Safety 1st Grow and Go Review

8.8 Total Score

  • Adaptable design - can be used in three different modes
  • Narrow profile makes it ideal for smaller cars
  • Comes with three reclining positions
  • Easy to clean - the fabric is machine-washable
  • Possible issues with the top harness buckle
  • On the heavy side
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The Safety 1st has been around for over five years – the company has made a name for themselves by making all sorts of juvenile products, such as the play yards and car seats. As the name of the firm suggests, safety is the top priority with their merchandise, which is precisely why we decided to check out if that’s the case with their newest convertible car seat called the Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1. Coming with a narrow profile and an adaptable design, this model certainly deserves a more in-depth look – let’s do it together!


  • Car seat type – Convertible car seat

  • Height limit – 52″

  • Weight limit – 5 – 100lbs

  • Dimensions – 24.5″ x 19.2″ x 24.2″

  • Weight – 18.7lbs

  • Lowest harness position – 6″

Features of Safety 1st Grow and Go

  • The Design

The design of this seat is undoubtedly one of the best we’ve seen so far. The first thing to notice is how comfortable the model looks – it’s filled with soft cushions that are guaranteed to make the car rides cozy enough for your child. The way in which the base is combined with the seat is very well done, with the sleek, round lines and an exceptional choice of materials.

There are nine different color combinations to choose from, which provides the potential buyer with a good amount of customization. We had the “Blue Coral” version on a review, and we were quite pleased with its look – it sports an attractive combination of light gray and dark blue colors.

  • The Comfort

“This seat looks more comfortable than my bed!” – is what one of our workers said upon seeing this model for the first time. Like we already mentioned, the Safety 1st Grow and Go is well-padded and soft enough to provide your kid with a very comfortable riding experience.

But the most important thing here is the fact that this model is capable of growing together with your child. This means that the seat can be easily transformed into three different stages – the rear-facing stage (4-40lbs), the front-facing stage (22-65lbs), and, finally, the booster stage (40-100lbs). The best thing here is that transforming the seat into one of these three modes doesn’t compromise its comfort.

There are two cup holders on the model’s armrests, allowing the parent to put the kid’s favorite drinks or snacks into them and prevent the thirst and hunger during the long car rides. We also liked the fact that the fabric is machine-washable – no more stress when the kid spills grape juice all over the seat!

  • The Safety

When it comes to safety, we have only words of praise. This model comes with the well-known SIP (Side Impact Protection) feature, which would be the integrated steel lining that’s guaranteed to protect your little one in the case of a traffic accident. It has been crash-tested and surpasses all the Federal limits concerning safety on the road.

Adjusting the three reclining positions, headrest, and the harness strap height is an easily done thing here and can be done in a matter of seconds. However, we did find a few flaws. The top harness buckle is a bit problematic, and the seat is heavier than we expected, despite its narrow profile.

Ease of installation

kid sitting in safety 1st grow and go
  • Rear-Facing

The manufacturer advertises that you can use this model on the infant’s very first ride – and that’s the one from hospital to home. In order to accommodate the small babies, the seat comes with a combination of lumbar and head support pillows, with both of these being completely removable. In our opinion, the chair offers adequate support to keep an infant comfortable – the guys from the Safety 1st indeed weren’t lying.

  • Forward-Facing

The next stage of this model is the forward-facing riding position. Children are able to use it until they’re 65lbs and should start using it once they exceed the weight and height limit of the previous stage (which happens around two years of age). The forward-facing mode is the stage that the kid will use for the longest time, and he or she will be quite happy to take advantage of the features that it comes with – such as the convenient cup holders.

  • Booster

This is the final stage of this model, and its full name is the “Belt Positioning Booster”. Since the back can’t be taken down on this model, you’ll have to use it as a high-back booster chair. In most cases, children can start using this mode once they’re around eight years of age (4 feet and 9 inches tall). During this stage, a parent can remove the safety harness system and the extra padding, and use just the vehicle’s seatbelt.

What’s wrong with the product?

  • Issues with the top harness buckle

The top harness buckle of this convertible model is quite a problematic one – if you grip it in a wrong way, you won’t be able to open it correctly.

  • The seat is quite heavy

Even though it comes with a very narrow profile, this model is heavier than we expected it to be and that makes it less portable.


The Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 is probably the best seat in its price category, as it comes with a ton of impressive features and effortlessly showcases the best that the car seat industry has to offer. The fact that it can be used in three different modes is not the only good thing about it – it is also safe enough to protect your kid and comfortable enough to make every car ride joyful and cozy. We highly recommend it to all those looking for a safe, affordable, and a convenient vehicle chair for their little one.

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