Nest Cam Security Camera Review

9.1 Total Score

  • Works with Alexa
  • Hear what’s going on in your home and talk back
  • Simple to install
  • Works with other smart devices around the house
  • Alerts for motion or sound
  • Nest Aware allows you to see history and save moments
  • Night vision
  • Pricey monthly subscription (Nest Aware)
  • Hypersensitive
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The Nest is a company which specializes in making security cameras. In their family, there are a few to
choose from. In this small group, there are Nest Cam, Nest Cam Outdoor and Nest Cam IQ. Here we will
be talking about the first one.

The Nest Cam is an excellent thing if you want to have an eye on your nest while you are away. What is
great is that this one is a perfect choice for baby monitoring. If you don’t have a baby yet, you could
watch your dog through it too. It’s a great way to practice and get used on this gadget around your

The device is small, easy to install and easy to use. It uses wi-fi and an app (you have to download it to
your phone or tablet) on which will see, hear or talk back. Yes, that’s right. It has a microphone and a
speaker. For example, you could use it to warn your doggy through it or to say hi to somebody.

Also, it has a motion sensor and can recognize a person or a thing. For example, it will know if it was a
helium balloon from a party last night, or if you have an intruder in your living room (or any other room
you decide to put a camera too).

Why is it a good solution for baby monitoring? It has night vision as well, which will come in handy to
keep an eye on your kid when you turn off the lights. If your little one likes to party when you are not
around, don’t worry. You will be alerted!

This camera sends you the alerts on your phone for both sound and motion and will be able to react in
different ways.

In cases of emergencies, like a burglary or any other unpleasant visitor, you are able to inform the


  • Weight: 7.5 ounces

  • Height: 4.5 inches

  • Width: 2.9 inches

  • Cord length: 10 feet

  • Color: black

  • Camera: ⅓-inch, 3-megapixel

  • Zoom: 8x digital

  • Video: up to 1080p (1920 x 1080)

  • Connection: Wi-Fi

  • Mounting: hanging on the wall, standing or on metal surfaces


Build Your Nest Home or Pair it With Alexa

That’s right you can pair this one with Alexa. If you have one, great, if you want to buy one, it’s good to know. Also, you can make your Nest home, with other devices from this company, and control it all through one account.


Putting thing little spy to work is quite easy and simple. The hardest thing will be to find the right place where you want it to be. It can be in standing position on the piano or bookshelf; you can hang it on the wall. The nest cam indoor has a magnetic base too.

The head can move 360 degrees so you can get the best angle.

After finding a place and plugging it in, download and install an app on your smartphone. That’s it!

Battery Life and Charging

Well, with this one, you can relax and forget about buying batteries and losing footage or surveillance. It has a ten-foot cord, so you plug it once, and you don’t have any worries


Nest Cam has an alert system. So, if you go to work, shopping, hanging out with your friends or a nice vacation, you and be calm.

Your phone will buzz with an alert if there is any motion in your house. Well, not any movement, the one that matters. This tiny spy can recognize a person or a thing. Also, you can teach it to identify your family and friends and to inform you only when there is somebody unknown.

When it comes to alerts, the camera will zoom in, itself, and send you a screen-shoot, so you know what is going on, while you are away.


Nest Aware account is an option which you do have to pay for. It might be a bit pricey, but it will allow you to have all the 27/4 records on your disposal in your Nest cloud. Also, you could go back and take photos or time-lapse videos. Without being subscribed you only get access to the last three hours of your recordings.

With it, you can create activity areas, which will let you see some parts more closely.

The company claims that with the subscription you get better video and audio alerts.

More than one member is allowed to have an account, so If you can’t see, maybe your other half can check an alert and react if needed.

Hear Things and Talk Back

As mentioned earlier, this gadget has a built-in speaker and microphone. Use it both ways, to scare someone off your house or to wish your kids goodnight from your business trip.

Night Vision

If you are thinking to get this one because the baby is on the way, don’t worry, it has a night vision. You will see and hear how your toddler is doing when he is in his bassinet.

Nest Camera Security Camera

What’s Wrong With the Product?


Maybe a bit hard to believe, but it is. Reviews say that sometimes it catches motion on the TV for example and sends you an alert. You don’t really need extra stress, but it’s better to be cautious.

Pricey Subscription

Nest Aware does give you much more if you subscribe for it. There are two options: 10$ one gives you ten days of recorded videos per month. While full month will cost you 30$. Which comes to 100$ or 300$ per year. Also, if you decide to have more than just one camera, each will cost you 5$ per month of 50$ all year round.


This gadget can be useful and handy. Either way, if you are a fresh parent or if you are just cautious with what’s going on in your home. There is a good chance you will be happy with it and that it will fulfill your needs. It has a high score on various shopping sites and is designed to be simple to use.

One thing is for sure; it will take only a few minutes to install it is simple to use. Also, it will alert you wherever you are.  With this camera, you will be relaxed wherever you go or use it to create sweet memories with your family.

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