Nanit Plus Review

9.3 Total Score

  • Pristine Video Quality
  • Clear Two-way Audio
  • Smart Sensors
  • Sleep Tracking
  • Easy Set-up
  • Fun Sharing
  • Night Vision
  • Soft Glow Nightlight
  • Relaxing Sounds
  • Temperature and Humidity Sensors
  • Awkward to Construct
  • Designed for a Standard Crib Against the Wall
  • Must Pay Extra to Use the Insights App
  • Too Many Notifications and Lags
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Are you a parent on a mission to get a good nights sleep for you and your kiddo? If so, a baby monitor is a must-have. Baby cameras watch over your little one’s crib, letting you know what is happening every second of the day.

The nanit baby monitor is a top rated gadget praised for its quality and many useful features. With this device, you can rest, watch TV, or get some things done around the house while your little one is napping. The monitor will send notifications to your phone keeping you informed on what your child is doing at the moment.

Even when you are away from home, as long as you stay connected to the Internet you can always check on your baby. You can also keep track of what your nanny is doing.

The most amazing of all its features is sleep tracking. The Nanit helps track and measure your child’s sleep behavior, drawing conclusions and giving helpful advice.


  • Monitor: Phone or tablet required

  • Audio Communication: Two-way

  • Signal Type: Digital

  • Transmission: WiFi

  • Range: Not limited

  • Power Source: Must be plugged into a power socket

  • Mounting: Wall (a multi-stand is available for $50)


Pristine Video Quality

The nanit smart baby monitor streams real-time video, which allows you to watch your child’s every move, day and night. Thanks to the smart sensors, you will get a notification on your phone whether your little one has just woken up, fallen asleep or being restless.

The video quality is crystal-clear. Colors are vibrant and high-def. Even when zooming in on your baby’s face, you can still see a large amount of detail.

Clear Two-way Audio

The Nanit baby monitor allows for two-way communication. This means you can not only listen to your baby but also talk and sing to it.

The audio is surprisingly clear, so you will be able to hear every rustle or murmur.

Sleep Tracking

“Insights” is the sleep tracking app that Nanit offers. The subscription is free for 30 days of data (a one-year basic package). It provides video history and detailed sleep analysis.

After the 30 days’ trial has expired, you will have to pay an additional $100 by the year for 30 days of data or $300 per year for unlimited data.

However, numerous nanit baby monitor reviews confirm that this investment pays off, as the “Insights” can tell:

– the exact time when your child fell asleep,

– the sleep onset duration,

– total hours of sleep,

– the quality of sleep,

– how many times your kid woke up during the night, and finally

– how many times you visited your child’s crib.

In the morning, you will enjoy reading the summary of the previous night. The Insights captures the highlights of your nights (and days) and then plays them in fast motion for you to watch.

Easy Set-up

The setup is effortless – it takes just a couple of minutes. First, you need to download the Nanit app and register. You will be guided step-by-step, so it is super easy.

Then, you need to set up the camera, which will sync up with your home WiFi. Finally, it will connect to your phone via Bluetooth.

Fun Sharing

The live-stream content can be easily shared with multiple people. This can be useful for keeping all of baby’s guardians, or caregivers informed and on the same page. The maximum number of users is three unless you pay for the subscription.

You can also snap cute pictures on your phone at any moment, or share video highlights on social media or via text. Random, funny moments are always amusing to share.

Night Vision

The Nanit has night vision which is surprisingly clear. This feature will allow you to check in on your baby from the comfort of your bed even if the room is entirely dark.

Soft Glow Nightlight

The monitor emits gentle light that won’t affect your baby’s rest. At the same time, the room will be bright enough to find your way in the darkness.

Relaxing Sounds

Nanit Plus can emit white noise that helps your little one relax and have a good nights rest. It also plays nature sounds, such as birds chirping.

Temperature and Humidity Sensors

A built-in thermometer and humidity sensor will help you follow the conditions in your baby’s room.

Ideally, the temperature in your child’s environment should be kept between 68-72°F (20-22,2°C). Humidity level should be 30-60%.

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What’s Wrong With the Product?

  • Awkward to Construct

While the monitor is easy to set up, the wall mount is a bit awkward. It is heavy and cannot stand on its own. You will have to attach it with screws or glue so it can hold against the wall.

  • Designed for a Standard Crib Against the Wall

The Nanit is designed for a standard-sized crib adjacent to a wall. So, if you share the bed with your kiddo, use a mini-crib, a bassinet, or if your baby’s bed is in the middle of the room, this may be a significant drawback. Also, if you move your child from one bed to another, you won’t be able to use the monitor. The solution may be buying a multi-stand, but you will have to pay an additional $50 for it.

  • Must Pay Extra to Use the Insights App

With your purchase of the camera comes a one-year free trial of Insights. This is a basic package with 30 days of data available. However, if you would like to have unlimited access to data and video footage, you will have to pay extra. Also, after the trial has expired, you will have to pay for the yearly subscription – $100 for the basic package and $300 for all-time data.

  • Too Many Notifications and Lags

Using Insights, you might get more false notifications then you would like since the sound and movement sensors are very sensitive. Also, phone notifications can be a few minutes late in case of a lag. This can lead to you not noticing that your baby is crying or rolling over.


If you are an analytical type and would like to keep track of your baby’s sleep behavior, the Nanit Plus may be the right monitor for you.

It is equipped with smart sound and movement sensors, so you will get a phone notification whenever there is a change in your little one’s behavior. You can always see what your baby is doing, even if you are not at home, as long as you stay connected to wifi. The video and audio quality are superb.

The Insight app will help you track and categorize the quality of your baby’s sleep. Keep in mind that this service isn’t free after the one year trial has expired.

The Nanit Plus is designed for a standard-size, against-the-wall crib. So if you have a different setup in your nursery, this might not be the monitor you are looking for.

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