How to Make Pumping Breast Milk at Work Easier?

Tips to Make Pumping Breast Milk at Work Easier Infographic

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Breastfeeding at work can be difficult at times, don’t you agree? There is a number of problems that may occur before, after or during your breastfeeding session at work. From stressful situations that cause you to produce less milk, to colleagues barging in your office. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid these common breastfeeding problems.

Furthermore, it will increase the effectiveness of your breastfeeding technique. In addition to that, you’ll become more confident at doing it in your workplace. After you’ve become familiar with these simple techniques of pump breastfeeding at work, you’ll never think the same on the matter at hand. Wondering how to pump milk easier at work? Let’s take a look.

  • Drink Lots of Water

Before you can produce milk you’ll need to take care of your body. This implies that you pay attention to your diet, mental health as well as physical. The best way to do it is to drink plenty of liquid and hydrate yourself. It’s obvious that mommy’s breast milk is the only source of nutrients for the baby. Breast milk is comprised of 90% water. This is why pediatric specialists advise mothers strictly not to give water to their babies.

  • Keep Equipment at Work

Why should you worry about breastfeeding at work? You can have the equipment right there at your workplace and eliminate any problems related to the inconsistency of breastfeeding at work. This way you’re prepared to breastfeed with your pump any time you want. It’s that simple. All you have to do is keep your breastfeeding pump in your office or in the pantry area.

  • Double the Equipment

Sometimes it’s hard to maintain your breastfeeding schedule with only one pair of equipment right? That’s why you should always double your breastfeeding equipment at work. This will save you a considerable amount of time. You’ll always have a clean pair of breastfeeding equipment at your disposal. The other one serves as a backup equipment. You’ll be prepared for every possible situation this way.

  • Stick a Note on Your Office Door

Tired of situations where your breastfeeding session is being interrupted by a rude colleague? Every mom that breastfeeds at work can confirm that it’s not a pleasant situation. You can easily prevent this from happening by sticking a note on your office door. Simply write something like “You’re entering on your own responsibility” or something like it on the note, and you’ll be safe.

  • Extra Pair of Clothes

As a young mom, you’ve probably noticed already how the number of dirty clothes keeps rising. Yes, having a newborn will do that. And if you’re planning on breastfeeding using a pump on your workplace, you better have an extra pair of clothes. You’ll never find yourself in a situation that your only pair of clean clothes has a couple of breast milk stains. Because when it happens, you’ll be able to change your clothes and continue with your day.

  • Feel Comfortable at Work

Another important thing for you to remember is to fell completely comfortable at using your pump to produce breast milk for your infant. If someone has a problem with it, it shouldn’t be you. It’s perfectly natural to do it wherever you are. After all, you’re the one who’s responsible for your infant’s health and no one should have a say in than you. You’re a proud mom, and it’s perfectly alright to act like it.

  • Create a Schedule

To make your breastfeeding session more efficient, and produce more breast milk each time you use a pump, you should create a schedule. Create a habit of doing it at a specific time, and you’ll have no problem with pumping milk. What’s even better, you’ll increase the quality of your breast milk as well. So set an alarm clock to 3 hours or so, and create a habit of pumping the breast milk at the exact time each day.

To Conclude

When pumping breast milk at work it’s important to feel absolutely comfortable at doing it no matter what people say. If you’re confident and know why you’re doing it, no argument can stand between you and your infant’s daily need for breast milk.

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