Chicco Viaro Travel System Review

9.6 Total Score

  • Sleek Italian design
  • Safe infant car seat
  • 5-point harness
  • Easy installation
  • Lightweight
  • Agile and easy to maneuver
  • One-hand fold
  • Fairly reasonable price
  • Small wheels & no suspension
  • No peek-a-boo window
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When it comes to good quality car set stroller combo products, those made by Chicco are indeed something special – they combine a slim, sporty design with the company’s Italian fashion roots. The results are often outstanding, and Chicco Viaro Travel System is a great example.

This stroller/car seat combo comes with many convenient features that busy families will undoubtedly appreciate. It’s a moderately priced system with superb safety ratings, 5-point harness, a removable canopy, one-handed fold, swivel front wheel, 2-position carry handle, large storage basket, machine-washable seat pad, newborn support pillow, and many, many other things that turned it into a real bestseller.

As already mentioned, this travel system is actually a stroller/car seat combo, which means that it includes KeyFit 30, which is one of Chico’s most highly-rated infant car seats ever. Due to the inclusion of the bubble level and SuperCinch Latch, installing it inside the vehicle is exceptionally easy.

The stroller itself, on the other hand, sports a slim 3-wheel profile and sleek design that easily beats the competition. With multiple recline angles and compatibility with all other Fit2 and KeyFit seats with click-in attachments; it is one of the most versatile products of its kind on the market.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll check out the features of this interesting combo and try to determine what are its advantages, flaws, and value for the money. Read on!


  • Stroller weight – Stroller 18lbs, Car Seat 9.6lbs

  • Weight limit  – Stroller 50lbs, Car Seat 30lbs

  • Folded dimensions   – 13.5″ x 25.5″ x 33.25″

  • Handlebar height   – 40″

  • Harness slots with newborn insert  – 7″, 9″, 11″

  • Wheels  – 9.75″ rear, 7″ front


  • Weight, Size & Fold

The Chicco Viaro is not a small stroller – you won’t have issues with fitting it through doorways, but some parents have complained about its rear wheels that make it quite bulky. The model’s weight (18lbs), on the other hand, is not something to criticize as it makes lifting and carrying it reasonably easy. Moving the buggy down the stairs or lifting it to your vehicle’s trunk is not difficult.

The fold is quite decent, especially when we consider that this is a standard, everyday stroller. However, it is important to mention that it usually takes up the whole trunk. To fold it, you’ll have to pull the handle (hidden beneath the seat padding), and the unit will close itself in half. And the best thing about this is that it can be done with just one hand!

Another advantage here is that the model can stand on its own when it is folded. However, it comes without a lock for closed position.

  • Infant Car Seat

As we said, this travel system includes an infant car seat, which is, in this case, the KeyFit 30. It’s not among the most popular products of its kind for no reason – installing it in the car, as well as moving it from the base to the stroller is exceptionally easy. For the easier transition from the vehicle to the stroller, Chicco decided to equip the model with a simple 2-position handle, allowing the parent to carry the child in the car seat conveniently.

There are a bubble-level indicator and a leveling foot that assist the parent with installing the base at a correct angle. The EPS energy-absorbing foam lining is also included, which is precisely the reason why are the safety ratings of this seat so superb.

There is also a removable pillow for small newborns, whose job is to provide support for the baby’s head and body and which can be detached as the child grows older.

Lastly, the seat also has a removable canopy of its own. This allows the parent to combine the canopies of the car seat and the stroller and thus fully protect the kid from wind and sun.

  • Seat

The Chico Viaro stroller is suitable for use with children who are at least six months old. Since the regular seat is quite large and can’t be reclined into a fully flat position, it should not be used with newborn babies. Besides that, the model’s backrest simply isn’t supportive enough for newborns. In case you’d like to use the Chicco Viaro Travel System right from birth, you will have to add the included infant car seat.

The weight capacity of the standard car seat stands at 50 pounds, and the stroller can be used by kids that are no older than three years.

One of the best things about it is that it comes with an infinite recline feature – the backrest can be set at basically any angle, except the fully flat one. Lowering it can be done with just one hand, but raising it will require you to use both hands.

The padding is soft, comfortable, and can be removed for washing. There is also a non-adjustable footrest made out of plastic and very easy to clean from stains made by muddy shoes.

  • Other Features

Chicco Viaro Travel System comes with a huge storage basket that easily accommodates even the largest diaper bags. It also has a swivel front wheel for greater maneuverability and two pedals which, when pressed, make the stroller immobile. The handlebar, although unadjustable, stands at 40″ from the ground and should be comfortable to use for most parents.

Chicco Viaro Travel System Review

What’s wrong with the product?

– No suspension & small wheels

With no suspension, small wheels, and tires made out of EVA foam, this stroller/car seat combo is suitable only for surfaces that are flat and smooth.

– No peek-a-boo window

The stroller’s canopy doesn’t have a viewing window. Some parents might find the lack of it as a deal breaker, while some probably won’t see it as a huge disadvantage.


A great combination of an agile, easy-to-maneuver stroller and one of the best infant car seats on the market, the Chicco Viaro Travel System is worth every penny of its price. It’s a fantastic investment for first-time parents and busy families and undoubtedly deserves its bestseller status.

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