Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

9.5 Total Score

  • High-quality display
  • Pan/tilt/zoom camera
  • Interchangeable lens
  • Night vision
  • Talk-back option
  • Sensor for room temperature
  • Easy Set-up
  • Small Screen
  • Noisy Buttons
  • Bright Lights
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The infant optics dxr-8 monitor is an affordable state of the art technology. It is praised for its features
which are helping out parents everywhere. The device has a high-quality display, useful features such as
two-way audio, night vision, and a zoom-in lens.

Most parents worry over their baby all day long. Some common thoughts are, how are they breathing,
how are they sleeping, are they awake, are they cold, etc. Some of these worries can be put to rest with
excellent audio-visual representation.

With this gadget you can rest assured that your little one is sleeping soundly, breathing regularly, and is
in the proper position in the crib. If the baby does happen to wake up in the middle of the night, you will
be able to directly communicate with them using the talkback system.

The system is devised to be self-sustained because it does not require any Wi-Fi connection or installing
a new app on your phone in order to use it. It is controlled remotely and has long battery life. Once it is
installed, you are good to go.

The design is regarded as top-tier because it allows you to change perspective if need be. The screen has
tilting and rotation options for this purpose. It will show you a clear picture of your baby and provide
you with high audio quality.


  • Item Weight: 2 pounds

  • Product Dimensions: 19.3 x 13.4 x 6.5‘’

  • Range: 700 feet

  • Monitor: 3.5-inch color display

  • Display type: LCD

  • Power Source: rechargeable battery

  • Battery life: 6-10 hours

  • Mounting: wall or table


High-Quality Display

The display offers excellent screen resolution and night vision. The monitor has a zoom-in lens which
allows you to observe your little one up close. What is more, the monitor provides you with excellent
sound which helps give you the full picture.

Interchangeable Lens

The infant optics dxr-8 video baby monitor with interchangeable optical lens is designed to switch
lenses depending on the baby’s surrounding. It can adjust the lens to give you a clearer picture.

Remote Pan/Tilt/Zoom System

The remote pan/tilt/zoom system allows you to change the viewpoint of the monitor entirely. This helps
you see your baby better if it moves around in the crib. These types of cameras are regarded as high-
quality systems used in surveillance.

Night Vision

The night vision option is designed to provide you with a clear picture of your baby at night. This allows
you to see everything clearly while not having to leave the comfort of your own bed.

Easy Set-up

A helpful aspect of the device is that it is easy to set up and use. Most people don’t have to rely on the
manual for guidelines. The gadget is easy to install and is proven to be very user-friendly.

Battery Life

The battery can last for 10 hours when it is in power- saving mode. If it is on audio-only option, it can
last up to an astonishing 12 hours. If you leave the display screen activated the battery will last for a
minimum of 6 hours.
This useful feature puts parents at ease as they can listen and watch over their child from the comfort of
their own bedroom without having to recharge the monitor. This feature can save you from many
sleepless nights and unnecessary worries.

Additional Features


A 700 feet range allows you to walk freely without worrying about the signal. You could easily do some
yard work, run to the nearby store, or your neighbor, without missing a moment with your little one.

Digital Privacy

The device doesn’t need an internet connection for the camera. Therefore, there is no loading time and
no risk of getting hacked. You will have complete digital privacy with this baby monitor.


A built-in thermometer helps you follow the temperature in your baby’s environment. When you notice
a drop in the numbers, you can sneak into the nursery and cover the baby with an extra blanket. On the
flip side, you can see if a high temperature is disturbing your baby’s good night’s rest.

Two-Way Audio

The infant optics video baby monitor dxr-8 provides you with a talkback option. This allows you to
soothe your baby from a distance. You can sing them back to sleep without having to go into the nursery
and pick them up.


What’s Wrong With the Product?

  • Small Screen

Though the screen is high quality and excellent resolution, it falls into the category of smaller-sized
screens. This poses a problem for some parents as they want a larger image of their child. In some cases,
the entirety of the crib cannot fit in the picture.

  • Noisy Buttons

Some users are dissatisfied with the noise the buttons on the monitor make. It would have been better
if the product had significantly quieter rubber buttons.

  • Bright Lights

The lights which signal battery and charging are too bright. The baby might get distracted when trying to
fall asleep if it notices the bright light. The good news is that the lights can be covered easily.


Having a functional, high-quality baby monitor is a must-have these days. It allows you to keep an eye
on your baby bay without disturbing it. It can be used in any part of your home and any time of the day.
You can track when your baby is sleeping and hear any sounds when it is awake. This makes you feel
close to your little one. You will be able to get a clear image of any new activity or facial expression of
your baby.

We’ve mentioned some of the best features of the product in this infant optics dxr-8 review – the well-
designed display, the pan/tilt/zoom camera, the interchangeable lens, the long battery life, and two-way
audio. All of these add to the overall functionality of the device. This baby monitor is a long-lasting
investment which can serve your family for years.

Most people agree that this gadget falls into the range of more affordable baby monitors while offering
additional helpful features such as digital privacy, a built-in thermometer, and a 700 feet range. It allows
remote control and effortless watching over your child for many years to come.

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