Joovy Zoom 360 Review

9.2 Total Score

  • Deep comfortable recline, perfect for naps
  • High seat, allowing for a better view
  • Light; Runs smoothly over rough terrain
  • Suspension handles bumps well
  • One-hand, smooth maneuverability
  • Handlebar ideal for parents of average and above average height
  • Large canopy
  • Parent organizer
  • Tire pump included
  • Affordable
  • Handlebar not suitable for short parents (under 5'4")
  • The brake is somewhat hard to press and lift
  • Fold is not quite compact
  • Large; unsuitable for tight places
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One of the best selling jogging models on the market, the Joovy Zoom Ultralight 360 has been upgraded. It is still not as fancy as other jogging strollers, but it has a lot of impressive properties and is pocket-friendly. The swiveling front wheel that locks straight makes it an ideal option for jogging and casual use.

The air-filled tires, paired with rear wheel suspension can tackle any terrain, while the ride remains smooth. Ultralight is one of the easiest-to-maneuver strollers out there. You can push and steer it with ease by using just one hand.

If you pair it with a proper infant car seat, you can use it from birth. Otherwise, the seat is suitable for three-month-olds and above and can hold up to seventy-five pounds (highest weight limit for jogging strollers).

It comes with quite a few storage options, including a parent organizer, two mesh pockets on the seat, large mesh pocket in the back, and an easy-to-access basket. The newest version is lighter than the previous model and weights twenty-six pounds.


  • Stroller weight – 26 lbs

  • Weight limit – 75 lbs

  • Folded dimensions  – 34″ x 25″ x 19″

  • Handlebar height  – 41″

  • Seat to canopy height  – 24″

  • Wheel   – front – 12″; rear – 16″


  • Seat

The Ultralight has a spacious seat that can suit even bigger kids. The seat can hold up to seventy-five pounds and is suitable for a passenger up to forty-two inches tall! If you want to transport an even taller passenger, you can simply fold the canopy, and the problem is solved.

You can stop the recline at any angle, so you won’t have to worry about your baby sitting uncomfortably. Even though the recline is almost infinite, there is no fully-flat position. The seat has a vented top which comes great on summer days because it provides additional air flow.

The seat also comes with an adjustable five-point-harness. It is easy to use and it keeps your child securely in place.

  • Travel System

If you purchase one of the compatible infant car seats, you can safely use the stroller from birth; The stroller is compatible with Britax, Graco, Peg Perego, UPPababy, Chicco, and Cybex infant car seats. Bear in mind that using the stroller as a travel system requires a proper adapter, and each brand requires a special one.

Even then, you should never go jogging with the infant car seat as it could be harmful to the child’s spine and brain.

  • Canopy

The canopy is big and is made of two panels. Even though it doesn’t go extra low, it is very spacious and sticks out far enough to cover the child’s head and torso. It is also equipped with a nice peekaboo window.

  • Wheels and Suspension

One of the key features of the Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight. It comes with big wheels, fitted with pneumatic tires that will cushion the baby’s ride and take on all types of terrain. Since the front wheel swivels, the Ultralight is agile and easy to maneuver.

They are also lockable, in case you want to run fast or roll on harsh terrain. In case you opt for this stroller, don’t forget that the tires are air-filled, so you will have to inflate them once in a while to make sure they stay in good condition. On that note, the stroller also comes with a neat tire pump, which you can store underneath the seat, just in case.

This stroller possesses built-in shock absorbing suspension. Thanks to this feature, it glides like a feather over dirt, broken roads, bark chips, bumps, and gravel paths. If your family is into off-road trips or you like jogging over more challenging terrain, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

  • Storage

You won’t have to worry about space for your outdoor workout necessities or day trip items because the storage basket is quite sizeable. After placing a diaper bag inside, you will still have extra room for a baby blanket or a bottle of water. The tire pump has a special place of its own.

The parent organizer comes as a pleasant surprise, considering the friendly price of the model. You don’t have to pay extra for that, which is undoubtedly an advantage. It is attached to the handlebar with Velcro and has one zipper pocket for valuables and two cup holders.

  • Size and Weight

Well, the Ultralight isn’t a small stroller, but since it is strong, robust, durable, and can accommodate a passenger weighing up to 75 lbs, it comes as no surprise. Despite its bulkiness, it is not too heavy. Some regular everyday strollers weight more than the Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight.

Joovy Zoom 360 Review

What’s wrong with the product?

– Folding Mechanism

The process is not too difficult but is a bit of a hassle. You need to lift the leg rest, push the safety button, pull the handle, after which the stroller folds in half. When folded, it’s not compact and you have to take off the wheels before loading it into the car trunk.

– Non-adjustable handlebars

Short parents probably won’t be able to push this stroller comfortably, so if you are short and interested in this model, it is best to take it for a test ride.


Most parents praise this stroller for its exceptional quality and the accessories it comes with. It is a durable model that is also very light, even when the child riding in it is a bit heavier. The canopy is extra large and wide, ensuring the sun rays won’t be causing any discomfort to your child.

The seat is so comfortable that some parents use this model for kids with special needs. Since the seat can be used with even seven-year-olds, those parents have come to appreciate it a lot. It maneuvers like a breeze and is very easy to push with one hand, making it perfect for parents who love working out.

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