Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump Review

9.4 Total Score

  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • Features both the Stimulation and the Expression modes
  • Lightweight and very discrete
  • BPA-free - no toxic materials
  • Occasional weird sound during the pumping
  • Rapid pumping can be exhausting
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All moms know that the process of breast milk expression is among the least glamorous and the most tedious things in life. It can take a lot of time, and can even be painful sometimes.

But all is not lost – with a quality breast pump, this process can be a lot quicker, especially if you decide to go for a model manufactured by a reputable company. And that’s precisely what Lansinoh is – it’s a firm well-known to all who know a thing or two about the baby-related equipment. Let’s take a more in-depth look at their new manual model – the Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump.


  • Brand  – Lansinoh

  • Model Name – Manual Breast Pump

  • Power Source Type  – Manual

  • Weight  – 12.8 ounces

  • Dimensions – 19.1″ x 19.6″ x 10.2″

  • Dishwasher Safe – No

Features of Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump

  • Design

Just like we expected from Lansinoh, their new model sports a design that’s compact and lightweight, and we’re sure that many moms will appreciate that. It’s a sleek piece of breast-pumping equipment, combining the transparent plastic with some purple-painted elements and sporting a big manufacturer’s logo.

During our testing period, we have found it to be excellent for the pumping on the go – it’s an ideal model if you’re a mom who’s traveling a lot. The fact that this is a manual model makes it even more convenient for traveling – you never know where the next power outlet is.

  • Assembly

Even though the model comes mostly pre-assembled, there are still some things you’ll have to do by yourself – like the initial sterilization by boiling. It would be a good idea to remember where each part goes during the disassembly, as that will make putting things together a lot easier the next time. But still, there’s not much to worry about here, as assembling this pump is straightforward and very simple.

During our testing period, we found out that all seven pieces of this model fit together intuitively – silicone diaphragm, breast shield, handle, body, valve, stem, and the collection bottle. The instructions are very easy to follow, and that’s always a big plus in our book. Attaching the container to the rest of the kit takes just a few moments, so you’ll be ready to start pumping in no time. One of our mom testers even got quite surprised by how everything is much simpler when compared to her electric model.

  • Comfort

The Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump will allow you to pump without any sort of discomfort – you can just sit down and relax while doing it. One of our testers even said that the device is much more comfortable than the model she used previously, which was a double electric model.

The device comes with the 30.5mm and 25mm ComfortFit flanges, patented by the manufacturer, and these should make every session very convenient and pleasant. The flanges feature soft and flexible edges and putting them on the breast causes no nipple pain, bleeding, cracking, or any other sort of issues. The comfort is one of the most important things when it comes to these types of devices, and we’re glad to see that the technicians at Lansinoh know how to make pumping painless and enjoyable.

  • Pumping

This model will allow you to easily switch between the expression and let-down phases during the session. And in order to do this, one only has to push down the handle until it gets into place on the model’s white stem. Getting a tight seal between the breast and the flange is done with no difficulties, so you won’t have to worry about spilling or leaking the milk. The ease of operation makes using this pump at night very convenient – there are just a few parts here, and you’ll know which one is which even in total darkness.

Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump Parts and Assembly
  • Cleaning

Even though some parts of this model are dishwasher safe, the manufacturer advises moms to wash the small, delicate pieces by hand – like the stem, diaphragm, valve, and the ComfortFit flange. One thing that you should be especially careful with is the small valve, as it’s a vital part when it comes to creating suction.

We advise you to follow the manufacturer’s advice – putting the whole thing into the dishwasher certainly won’t end up in a good way. And if the valve gets damaged in any kind of way, it’s good to know that there’s a spare one in the box.

  • Noise

Even though the pump works silently, we have to say that we noticed an odd squeak during the testing period. It’s nothing serious – but there’s the concern that this squeak might disturb the infant if you’re feeding him on your other breast.

What’s wrong with the product?

  • An odd squeak appears during the pumping sessions

Like we said in the review, we’ve noticed an odd squeak that occasionally appears during the pumping sessions. It won’t bother you too much – but it might disturb the baby.

  • Fast pumping can be quite tiresome

Like with all manual models, rapid pumping is exhausting with Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump. All those who decide to go for a manual model have to reconcile with the fact that such a device requires much more physical effort than the electric models – that’s simply just how things are.


As far as we’re concerned, the Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump is among the best manual devices of this type that we had a chance to test so far. It’s not a perfect model, but it features a number of advantages that make it a device worth paying for. It’s easy to assemble and use, and feels very comfortable during the pumping sessions – what more could a mom want?

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