounds so you shouldn’t have any problems loading and unloading it from your car.

  • Wheels

Chicco Liteway features four hard-rubber wheels, double wheels being in the back and single wheels in the front. The wheels can be locked straight for tough terrain and have a 360-degree swivel as well. It’s not an all-terrain stroller, since it is designed for flat terrain, but it can handle surfaces such as mulch, gravel or grass.

Chicco Liteway Stroller, Fog

What’s wrong with the product?

– Canopy

The canopy is not too small, but an added sunvisor would be much appreciated. Because it lacks one, many parents buy an additional sunvisor to get more sun coverage. The peekaboo window lacks a closure which can be bothersome when the sun is directly over the stroller.

–  Medium-sized Basket

We think that the basket could be a bit bigger. It is also difficult to access. Manufacturers should consider to change it to a bigger one.


Considering it’s price, the Chicco Liteway stroller is well worth the deal. It’s a lightweight stroller with the characteristics of a regular one – great maneuverability and durability. It has all the features needed for travel and is sturdy enough to make you feel safe when you are on the go with your child.

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