Evenflo SimplyGo Single Breast Pump Review

9.4 Total Score

  • Sports a sleek, modern design
  • The controls are straightforward and easy to operate
  • Comes with an abundance of accessories
  • Runs on both AC power and standard batteries
  • Doesn't provide too much suction power
  • Slower than the double battery-operated pumps
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When it comes to juvenile equipment, Evenflo is surely one of the most well-known brands on this side of the water. They’re manufacturing all sorts of products related to babies and toddlers, including breast pumps. Their breast pumps have always been quite popular with moms, as they offer quality and efficiency at an affordable price.

We’ll be taking a look at one of their newest battery-operated models, called the Evenflo Single Breast Pump. It comes with a ton of impressive features and deserves a lengthy review – join us and find out does this pump offer a good value for the money.


  • Brand – Evenflo

  • Model Name – Single Breast Pump (SimplyGo)

  • Power Source Type – AC/Batteries

  • Weight – 13.4 ounces

  • Dimensions – N/A

  • Dishwasher Safe– No

Features of Evenflo Single Breast Pump

  • The Design

As far as we’re concerned, this is probably the best designed out of all breast pumps ever manufactured by this company. It sports a sleek, attractive look, effortlessly combining blue and white into a modern-looking piece of milk-expressing equipment. Even though the looks indeed aren’t the most critical aspect of a particular breast pump, we’re always pleased to see a nice-looking model.

The device is very compact, which, in turn, makes it lightweight and allows one to conveniently carry it in the handbag. This portability will be quite crucial to moms who like to pump in the office, as well to those who travel a lot. It is light enough for such purposes and deserves to get a plus from us when it comes to movability.

Another thing worth mentioning is that all parts of this model are BPA-free. This means that the materials used during its manufacture contain no harmful substances, so you won’t have to worry about your baby’s and your own health.

  • What’s in The Box?

Along with the pump itself, the box also contains the following items: a carrying case, a milk storage bottle, a cap ring, the sealing disc, an AC adapter, a removable soft flange insert, as well as the helpful breastfeeding guide and the user manual. The bottle comes complete with sealing, a cap ring, a nipple and the nipple hood, which is very nice and something we’d like to see in the packages of the other manufacturers.

The carrying case fits both the bottle and the pump itself and allows easy transportation. Our only complaint here is the fact that the model has a tendency to turn on by itself when it’s in the bag. Always make sure that it’s turned off before you shove it into the case, or you’ll be having trouble trying to figure out what’s that buzzing sound coming from your handbag.

The Evenflo’s Simply Breastfeeding™ educational program is also worth mentioning – it will help you with your first steps when it comes to breast pumping.

  • The Assembly

All things included in the package are conveniently identified via the images in the user manual. This will come in very handy during the assembly, which is a quick and easy process once you figure out which part goes where. The only tricky part of the assembly might be connecting the horn to the pump, which could take some coaxing since it requires correct angling and lineup. A word of advice – there’s a small button on the side of the unit, which is used to release the horn.

Overall, putting this pump together is not harder or easier than it is with the other battery-operated models, so we won’t take the issue with the horn as a serious flaw.

  • The Performance

You can use this pump with either an AC adapter or by placing three standard batteries into it. The fact that the Evenflo Single Breast Pump runs on standard batteries is a very convenient one, as they’re cheap and can be bought literally everywhere. It also contributes to the device’s portability – you won’t have to hunt for the power outlets wherever you go.

The pump is not as efficient as some other battery-operated models we have reviewed so far, which is precisely why it sports such an affordable price. It was a bit slower than we expected, and it doesn’t offer enough suction power – but it’s still quite capable to do the trick and help you out with your milk expression needs. It doesn’t feature the so-called let-down simulation phase, so you’ll have to simulate it on your own – but we liked the presence of the removable silicone insert which you can remove and buy one that fits your nipple.

To prevent the milk from spilling, we advise you to keep the model’s horn part firmly pressed against your breast.

What’s wrong with the product?

  • Doesn’t provide enough suction power

Unfortunately, this breast pump isn’t as strong as the more premium models, and it doesn’t provide enough suction power. But since this is an affordable device, that was to be expected. Don’t worry – it will still do the trick.

  • Slow when compared to double battery-operated models

Moms who need to express their milk a few times a day will find this model to be too slow for their needs. This is a single breast pump and doesn’t work as speedy as the more expensive double models.


For the price that it comes at, this is a pretty impressive model – it is very easy to use due to its simple controls and the well-written manual and also sports the most attractive design we’ve seen so far. It also comes with an abundance of useful accessories, which are guaranteed to make every pumping session a much more convenient experience. It’s not for moms need to pump two or three times a day, but it’s an excellent choice for those who only have to do it every now and then – they will love it!

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