Haakaa Breast Pump Review

9.5 Total Score

  • Easy to use - no cords, buttons or batteries
  • Safe for mom and the baby - 100% food-grade silicone
  • Easy to clean due to its simplicity
  • Compatible with bottles from the same manufacturer
  • It's not as fast as the electric models
  • Not your best option for milk storage
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Many breastfeeding moms are looking for breast pumps that are as simple as possible. They’re not quite interested in the complicated electric models, and we’d like to help them out.

If you’re one of such moms, check out the Haakaa Breast Pump – it’s a one-piece, silicone-made model that works on the manual suction principle, coming at a very reasonable price. It is already quite popular and has received only words of praise from all over the world, so we’ve decided to take a closer look at it and see if it’s worth the money. Read on!


  • Brand – Haakaa

  • Model Name – Breast Pump

  • Power Source Type  – Manual

  • Weight – 4.8 ounces

  • Dimensions – 6″ x 3″ x 3″

  • Dishwasher Safe – Yes

Features of Haakaa Breast Pump

  • The Design

Like we said in the intro of this review, the Haakaa is just a single unit, so there are no complicated parts or accessories to worry about. Whereas many other models are “systems,” this is just one single piece of equipment. During our testing period, we have noticed that it feels quite solid and thick in the hand, so there’s no room for worrying about it being flimsy.

The pump comes with clear volume markings on its transparent body, allowing the moms to easily check how much milk they’ve managed to express. One important thing to mention here is that the pump can hold only up to 4oz (100ml) of liquid, making it unsuitable for moms capable of producing a lot more liquid.

Overall, we’re quite pleased with the design – it’s a one-piece, transparent breast pump with a very compact size, letting you easily pop it into your handbag and carry it with you wherever you go.

  • The Material

When it comes to these types of devices, it’s of crucial importance to buy only those that won’t be harmful to your health. Fortunately, the Haakaa is made out of 100% food-grade silicone and contains no dangerous substances such as the phthalates, BPA, or PVC. It is certified as a safe-to-use device for both mothers and babies.

The fact that it lacks things like cords, batteries, and buttons makes it even healthier – it’s just a simple piece of silicone that you can sterilize with boiling water and have a complete peace of mind when it comes to health concerns.

  • Ease of Operation

Since many moms know only about the electric breast pumps, they might be confused about how this thing actually works. Pumping the milk with it is effortless – but let’s go through the whole process step by step:

  1. The first step is to gently squeeze the bottom of the pump and put it over your breast. Make sure to center it over your nipple-areola.

  2. After that, you can release your hand, and the Haakaa will stay in place by applying some pressure to your breast. If the let-down has already been initiated, the milk will start to flow almost immediately.

  3. Otherwise, you’ll have to give your let-down reflex some stimulation. You can do this by squeezing the pump a few times, or, if you’re nursing your child, relax and let the baby initiate the whole process for you.

This whole process will probably come with some trials and errors in the beginning, but have no worries – you’ll eventually figure it out.

  • The Noise

Unlike many electric and battery-operated models we’ve reviewed so far, this pump is almost entirely silent. It’s a perfect choice for moms who like to express as discretely as possible, allowing them to do some pumping on a flight, in the office, or in a restaurant. The lack of squeaky sounds will even let you express some milk in the middle of the night, without worrying that you’ll wake up the baby.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use Haakaa Breast Pump
  • Where was this pump made?

It has been designed in New Zealand, and constructed in China. It, of course, meets all the necessary standards prescribed by the US Food and Drug Administration.

  • Does it fall off frequently?

As we said, this model comes with a slight learning curve. Once you manage to get the right suction level, the Haakaa will stay in place and won’t move until you decide to take it down.

  • Can I use the Haakaa Breast Pump while I’m lying down?

Yes, you can, but we advise you to do it while lying on your side, as the pumping is much more convenient in that way.

  • How do I transfer the milk into a bag? Do I have to purchase a special funnel?

No need for a funnel here – you can simply pour the milk.

What’s wrong with the product?

  • It’s not as efficient as the electric model

When it comes to manual pumps, the Haakaa is a true champion of simplicity. But even though this can be good in some situations, it also comes with a significant disadvantage – this model is not as nearly as efficient as the electric and the battery-operated models. It’s not the best choice for moms looking for a speedy way to express their milk.

  • Not very safe for milk storage

Once you get the milk out of your breast, make sure to transfer it to a bottle and then put it in the fridge. Even though it’s made out of food-grade silicone, this pump isn’t safe for milk storage.


The Haakaa Breast Pump is, in our opinion, an excellent choice for the moms looking for the most simple and affordable model possible. Moms who only occasionally express their milk will love it – it requires no complicated setting-up and can be easily popped into a handbag. We heartily recommend it!

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