Chicco TRE Jogging Stroller

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  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Brakes are operated by hand
  • Front wheel lockable and swivels as well, switch located at the handlebar
  • Adjustable suspension system for multiple kinds of terrain
  • Can be converted into a travel system with Chicco infant car seats
  • 5-point-harness
  • Has a bumper bar instead of a baby tray
  • Maneuverability
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The Chicco TRE Jogging is highly recommended because most of its functions are within arms reach. If you are a parent that prioritizes convenience for both you and your little passenger, then you probably needn’t look further. What sets it apart from the rest of the jogging strollers on the market is the ability to use most functionalities right from the handlebar.

Because of that, you don’t need to reach underneath the base to lock and unlock the front wheel. When you want to slow down, especially on hilly terrain, you can easily squeeze the handbrake. The parking brakes can easily be engaged by flicking a switch that is located under the handbrake.

This model is mostly like any other contemporary jogger; it has a reclining seat, adjustable canopy, and three pneumatic fires. However, it has plenty more to offer when it comes to design. The Chicco Tree is intended for six-month-olds an up and can hold up to fifty pounds. It can be used with infants when used with the Chicco KeyFit car seat.


  • Stroller weight – 28 lbs

  • Weight limit – 55 lbs

  • Folded dimensions  – 37.5″ x 25.5″ x 16″

  • Handlebar height  – Adjustable

  • Wheel   – front – 12″; rear – 16″


  • Wheels

The stroller is equipped with durable rubber tires that are air-filled as well. The pneumatic wheels are there to soften the ride, but the additional suspension it comes with guarantees an even softer glide. There are two adjustable FlexCore systems attached to each rear wheel.

The suspension comes with two different settings which are foot-activated. The first one is for particularly rough roads while the second one is for smooth surfaces. This feature allows you to customize the ride and ensure the maximum comfort for your little passenger whether you are walking or jogging.

  • Seat

Like any proper stroller, The Chicco TRE comes with a five-point-safety harness to keep your child safe. The harness is padded which makes it ideal for long walks. The buckles are easy to operate as well. The seat features four reclining positions which can be easily adjusted with one hand. You can recline it to a near flat position, and the upright position is better than on most other seats you’ll find out there. Your kid can sit upright with comfort and have a better look of the world around.

Another feature that toddlers might appreciate is the footrest that is fixed to the frame of the front wheel. Even though it is not adjustable, it ought to provide enough comfort. There is also the parent strap which allows you to secure your child while jogging, but it can easily be removed in case you don’t need it.

  • Canopy

The canopy on this buggy is extra large. You can extend it fully forward, all the way to the bumper bar.  The sunlight, the wind, and occasional drizzles won’t be causing any discomfort to your baby. Some more good news, you can even use the sunshade when you are using the infant car seat.

It is equipped with a small peek-a-boo window which allows you to check up on your passenger quickly. The peek-a-boo window has a vented mesh closure which is also magnetic.

  • Storage basket

The storage basket is located under the seat and is quite sizeable. Aside from a diaper bag, it can fit a couple of extra items as well. Because the stroller frame is not causing any obstructions, it is very easy to access. If you are on a long outdoor run, you can take your backpack with you and store it underneath.

The stroller also comes with a parent console and two cup holders. It is nothing outstanding, but it is enough to fit your keys and some other tiny items. There is also a bumper bar which can make your toddler feel like they are on an amusement park ride.

  • Storage, Transport and Folding Mechanism

It takes only one hand to fold the Chicco TRE. Once it is folded, it can stand on its own in an upright position. That is really convenient if you plan on placing it inside the garage or closet.

If you are driving a sedan, you can easily fit this jogger inside its trunk. To get more space, the rear wheels can be easily removed by using the quick release function. It might not be classified as a super-light stroller, but it is still lighter than most regular strollers.

  • Adjustable handlebar

Many joggers seem to lack this much-appreciated feature. The handlebar features four different positions and can be adjusted with just a press of a button. Both tall and short parents won’t have to worry about using this model comfortably. The handlebar has a slight arch and is covered with nice soft foam.


What’s wrong with the product?

– Lack of a baby tray

The bumper bar is neat, but it comes at the expense of a child tray. There is no way of getting it as an extra feature and replacing it with the bumper bar.

– Not many travel system options

The fact that this stroller is compatible with Chicco infant car seats is good, but considering the size of the stroller, it should have the option of fitting in other brands with an appropriate adapter.

– Maneuverability

Even though it comes with all the features needed for great maneuverability, the front wheel wobbles a bit when locked, and it doesn’t perform as well as it should. The aluminum frame is durable and sturdy, but it is less responsive when you turn it.


The Chicco Tre might not be the first choice of marathon runners, but it is excellent for parents who like jogging around the block and appreciate convenience above anything else. It will serve you great even when you are not exercising.  All the neat features it comes with make parenting much easier.

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