Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair

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  • Multi-purpose
  • Easy to clean
  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • Compact
  • 5 point harness
  • Durable
  • Poor safety
  • Padding will wear out
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This product is perfect for parents on a budget who are looking to save space. It is designed to take up a minimal amount of space and offer maximum comfort for your little one. Quite the opposite of typical oversized high chairs it is highly practical and easy to maintain.

What are its most important features? The fisher price space saver high chair is a compact product, has an easily removable tray, machine-washable seat pad, and adjustable reclining and height positions. Moreover, it can change its purpose over time and convert from a snug seat for your baby to a booster seat for a toddler.

This type of chair is meant to be conveniently used in any part of your home and can be put at the table with ease. It has a tight strap which can be connected to a regular chair and placed anywhere you want. You will be able to keep your little one happy by including them in family meals.

Some features are expected in this type of product while other characteristics can come as a pleasant surprise to some users. Check out our detailed description of the product below.


  • Weight: 8 pounds

  • Dimensions: 22 x 22 x 18.9 ‘’

  • Age: newborn to toddler

  • Weight limit: 50 pounds

  • Height: 2 positions



The chair is meant to last you several years. It is designed to be adjustable to the age of your little one. It can cover your baby’s needs from infancy to toddler days.

This benefit is functional and convenient as you won’t have to think about getting multiple baby products and spending a fortune.


The product offers three distinct reclining positions which will make your little comfortable at every age. The design is meant to adapt to the different stages of your baby’s needs.

The initial position is a sitting one which is meant for bottle feeding or starting with solids. Another is, and a slightly less reclined position also for feeding or playing.  The final position is the most reclined one which can also be used for bottle feeding or a quick nap.

Height Adjustment

Height adjustments are essential for posture and are beneficial for a developing child. There are two distinct height adjustments which are purposefully included in the design of this chair. They are meant to change as your little one grows.

One position is for infants, and the other is meant for toddlers. It will keep your child happy and healthy at any age.

5 point harness

Any baby product needs to have a secure harness with 3 or 5 straps. The 5 point harness is excellent for babies as it will keep them safe and snug at all times. This will put any parent’s mind at ease because it will keep their little one in place even when they’re not looking.


The tray is designed to be dishwasher safe and easy to clean. It can be wiped down or just placed into a dishwasher. The tray has a simple mechanism which allows you to remove it by using only one hand.

The tray is a bit deeper than a standard one because it is meant to keep your baby from pushing food off the tray and prevent spills from going to the floor.

Seat Pad

The fabric on the seat pad can be removed and washed in the washing machine. This is a lifesaver for busy parents. Babies are known to be messy and fussy eaters, and you can use all the help you can get when it comes to cleaning.


This chair is light in weight, meaning it is meant to be moved around with ease. Some baby products weigh a ton and cannot be moved with a single pair of hands. Fortunately, this chair is designed to be travel-friendly, and fully portable.

You can bring it along on family trips, family gatherings, or out to restaurants and make your little one comfortable anywhere you go.

Additional Features


The product is built to last your for years. This means it is made out of durable and sturdy materials which will retain their quality as time goes by.


Parents revel in the fact that they can find an effective baby product without having to spend a lot of money. This product falls into the category of affordable ones and serves its purpose well. You will definitely get your money’s worth and then some.


One of the best features of this chair is that it takes a small amount of space. It can be fit anywhere without fuss. It is all the comfort of a baby seat without the bulkiness.

Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair

What’s Wrong With the Product?

  • Poor Safety

A serious oversight in the design is the fact that the chair has a lot of gaps. Though it sounds harmless, this can pose a problem for infants and toddlers. They can get their fingers stuck in the gap and injure themselves easily.

Of course, this will probably not happen under adult supervision. Nevertheless, it is a discomforting feature.

  • Padding Will Wear Out

The seat pad is machine washable which is a useful feature, however, after a lot of washes, it may come apart as most materials do. This is a potential downside as you will have to purchase new cushions and padding to keep your little one comfortable.


This product covers all the most essential features for both parents and children. It is comfy, safe, and easy to maintain. It is compact and easy to transport.

This is a budget-friendly option for parents who are looking to save space. It is meant for parents on the go who are looking to make their little ones in a comfortable seat during on family outings and vacations.

This chair can be changed from baby seat to toddler booster seat in no time. It is a solution to many parent’s problems as it serves several purposes.  You will have three reclining options and two height positions.

A comfortable seat which can be secured to a dining room chair is a great way to develop social skills in your little one on time. Your little one will be excited to be part of a family dinner.

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