Summer Infant 3d flip Convenience Stroller Review

9.4 Total Score

  • 6 different positions for your little one
  • Lightweight
  • Great canopy
  • Travel-friendly and compact
  • User-friendly reclining and folding mechanisms
  • Storage space
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Convenient Height
  • Seat fabric wears out easily
  • Cup holder is unstable
  • Front wheels don’t cooperate
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Parents tend to enjoy the perks of this stroller as it offers great seating positions, secure folding mechanisms, as well as a stable and smooth ride. Because it is meant to be used for years, it is a lightweight buggy made of durable materials.

This ensures quality which will exceed your expectations.The best feature is probably the 6 seating options for your little one. The seating positions can conveniently be switched out by using just one hand.


  • Stroller weight – 24.8 lbs

  • Dimensions: – 31 x 25.5 x 39.5 inches

  • Weight Limit  – 50 lbs

  • Weight Minimum  – 5 lbs

  • Material   – Aluminum


  • Reversible Seating Options

Compared to other umbrella strollers, summer infant 3d flip has an upper hand in having an array of seating options. It offers 3 positions which are front facing and 3 can face backward. It is designed to be easy to use and to be suitable for every purpose one might need.

In order to change seating positions, all that needs to be done is to squeeze on the handle on top of the seat and push it in the direction you want it to be facing. After you’ve done this, just flip the canopy and you’re done. Its reversibility gives it many purposes for upcoming years.

Naturally, you will want your baby to face you, at first. Remember that all backward facing positions offer head support for infants. As your baby grows it will inevitably wish to face the world in which case a change of position can be made easily.

  • Recline

This particular reclining technique is easily adjustable. You can do it by using only one hand. By squeezing the handle located on top of the seat you can position the seat as preferred. You can put it upright, kick it back a bit, or just lay the seat completely down.

  • Lightweight Material

Aluminum is used for the frame of the stroller which makes your carriage both lightweight and extremely durable. This modern design is the best fit for parents on the go. It is also perfect for traveling as it is compact and easy to carry.

  • 5 Point Safety Harness

A 5 point safety harness is designed to secure your baby with a user-friendly mechanism. This type of harness is operated just by clicking and securing a single buckle. Its straps go around the shoulders, hips, and between the legs.

  • Canopy

A canopy’s main purpose is to shield your child from harmful sun rays and sunlight. Your little one might be trying to doze off while you’re walking, so it’s best to use the canopy for extra shade.

The best feature of this particular canopy is its adjustable height. This will enable you to alter the height of the canopy as your child grows. The canopy’s height can be easily changed with a one hand adjustment technique.

Another plus is its peek-a-boo window which allows you to easily see your child. You can use this peek window to see how your baby is doing at all times. You can monitor if it is sleeping, crying, or just looking around.

  • Storage

A cleverly designed side pocket is perfect for your everyday routine. You can put away your wallet, phone, or keys. This pocket is designed for anything you’ll need to reach easily and quickly.

What is more, additional storage can be found beneath the seat. It can be used for baby supplies such as diapers and extra blankets, as well as, your groceries or purse. This extra space can be a real life-saver when it comes to those busy days full of errands.

  • Handlebar

The height of any stroller can pose as a problem for taller parents, especially for dads. This stroller’s handlebar is perfect for any height and will surely prevent any slouching from happening. It can be comfortably used by people who are even over 6’3’’.

  • Wheels

These wheels allow you to maneuver any movements easily and gently. You can switch routes and directions without disturbing your baby or having to put in a lot of effort. It is great for any sort of terrain and it can be easily put to a stop with a lock on the rear wheels.

  • Cup Holder

The Summer Infant 3d flip convenience stroller has a cup holder which is a practical idea. You can use it to place any hot or cold beverage right next to your handle. It is placed perfectly since it remains within your reach and your vicinity.

  • Additional Features

Most users love that this convenience stroller glides easily and smoothly. This allows your baby to sleep peacefully while you’re taking a relaxing walk. Many described this feature as a favorite because it keeps their baby comfortable and safe.

  • Travel-friendly

One of its best features remains its light weight and travel-friendly design. This allows you to pull it out at any given moment – the airport, supermarket, even subway. Not only can you put it to use quickly, but it is also so compact that it can be stored easily at any time and place.

  • Folding

This travel companion can be swiftly folded in 3 simple steps. You start by lifting the rear handle, then you use your foot to push the lever, you fold it down and voila! It takes you less than 10 seconds to make this baby carriage ready to travel.

It folds up firmly as it is designed to be compact and not take up a lot of space. It has a lock method which will keep it tightly in place. Once it’s folded, you can store it in your closet, put it in the trunk of your car, or carry it as part of your luggage.

Summer Infant 3d flip Convenience Stroller Review

What’s wrong with the product?

– Seat fabric wears out

This particular aluminum canopy is very durable but the same cannot be said for the baby seat. This fabric is less resilient and wears out after a certain amount of time.

– Unstable cup holder

Although overshadowed by its general usefulness, this baby buggy is not as parent-friendly as one would expect. This reflects itself mostly in its unstable cup holder which makes most parents feel uneasy.

– Maneuverability

Another issue is with its front wheels, as they won’t always cooperate. This influences your stroller’s overall maneuverability, making it less practical.


This umbrella buggy is beyond convenient as it encompasses two useful purposes. It can work both as a traveling stroller and as an everyday stroller. It is light in weight, offers storage, it is easy to maneuver, and it is durable which inevitably means it will serve its purpose for a longer upcoming period.

This affordable convenience stroller offers 6 different sitting positions for your baby. It will surely save you a decent amount of money over time.  Its durability and quality are unquestionable.

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