Graco Twin Bassinet Pack N Play Review

9.3 Total Score

  • Removable
  • Easy Assembly
  • Affordable
  • Portable, Ideal For Travel
  • Playard-Convertible
  • Playard and Bassinets Can't be Used Simultaneously
  • Temporary Usability
  • Sheet not Included
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The graco twin bassinet is a versatile portable model that’s made the lives of many parents much easier as Graco has given their best to create a perfect sleeper for twins. It might not be the best, but no one can deny its quality and reliability as it is packed with a couple of very useful features and is highly portable.

Like other models of the same series, the Graco Twin Bassinet is equipped with a nice cushioned mattress pad. The bassinet itself is removable, and it folds down with the playard as well. The playard is another prominent feature of this model – once your children outgrow the bassinet, they can use the Graco Pack’n’Play as a playard.

The frame of the bassinet is quite sturdy, which reduces the risk of the bassinet getting tipped over by accident, and for families with pets or clumsy parents, a sturdy frame is a very important safety feature. The sidewalls are entirely made of mesh which increases airflow and ensures maximum breathability. The mesh siding also offers excellent visibility, so that you can keep an eye on your children at all times.

The model falls on the lighter side of twin bassinets, so it comes with a neat carrying case that makes transporting the thing even easier. The fold requires some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, it can be packed up in a jiffy. With the bassinet, you also get two padded canopies for infants.

It must be noted that you either have to use it as a bassinet or a playard as the playard is not quite suitable for newborns, so they cannot be used simultaneously. Once your children are able to get out of the thing on their own, you should discontinue the use of the playard as well.


  • Weight – 29 lbs

  • Weight limit  – 15 lbs (each)

  • Dimensions   – 46” x 35” x 34”

  • Age limit:  –  0 to 6 months



At first, the Graco Pack ‘n Play Doesn’t seem so portable as it weighs 29 pounds, which is actually somewhat under the average for a twin bassinet. So what makes it considered to be a highly portable model?

The set of wheels the Graco Twin Bassinet rolls on make things go much easier – you can move it from one room to the other without breaking a sweat. It can be transported outside your home as well as it is foldable and comes with a convenient carrying bag. The folding mechanism is operated by a squeeze latch.

Sleeping area

The bassinet features two separate sleeping areas. Each one has a canopy of its own! Even though the sleeping areas are separated. The bassinets sports only one quilted mattress.

The quilted mattress pad seems to be quite cozy, and it can be washed relatively easily. In fact, the whole bassinet and the playard are easy to clean – all you need is a damp cloth, some household soap to wipe down all the fabric on the model – including the vinyl, metal and plastic parts.

Mesh Sidewalls

Mesh sidewalls on a bassinet are a crucial safety feature. They allow the twins to breathe properly and thus the risk of suffocation is minimized, if not neutralized. Since there’s mesh on all sides of the unit the airflow is excellent, and it also allows you to always have the twins in sight.

You don’t even have to get out of bed to check up on them. Babies like mesh too. It allows them to keep an eye on you, which keeps them calm them and helps them fall asleep.

The Height

Even though the height of the bassinet is not quite adjustable, it is still satisfactorily elevated so that mothers who have had a C-section are able to use it without straining themselves. A mommy who has had a C-section, especially with twins, should not have to strain herself to lift up, not one baby, but twins from almost ground level. It is something that a lot of manufacturers overlook, so it is nice to see that Graco hasn’t made the same mistake.


It is a nice feature since it will get you more use down the road. Once your twins outgrow the bassinet, they will be able to use the playard. Unfortunately, not before that as the bassinet and the playard cannot be used simultaneously. It is really easy to convert is at the bassinet comes out without much effort.

It will be a nice place for the twins to play, but as soon as you notice they might be able to climb out on their own, it’s time to discontinue the use. Assembling the whole thing shouldn’t take up much time and effort on your part as the instructions are straightforward.


What’s wrong with the product?

-No Sheet

The fitted sheet doesn’t come with the package, which is quite puzzling considering the price of the model. It is not expensive for a twin bassinet, but the sheet should come with the price.

To make matters worse, parents have complained that it’s really hard to find an appropriate sheet elsewhere so you’ll have to rely on Graco’s sheets. Removing the crib-sheet also takes some know how, and when the children make a mess, the last thing you need is a sheet that’s putting up a fight.

-Playard and Bassinets Can’t be Used Simultaneously

The product is sold as a playard and a bassinet, but it cannot be used as both at the same time. It’s something that the manufacturer should have made a bit more clear.

An important thing to point out is the fact that both the playard and bassinet cannot be used safely for too long. Once your children are able to push up and roll over on their own or to climb out of the playard, it’s time to move on.


Graco has made themselves a reputation for making quality baby gear with safety as their primary concern. To the joy of many parents, they have presented us with a versatile twin bassinet. It’s affordable, simple to use, and as safe as they get.

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