Diaper Bag Essentials

Why do busy parents need a well-organized diaper bag? Well, every parent knows how much gear and pre-planning a baby carry-on entails. Active parents are always in need of assistance while carrying out their daily tasks.

A good diaper bag can help make their day easier and more productive, which is why it is crucial for them to be packed efficiently and mindfully. We have created a list of diaper bag essentials, as well as, some additional information to help you plan.

Necessities for this type of carry-on are pretty straight-forward. For the baby, you will need changing essentials, such as diapers, wet wipes, a changing mat, a change of clothes, etc. Depending on your baby’s habits you will need nursing equipment or food, some extra toys, and a blanket or cloth.

Every bag should have some space reserved just for the parents. Mom and dad should be able to easily fit in their phone, wallet, some snacks, and reading material.

Changing Essentials

Changing necessities will take up the most space in your bag. This happens with babies of all ages. To change your baby’s diaper or clothes quickly, you will need to place them in the compartment which is most accessible.

Diapers and Wet Wipes

The number of diapers should be planned out in advance with a couple of them to spare in case of emergency. Pack a diaper or 2 for each hour you will spend outside. The wet wipes should be within a hand’s reach at all times.

Make sure to pack some plastic bags to dispose of the used diapers and wet wipes.

A Changing Pad

Some diaper bags have a changing pad incorporated into the design which can make changing all the easier. However, if you don’t have such a feature, make sure to have at least one portable changing pad packed at all times.

Rash Ointment and Hand Sanitizer

A rash ointment is necessary for every diaper change. It will keep your baby’s skin from breaking out in a painful rash. Hand sanitizer can help you keep your hands clean in every situation.

A Change of Clothes

Additional clothes for the baby are necessary. Babies inevitably get their clothes dirty with diaper leaks, spilling food, or burping up milk. Be sure to pack at least one change of clothes for these situations.


Not all babies use pacifiers regularly. Nevertheless, it is a useful technique for calming your baby or helping them sleep in public. Make sure you have one just in case.


Paper tissues can come in handy in various situations, so if you have room, don’t hesitate to pack them. They don’t take up a lot of space, and they are practically weightless.


Toys should be packed according to your child’s age and preference. If you are going for a long stroll pack a couple of their toys. However, if you are going just for a quick walk, only bring their favorite toy to entertain them if need be.

Diaper Bag

Feeding Essentials

Depending on your baby’s age and eating habits you will need to save room for their food.


If you bottle-feed your baby, fill the baby bottle with breast-milk or formula beforehand. If your child is off of breast milk, you can bring a bottle of water or juice depending on what your child needs.


When your little one switches to solid food, you can pack finger food, pre-cooked food, or jars of baby food to feed them anywhere easily. Don’t forget to pack a plastic spoon!

For Nursing Moms

If you are a mom who still nurses you have to pack in advance. To comfortably feed your little one anywhere you will probably need the following:

Nursing Sling

You might need a sling or makeshift wrap to hold your baby. For outdoor breastfeeding, this is the best solution. It securely holds your baby if you are standing up or sitting somewhere in public.

Even if you don’t practice using one at home, it will prove to be helpful once you’ve gone outside.

Nursing Cover

In some cases, a nursing cover is crucial to comfortably and quickly feed your child. You could use any cloth or blanket you might have in your diaper bag or bring a your own nursing cover.

Breastfeeding Pump

If you are a mom who uses a breastfeeding pump, make room for it in advance. This little gadget can help you feed your child in public where actual nursing is difficult to perform.

Breast Pads

Breast pads are optional, and carrying them will mostly depend on your habits and needs. Some women need breast pads after or right before nursing because they might experience milk leaks.


Parents’ Necessities

Diaper bags should typically have space reserved for the parents. The additional parent pockets come in handy for putting away your phone, keys, wallet, etc. It is good to have your phone within reach to help make any calls more practical and quick.

Consider the Weather

Consider how long your outdoor activities will last and what the weather will be like that day. You might need an extra sweater or jacket in case it gets cold, or a pair of sunglasses if you are living in sunny areas.

Reading Material

If you are going for a long walk, make sure you bring a book or magazine to keep you entertained. You can have some relaxing time on your own if your baby falls asleep.

Extra Snacks

When you don’t know how long your walk sessions are going to take, always take some snacks for the road. Pack some fruit or nuts because they don’t take up a lot of space.

Diaper Bag Features

The material out of which the bag is made of should be waterproof and lightweight. Being water-resistant makes the bag great for any weather and unexpected spills. It will keep the babies clothes, food, and possible medicine intact.

Update - 2019.01.14As for the weight of the bag, it will inevitably change as your baby grows. However, a bag which is light in weight is considered to be the best choice. Make sure to have a bag with light but durable fabric

Organizing Techniques

The content of a diaper bag should be easy to find without fuss. To avoid searching aimlessly through the bag, try organizing everything according to purpose.



As a parent, you always need to plan and divide the space in the bag into functional sections. A practical and lightweight diaper bag helps parents be more efficient and carefree.

The most space will inevitably be taken up by changing necessities and baby clothes. The second section is reserved for baby food which can entail either nursing necessities or solid food, and baby bottles. The third space should usually be reserved for toys.

The last section which should take up the least amount of space is for your stuff. Try to incorporate your possessions in the baby bag to avoid carrying an additional purse just for your things.


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