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A baby stroller is an absolutely necessary piece of equipment when it comes to your child’s care and safety. After all, your little one is your most precious cargo. And with the right model, you will be ready for anything, from a week-long overseas vacation to a quick trip to the local store.

But, with hundreds of choices out there, making your selection can be a hard task. So, to narrow down your options, we have done the research for you and selected the best strollers on the market. Take a look at our guides and reviews, and choose the best model for your little one.




Made for city-dwelling parents, they are great for maneuvering hectic urban streets. They can be full-sized, light-weight or compact. Bear in mind that size does matter when pushing through a crowded downtown area, and the weight as well, or lack thereof, because you don’t want to get too tired from going on a walk with your baby.



These strollers are multi-functional and suitable for different kinds of purposes. Convertible strollers are apt for all terrains, and such a stroller will allow your baby to transition into a toddler without having to get a new set of wheels. Convertible models can be both double or single, and come with more features than specialized strollers.



If you are looking to pair a baby car seat with a stroller, this model might be the set of baby wheels you need. One of the advantages it offers is being able to move your sleepy child out of the car without waking it up. Travel systems can be full-sized or lightweight.



Intended for parents who are literally on the run. The superior suspension such a model comes with allows you to comfortably hike, jog or simply walk with your baby along your side. Most jogging models can be somewhat heavier than other types and require a bit more effort to assemble.



Twins and toddlers who are very fond of strolling around with you are the happiest in these types of strollers. They come in two shapes: one for side-by-side seating, the other is tandem (where one baby sits behind the other). This option allows you to take care of more kids with a single stroller.



It might lack a couple of features that come with full-size models, but umbrellas compensate for it by being light and easy to handle. A classic umbrella stroller is made for infants over six months old, so it might not be what you are looking for if you are still just making preparations for when the baby comes in.



Preferred by more active parents, all-terrain models are fitter with three wheels each, making them perfect for a very outgoing lifestyle. These days, it is hard to find a difference between all-terrain and jogging models. That being said, all-terrains are not so suitable for running as much as they are for park strolls, beaches, and zoos.



For those in search to simplify their parental duties, these models combine two essential pieces of baby gear. Many fresh parents are not aware of the fact that not all strollers accept baby car seats. Safety and easy transitioning is what you should pay most attention to when picking a combo.



Easy to fold models that are ideal for quick around town trips for infants that can sit up. Such strollers are made for portability and take up very little space, making them convenient for buses and planes. Keep in mind, lightweight models are also not suitable for infants under six months old.


Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Stroller 2016 – Best City Stroller

Baby Jogger 2


• Great on gravel and other rough surfaces
• Easy to assemble
• Compact
• Maneuverability
• Weight limit
• Large canopy
• Comfortable


• Lacking an integrated cup holder
• Food rest not adjustable
• Storage compartment not as large

Your baby will appreciate the comfort this model offers. An all-terrain stroller created for city use, coming with more features and capabilities than previous, similar models. Maneuvering it with just one hand is easy. You can single-handedly fold it very quickly with its patented one-hand fold system. Don’t let the name deceive you, it is not intended for jogging, which might be a deal breaker for runners. However, it can easily move on all kinds of terrain. Moves well in both the city and the countryside. If you are fond of all day weekend getaways outside of the city, or long walks in parks, this model might be perfect for your family. The Mini GT model is famed for its removable auto lock that ensures the stroller is closed whenever you fold it.

The rubber-filled tires don’t require pumping up, and the excellent front wheel suspension will ensure the smoothness of every stroll you take it on. It could get a little dirty, considering it is designed for off-road maneuvering, but the complete thing can be easily hosed and cleaned. The handlebar is adjustable as well as rubberized, and it can be repositioned at different angles, which certainly comes in handy if you and your spouse are different heights. Even though the manual says you can use it from birth, it might not be the best idea to push around your newborn in this model. A pram attachment and an adapter can be bought separately; they are compatible with most popular car seat brands.

The basket underneath isn’t as big as a parent might hope for, it is big enough for grocery shopping and can hold up to 20 pounds. If you are in pursuit of a durable stroller that is built for tough conditions, but will not slow you down when you’re downtown, this is a wise choice. It is a stroller you can push around your child in, even when it transitions well into toddlerhood.

