The Benefits Of Lactation Consultants

Lactation consultants are healthcare professionals whose specialties include managing breastfeeding and preventing any potential problems mothers who breastfeed may face. They can easily take on any other medical problem because they are usually registered nurses or doctors.

Though breastfeeding is a natural process, it is often not a simple one. Many mothers experience a shortage of milk, difficulty with latching and positioning, as well as, sore nipples. A lactation consultant is an experienced and skilled healthcare expert whose aim is to assist and inform.

Their knowledge is immense and can, therefore, help a lot of mothers in need. Below there is a list of skillsets every lactation consultant offers. This can help you gain insight into this nurturing and important profession.


Breastfeeding Tips

Lactation consultants help mothers stay informed about the practices and irregularities any breastfeeding process entails. Because a lot of women experience similar issues, there is a ready-made set of concerns a lactation consultant is to cover.

It is helpful to know what are the most common and comfortable feeding positions for both you and the baby because it will prevent any irregular latching, nipple pain, or disrupted feeding schedules.

The consultant will also help you notice simple clues your baby gives while feeding according to which you may adjust or change certain habits. This helps strengthen the child-parent bond.

You will learn how to time your feeding sessions and make up a regular feeding schedule.

Breastfeeding Problems

Most women find feeding enjoyable, and they tend to neglect the problems that arise along the way. When women have issues with breastfeeding, they need helpful information on how to deal with it on time. Lactation consultants are skilled in addressing the most usual issues, as well as, some minor ones.

The most common issues include sore nipples, breast infections, lack of milk, and weaning. All of these setbacks can be dealt with efficiently with the help of a professional. Experts in the field will help you get by with patience, support, and natural cures.


Mothers with infants cannot use medication freely as it will affect their breast milk. A healthcare professional is there not only to advise but to provide healthy treatments for any complications.

Your lactation consultant will help you ease the pain with natural remedies. This will include massaging techniques and homemade cures which remain safe for both you and the baby.


Other Problems

Lactation consultants are often registered doctors or nurses and can, therefore, see to any medical problems you might have. This is their scope of expertise, and they can assist and support you through almost any challenge.

Weight Gain

Some babies do not gain an expected amount of weight because they do not feed properly. This can stem from irregular positioning or problems with latching. Some women experience discomfort because they had a C section, so they find simple feeding positions painful and need advice on how to make themselves more comfortable.

Developmental Problems

Some issues don’t concern breastfeeding at all. A number of women will notice developmental problems with their infants. Lack of physical development is also something your lactation consultant can help with.

More than One Baby and Premature Infants

Women will have more than one baby, or their baby might be prematurely born. In these situations, we find it beneficial to have a professional around. They can advise you on time management or how to choose the best formula for your premature babies if you are not breastfeeding.



As a mom, you can experience discomfort, frustrations, and many sleepless nights. These and other challenging aspects of parenthood can be relieved by hiring a lactation consultant as a helping hand.

Breastfeeding, pain, and complications are frequent and can be addressed and solved easily with the help of a professional. Don’t hesitate to give yourself a break by getting help with your little one.

Breastfeeding is a gratifying bonding experience you should embrace and make as comfortable for yourself as you possibly can. This process will ensure that your baby receives the nutrients and care they need through breast milk and grow strong and healthy.


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