20 Tips for Going to the Beach with a Baby

The mental image of sand-covered tots and the feat of sunburns might quell your desire for baby beach tips. Don’t let that be the case. There’s nothing a bit of sunscreen and shade can’t fix. However, if you are still anxious, here’s a list of useful items combined with our life pro tips for taking baby to beach.

1. Beach Umbrella and Inflatable Pool

You want to make your little bundle of joy will be cool and contained at the beach. A nice, small inflatable pool paired with a cute sunshade will be of great help. Often, they come in one package.If your child is prone to putting everything in their mouth, this will be especially handy. The pool will help keep sand and rocks at bay.

2. Sunscreen Timer

Set a timer on your smartphone to make sure you won’t forget to reapply SPF to your kiddo and yourself. It’s very important to cover all the sensitive spots like the back of the neck and tips of the ears. Hydration is just as important. Set another timer to remind you to drink water.

3. Make Use of Your Laundry Basket

Find yourself a roomy laundry basket and fill it to the brim with all your beach gear. A proper laundry basket ought to be big enough to store all the toys, snacks, and towels you’ll need.

For younger babies at the beach, you can turn it into a napping spot or play area. Just make sure to keep it well shaded. It would also be good to line it with extra soft-towels.

4. Bedsheet Play Area

Take a fitted bedsheet that you can spare and turn it upside down. Place a cooler or any other heavier object (a bag filled with towels will do as well) in each of the four corners and voilà! You have a play area.

The extended sides of the sheet will act as a barrier. That way, your little one won’t run off to explore the whole shore.

5. Spray Bottle

When the shade isn’t enough to protect you from the sun, you can spray away the heat. Having your baby at the beach means you’ll have to be extra cautious as their heat tolerance isn’t as good as yours.

To prevent any trouble, find a small spray bottle and fill it with chilled water. Sprinkle a bit of water at them every once in a while or whenever they look flushed.

beach supplies for babies

6. Pre-frozen Snacks

Freeze a couple of yogurts and food pouches the night before taking baby to the beach (if your little one is eating solid foods, of course). They will keep your kiddo cool as they will turn slushy and chilly once you get to the shore.

7. Use Cornstarch to Remove Sand

You’d be surprised what good can plain old kitchen staple cornstarch do on a seaside trip. Well, mostly, it’s good for removing sand from an infant’s skin. Sprinkle a bit of cornstarch onto their sandy arms and legs – it is quite effective.

It works by drying the skin, allowing you to effortlessly wipe off the sand. If you are out of cornstarch, talc-free baby powder can work as a substitute.

8. Nap Solutions

Do you plan on spending the whole day at the shore? If that’s usually the case, consider investing in a small pop-up tent. It will provide a cozy shaded spot for your little one to sleep in, where they won’t be bothered by the sun and sand. A good quality travel bassinet is a good idea!

9. Roll Your Load

A nice pair of wheels such as a jogging stroller or wagon can help take the load off of your back tremendously. Instead of carrying them along with the baby, roll your chairs, umbrellas, cooler, beach bags, etc. Another tip: in case you bring a stroller, drag it back as it’s easier than pushing it forward in the sand.

10. Apple Cider Vinegar

Yet another kitchen item you probably thought wouldn’t be of much use on a seaside picnic. Sometimes, UPF-treated bathing suits and top-notch sunscreen aren’t enough to protect infants from getting a little pink from the sun.

Add a few drops of apple cider vinegar to the bathwater when you come home that night. It should help soothe itchy and sunburnt skin.

11. Chill the Sunscreen

Put the SPF in your cooler. Chilled sunscreen will cool down your baby’s body temperature each time you reapply it.

12. Don’t Buy Expensive Beach Toys

There are so many wonderful new things for your baby to see and touch at the shore. Pricey beach toys won’t prove to be of better use than a simple bucket and shovel.

It’s all the little ones need to play with the beautiful shapes and textures of sand, seaweed, shells, and seawater. To make it a bit more fun, you can bring a couple of bath toys, small cars, and a watering can.

13. Washcloths

While you’re putting the sunscreen in the cooler, make sure to add a couple of damp washcloths as well. You can use them to cool the kiddo down when needed as well as clean up the mess.

baby in the tent on the beach

14. Mesh Laundry Bag

When it’s time to pack up and get going, use a mesh laundry bag to load all the toys. That way you’ll get rid of all the pesky sand. It will fall out before you even get to your car.

15. Frozen Water Bottles

The day before you head out to the shore, place a couple of water bottles in the freezer. Aside from making sure you will have chilled water throughout the day, the bottles will serve as ice packs make and sure the drinks and snacks stay cool.

17. There’s Never Enough Towels

Leave a couple of extra towels in the car, including one or two hand towels for the kiddo. You can use them to soak up the water on your bodies and wipe off any lingering sand.

If your child is still a bit sandy or wet, place a hand towel under the infant car seat. You’ll make their ride back home much comfier.

18. Don’t Forget the Hat!

A Baby’s skin is sensitive, so your number one priority should be keeping it safe from the sun. You’d want to make sure that your child’s hat comes with a broad brim.

It should be broad enough to cover their ears and neck, and not only their head. For extra protection, look for a hat with UPF+ sun rating.

19. Teach New Words

Use the interesting objects and phenomenon around you to enrich your child’s vocabulary. Introduce them to new words by pointing out to sunshades, sand castles, waves, boats, and everything else you see. Write out new words and call them out.

20. Bring a Fan

Unless it’s a windy day. It doesn’t have to be anything special – a smaller, battery-powered mini clip fan will suffice.

You can connect it to your sunshade and forget all about it. It’s another simple way to help keep your kiddo cool, but it will also give you a break from the heat as well.


Like many a fresh parent, you’ll be a bit nervous when bringing your child to the beach for the first time. It’s hard not to be a nervous nelly with the vast ocean and the waves near your precious angel. Using some of these beach ideas for babies will help you ease your mind and enjoy the moment.


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