GB Pockit Stroller Review

9.4 Total Score

  • Very compact - ideal for parents who are traveling by plane, train, car
  • Easy to store, even in a tiny car trunk
  • Ultra-light, fits into your handbag
  • Suitable for older children
  • Easy-to-access storage basket
  • Slim design, great for crowds
  • One-hand steering
  • Removable and washable seat fabric
  • The seat doesn't recline
  • Non-adjustable handlebar
  • The canopy could be better
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This buggy could easily be the most famous lightweight stroller. The reason being its revolutionary, one-of-a-kind feature – the smallest fold ever to be seen. It does sound bombastic, but the Guinness World Records will settle any doubts if you have any.

Many parents adore it, and it couldn’t possibly be just because of its tiny fold. It doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the rest of the features as well. Being only nine pounds, it is excellent for traveling and bringing onto and off public transport.

But, the fact that you can bring it onto any flight it and store it in the overhead compartment could be its major selling point. It is much smaller than the max. carry on weight and size limitations. The gb pockit stroller is indeed a game-changer.


  • Stroller weight – 9 lbs

  • Weight limit  – 55 lbs

  • Folded dimensions   – 14″ x 14″ x 7″

  • Handlebar height – Non-adjustable; 39″

  • Seat to canopy height  – 25″

  • Wheels – 4.5″


The pockit lightweight stroller comes with a regular toddler seat that can be used as soon as the child gains head and neck control, which is around the 6th month. Some sacrifices had to be made, so the seat doesn’t recline and isn’t quite suitable for napping. However, it has an adjustable torso length which makes it great for older kids or toddlers.

Parents report being able to use it comfortably even with their five-year-old children. The seat features an adjustable five-point-harness on which you can fasten and loosen the straps to accommodate your growing child. The whole seat is padded, including the harness, and you can remove and wash the fabric with ease.

  • Wheels

This buggy rolls on four dual 4.5-inch wheels that are much more durable than they look like. The front wheels come with a 360° swivel that makes the buggy agile and very easy to push. They can also be locked straight to increase stability on uneven surfaces.

It doesn’t have suspension, so it is not recommended to take it on too rough terrain, but it rolls well over cracked sidewalks and hard-packed dirt trails.  The parking brake is operated by foot. It is single-action but requires a bit of getting used to.

  • Storage

Despite it being so light and compact, its storage basket has a capacity of eleven pounds. It is enough to fit a small diaper bag or a kid backpack. It is very easy to access from the back and the front.

  • Size, Weight and Folding Mechanism

This is, without a doubt, the most significant advantage of this stroller. Its tiny size makes it great for running errands and allows for easy navigation through narrow and crowded areas. Rolling between tight aisles and tables in a packed diner won’t be a problem for this buggy.

Its aluminum frame is what makes it light as a feather. Weighing only 9.5 pounds, chances are your purse is heavier than it. You won’t have any problems carrying it up and down the stairs.

Even when your baby is not in it, it is still convenient to carry around. Despite its super-light weight, it is very durable and sturdy. A true wonder in the world of strollers.

It collapses to a very compact packet. Its fold dimensions are 11.8″ x 7″ x 13.8″ which is incredibly small. Since 2014, it holds the world record as the most compact stroller, according to the Guinness World Records.

The folding mechanism comes with a learning curve, but once you learn it, it is quite easy. First, the canopy needs to be folded away, and the front wheels need to be locked. After that, by using the lever above each wheel, fold the rear wheels. Then you need to push the two white buttons on the handlebars and collapse the buggy down.

The last step would be folding the wheels inwards and locking the whole thing manually. It is great if your toddler loves switching between riding and walking.  You can either put it in your handbag or put it over your shoulder.

Whether you are on a plane or train, you can easily fit it in the overhead compartment or even under the seat. Since it is surprisingly light and compact, there is no chance you’ll have to pay any extra fees. It is especially great for parents who often use public transit or have a small car trunk.

GB Pockit Stroller

What’s wrong with the product?

– Inadequate canopy

Of course, it is only natural that such a light and compact buggy has some drawbacks. The canopy is too small – it is just a flat sheet over the baby’s head. Don’t rely on it to adequately protect your child from the sun from all sides.

– Non-adjustable handlebar

There are two handlebars that allow for one-hand pushing, but that might not be of much use to you if you are too tall for this buggy. Parents over six feet tall have been complaining that they have to hunch over to push the stroller because of the low handlebars. Pushing is convenient for short and average-height parents.

– The seat doesn’t recline

The seat doesn’t feature even a single reclining position. If your kid loves napping in their buggy, then they might not be a happy camper in it if you use it as your primary stroller.


Such a light and compact stroller is not for everyone. It is still an absolute champion when it comes to easy-of-transport, size, fold, and weight. If you treasure practicality over convenience, you don’t need to look further.

The stroller doesn’t come with many extra features, but it is so tiny that it can serve you as a backup stroller in the basket of your first one. You might even use it as a one-time stroller on a family vacation.

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