JOOVY Room2 Twin Nursery Center Review

8.8 Total Score

  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy construction
  • Spacious sleeping area
  • Transparent mesh walls
  • The changing station
  • Removable & machine-washable cover
  • 2-year warranty
  • Mattress sold separately
  • The divider is not mesh
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All moms with newborns want to keep their babies close. Most of the sleep experts agree that newborns should sleep in the same room with parents for the first six months of their lives. However, in order to do this, one doesn’t have to make space for a large crib – a bassinet is a much better choice.

Fortunately for parents of multiples, today’s market also offers special twin bassinets, which are large enough to hold two babies at once. With so many different brands and models out there, however, it can be quite challenging to decide which twin bassinet to go for.

The JOOVY Room2 Twin Nursery Center just might be the right choice for your needs, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Coming at a genuinely reasonable price, it is one of the most affordable products of this type on the market.

The model sports several interesting features, such as the changing table, a removable & machine washable surface, a sturdy design, as well as the mesh walls on all four sides. It is also quite spacious and comes with a generous 2-year warranty. Let’s check it out!


  • Weight – 9.5 lbs

  • Weight limit  – 30 lbs (combined)

  • Dimensions   – 16″ x 5″ x 40″

  • Open size –  37.5″



Sporting an attractive combination of black, gray, and white, the JOOVY Room2 Twin Nursery Center looks quite sleek and modern. Although affordable, the model has the looks of pricier twin bassinets – it fits well with the aesthetics of any bedroom. Some parents just don’t like colorful juvenile products, and if you’re among them, you’ll undoubtedly find that the looks of this sleeper are pleasing to the eye.

The fact that this twin bassinet is pretty is not the only great thing about its design – it is also very practical. One of the most unique things about it is that it comes with a special changing station, which can hold up to 25 pounds (more on that later).

Sleeping Area

With the dimensions of 16″ x 5″ x 40″, this bassinet has a large sleeping area with enough space for both of your babies. It easily accommodates children that are not taller than 35″. An added benefit here is the fact that you’ll be able to use this product for longer than most other sleepers available on today’s market.

The sleeping area is divided into two separate spaces by a unique divider.

This divider zips into place and instantly creates two sleeping areas – one for each of your children. As we already said, this gives the necessary peace of mind during the night, as you won’t have to worry about your twins getting into contact with each other while they’re sleeping.

The package also includes durable padding which is thick enough for both babies to comfortably sleep on it. This is where we come to the model’s most significant downside. Although it does come with a fitted sheet, the JOOVY Room2 Twin Nursery Center includes no mattress. Just like the play-yard feature, the mattress is sold separately.

Transparent Mesh Walls

All four sides of this affordable twin bassinet are very transparent and provide the necessary breathability and ventilation. The model’s 360-degree visibility is, actually, one of its most important benefits, as it allows the mother to keep an eye on her children without having to leave her bed.

The mesh-like material that wraps the entire width of the bassinet is robust and doesn’t look or feel flimsy at all.

The Changing Station

One of the most exciting and unique features of this twin bassinet is undoubtedly its changing station. It’s a particular area that can be stowed to the side when not in use and something that allows a mother to change the baby’s diapers right there on the bassinet. It is, in our opinion, an ingenious feature and something that makes this affordable model far more versatile than we’ve expected.

An added benefit of the changing station is that it comes with a cover that you can remove and wash in your washing machine. Pretty convenient, wouldn’t you say?

2-year Warranty

Due to its low price, we were quite surprised to see this product accompanied by a generous 2-year warranty provided by the manufacturer. Not only does this give the JOOVY Room2 Twin Nursery Center a significant advantage over the competition, but it also shows that the manufacturer is quite confident about its durability and reliability.

JOOVY Room2 Twin Nursery Center featured

What’s wrong with the product?

-The mattress is sold separately

As we said, the mattress for this twin bassinet is sold separately. In our opinion, it should have been a part of the package – turning it into a separate purchase could be a major turnoff for many parents.

-The divider is not mesh

Unlike the walls that surround the babies, the divider that separates them is not made out the mesh-like material. Not only does this prevent the siblings from seeing each other, but it also poses a safety risk given how the newborns wiggle around while sleeping – the material is not breathable enough.


In conclusion, we think that the JOOVY Room2 Twin Nursery Center offers a pretty good value for the money. As one of the most affordable twin bassinets out there, it comes with a couple of surprising features that we did not expect to see on a sleeper in this price category.

The changing station is probably most significant out of these, as it allows moms to change the diapers of one baby with another one being on the bottom of the sleeper. However, we were also pleased to see the durable padding, the breathable mesh walls, as well as the generous 2-year warranty.

If you’re looking for a cheap twin bassinet, definitely consider this one for purchase – it’s bound to leave you impressed.

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