Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Review

9.3 Total Score

  • Suitable for bumpy terrains
  • Outstanding build quality
  • Stability and good grip
  • Lots of storage space
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Can be folded for easier storage
  • Click Connect technology
  • Adjustable seat
  • Large and heavy
  • Problems with the canopy
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So, you’re expecting a baby and you already know that you won’t be able to go anywhere without your precious little munchkin. You’re probably thinking about purchasing a stroller – it’s simply the most logical decision. After all, it’s something that really does help when it comes to transporting your baby on the walkway, in the car, on an airplane, and everywhere else.

However, with so many different brands and models on today’s market, figuring out which stroller is perfect for your needs can be quite challenging. Buying a quality all-terrain stroller is one of the best ideas – these come with larger, air-filled tires, and can be used on a vast variety of surfaces (pavement, mall floors, grass, etc.).

One of such products is the Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger, made by one of the most well-known companies in the world of juvenile equipment. It’s a hefty, sturdy all-terrain model that looks and works just as advertised – it’s not a favorite of many parents for no reason.

Although some might consider this stroller’s price to be on the higher side, it is crucial to remember that this is a Graco product, and these rarely disappoint. Or is this model an exception? Let’s find an answer to that question together!


  • Stroller weight – 30 lbs

  • Weight limit – 50 lbs

  • Folded dimensions  – 28.5” x 18.5” x 22.5”

  • Overall height  – 42”

  • Wheelbase width  – 24″

  • Wheels  – 12″ front, 16″ rear


  • Maneuverability & Sturdiness

As we already mentioned, the Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger is a very sturdy all-terrain stroller, as it sports a thick frame constructed from oval tubing. It supports the maximum weight of 50 pounds. Moreover, the model accommodates the manufacturer’s Click Connect 35 LX and 35 as a travel system. Due to its outstanding balance and stability, there is no place for worrying about it getting accidentally knocked over.

Since the tires of this stroller are filled with air, the cushion coming from the air acts as a natural suspension system and provides a nice, smooth ride. One particularly noteworthy thing about the model’s wheels is that they feature reflectors – an extra measure of safety is always appreciated.

We should also mention that the brakes of this stroller are quite easy to engage although the model does not feature a one-step linked braking system. With a brake over each wheel, you’ll have to step twice.

  • Seat

The seat of Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger is quite an impressive one – it is well-cushioned and very comfortable. It comes with an adjustable 5-point harness that can be switched to a 3-point lap belt once the child grows older. The seat recline also deserves words of praise, as it is straightforward to operate, and the same can be said for the snack tray and two cup holders.

  • Fold

The fold of this all-terrain stroller is yet another of its easy-to-operate features – all you have to do is to pull up the little handle strap and the model will fold itself. An integrated auto-lock holds the unit’s frame in place while the kickstand comes out, allowing a self-standing position.

However, just like most other strollers of this type, the Fastaction Fold is also quite bulky. Fortunately, it is possible to remove all of its tires with a simple push of a button, in case you’re in need of a more compact fold. It’s a feature that the owners of cars with smaller trunks will undoubtedly appreciate.

  • Canopy

A first glance at this model’s sun canopy does not reveal anything special about it. However, the canopy does feature some perks that most moms will appreciate, such as the side mesh ventilation panels. These allow a good air circulation, which is of crucial importance when it comes to hot summer days. There is also a simple window located at the top of the canopy, allowing the mom to check on her loved one whenever she wants.

  • Storage and Handle

The storage basket of this stroller is sizeable and roomy enough to accommodate things like diapers, blankets, bottles, purses, and similar items. The parent console, on the other hand, has two deep cup holders, a cell phone holder (features a spring-loaded latch that keeps the device in place), as well as a simple compartment that holds things like keys, wallets, lip balm, etc.

Unfortunately, the model’s handle is not adjustable, but it has a height that most parents will find quite comfortable to use. There’s also a safety leash attached to the basket, allowing the parent always to maintain contact with it in case of unwanted separation.

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Review

What’s wrong with the product?

– Quite bulky

The most significant downside of this stroller is the fact that it’s quite bulky and heavy. Not only does this make it challenging to manage for shorter parents, but it also makes it unsuitable for the owners of smaller cars. However, it’s important to keep in mind that larger strollers are always safer than the small and medium-sized ones.

– Finicky canopy

Even though the model’s canopy does have some great features, it doesn’t stay open when it is fully stretched to its furthest setting. This is especially true on windy days or when going over a bumpy surface – an all-terrain stroller should undoubtedly have a canopy that stays firmly locked into place.


Graco is well-known for being one of the leading manufacturers of juvenile products, which means that purchasing this model can’t really turn out to be a mistake.

Even though it has a couple of flaws, such as the overall bulkiness, the Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger is still among the best strollers of this type available on the market. It sports a sturdy construction, lots of convenient features, and can be folded for easier transportation and storage. It’s an excellent bang for the buck and a purchase that you surely won’t regret.

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