How to Clean a Car Seat?

How to Clean a Car Seat Infographic

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Had the first trip with your child? Congratulations. If you choose to use a booster seat for securing your child during transportation, it’s safe to assume that you had some trouble cleaning it afterward. A booster car seat is the first choice for many mothers, but it does have one flaw. When it comes to cleaning, it’s a complete nightmare. You want your child to sit in a clean seat and that hard to expect unless you clean it frequently. And with this easy cleaning method, you’ll be able to clean after each use.

  • Removing the Car Seat

Before you can clean, you’ll have to remove the seat. Find a neat washing station and prepare it for your baby’s car seat. It’s important to memorize these steps in order to make this process fast, efficient and easy. After removing the car seat and placing it in the designated washing station, you’re ready to proceed to the next step.

  • Prepare the Solution

When cleaning your baby’s car seat you might find all types of food stains. And while some may be easy to clean, some will prove to be quite a challenge. So what should you use as cleaning agents? Although warm water might be your first choice, you should know that it won’t clean everything. A couple of food-induced stains will still remain even if you clean the whole seat thoroughly with warm water. This is why you should add OxiClean or a similar washing agent.

  • Dismantle the Car Seat

Now that you have a place to clean the car seat, and means to clean it you should dismantle the seat. Bear in mind that you should not strip every part of the seat’s construction, but remove the parts that you need to be cleaned. Depending on where most of the stains are, or where they are generating, you’ll either want to fully dismantle the car seat or only remove the back or front part.

  • Use Quality Cloths

The most important thing in this guide is to use clean and quality clothes when using your infant’s car seat. In transportation, they will spill most of the food that you give them, so naturally, the food debris will land right there- on the seat. Now that you know what to expect, you can be prepared. Use clean cloths every time you’re cleaning the car seat. And above all, use quality material cloths. You don’t want small pieces of cloth on your baby’s seat. They can irritate, or you might find out that your child is allergic to some types of polyester.

  • Final Check

Now that you’ve cleaned everything it’s time for a final check. Prepare the car seat for your infant’s next use and make sure that everything is sparkling clean. Check for grease on the mechanic parts, cloth, and fiber cushion holders, etc. Also be sure that there is no soap in the fabric itself. You should thoroughly clean each part with warm water after cleaning with a powerful cleaning agent.

To Conclude

By following this easy step-by-step guide you’ll be able to clean your baby’s booster car seat each and every time it gets dirty. In addition to that, you’ll avoid exposing your child to unknown allergens.

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