UPPAbaby Vista 2017 Henry – Top Quality Convertible Stroller

2017 UPPAbaby Vistas


• Very comfortable
• A large basket
• Suitable for 1 to 3 children with add-ons
• Storage space on the frame
• Durable wheels; adjustable as the child grows
• Brakes are easy to lock and unlock
• Maneuverability
• Easy-to-adjust seat


• Bulkiness
• Difficult folding mechanism
• The price

Beloved by moms and dads alike, the uppababy vista is the “it” stroller in many urban areas. Alongside its durability, it is highly functional and aesthetic. The stroller can grow with your baby and even be extended to fit another kiddo (or even two) inside it. The optional features such as the ride-along board will make sure all the children are comfy. The bassinet was manufactured according to the guidelines of the American Society for Testing and Materials. A big expandable sunshade is included to protect your child from the Sun, which means a lot of long naps for your children and a little less work for you. The toddler seat can be turned to different positions and angles, depending on what is most suitable for your child’s age and your preferences.

Setting up and adjusting the stroller comes quite easy, no matter if you are positioning the reclining angle of the seat or switching between the bed or car seat. Unfortunately, at first, it will take you some time to get used to the opening and closing. Another feature that makes this model stand out from the myriad of others is the enormous storage bin. It is not only larger than the rest, but it can also hold a remarkable amount of weight. You can access it from all sides, which is also a big advantage. However, there is a bar across it that can block a huge bag, but a big diaper bag will fit without a problem.

It is possible to buy additional accessories from the manufacturer, but if you are not satisfied with what they have to offer there are many compatible third-party gadgets on the market. The stroller is quite easy to handle and push across bumpy surfaces and in lousy weather. The fact that it is not so slim is a disadvantage because it might not squeeze through super-narrow spaces.

Britax 2017 B Agile & B Safe 35 Travel System – Safest Travel Stroller

Britax 2017


• DuoZone side-impact protection
• One hand fold system mechanism
• Maneuverability
• Light aluminum frame
• Impact protection


• Lack of space
• Noisy closure

Britax is a well-established children seat manufacturer, known for its trustworthiness. This particular strolled comes with a baby car seat and a car seat base. Assembly-wise, there is very little you need to. Actually, just one thing, pop out the wheels. The car seat and its base come completely assembled. It will be ready in less than a couple of minutes once it is out of the box.

The car seat can be used for infants who weigh between 4 to 35 lbs and are less than 21 inches tall. Since safety is the most important aspect of any car seat, this one is fully packed with various safety features. First being the Safe Cell Impact Protection, a mechanism comprised of safety components that even exceed federal safety requirements. An impact stabilizing steel frame provides you with great strength. There are also the side impact protection features, which make sure your child will stay safe in the event of a car accident.

It possesses an easy hand fold system and weighs just 16.5 pounds. Parents who are always on the go and are constantly running errands alongside their kids will appreciate this model. Although it wasn’t designed for all terrains, it can handle some roughness if you take it off-road. The rubber wheels shouldn’t have a problem going over gravel and grass. The all-wheel suspension is capable of absorbing bumps, ensuring your baby has a pleasant ride. It is easy to push and maneuver, especially on flat surfaces. The canopy included is fantastic. It will protect your baby from the sun even at high noon. It consists of three panels with a big peekaboo window. The black mesh window allows fresh air to circulate while providing some shade at the same time.

Unfortunately, the closure is not magnetic, but Velcro instead, making it a bit noisy. Considering that the stroller is very light, it must be commended for its stability. It can be used from birth until the infant reaches 55 pounds, and can be converted into a travel system.

BOB Revolution Flex Jogging Stroller – Best Jogging Stroller



• Solid stability
• Excellent maneuvering
• Smooth canopy
• Adjustable handlebar
• Safety features


• Bulky
• Large wheels

If you would wish to devote more time to exercising, then Bob Revolution Flex is one of the best jogging strollers currently on the market. Instead of adding up to your “why I can’t exercise” list, this stroller can help you take “kids” off it. The bulkiness and weight are the disadvantages that must be noted. Unfortunately, you will have a hard time trying to find a jogging stroller that’s both lightweight and safe. The stroller allows your child to recline or sit upright without a hassle because the supports enable you to switch positions easily.

Considering that this is a jogging model, the safety elements are quite satisfactory. The ultra-reflective fabric is there to make you and your child visible even during an evening jog. The reflective print also gives it a sporty, aesthetic look. The Flex Lunar comes with a wrist strap, so you don’t have to worry about it “running away” from you. A foot brake is included as well, giving you some extra precaution. The large canopy will protect your child come rain or shine (literally), which is an underappreciated feature in any stroller that has it.

The storage space should not go without a compliment. The integrated pockets are large enough for all of your infant’s necessities and are easily accessible, setting this stroller apart even from the more expensive ones on the market. It has air-filled, all-terrain wheels that come along with a remarkable suspension system. The Bob Revolution Flex Jogging Stroller is a durable, convenient and reliable solution not only for jogging, but for exploring tough terrains as well. If you pair it with a baby car seat, it can serve you as a travel system as well, but make sure to check the list of compatible, high-quality car seat models.

The stroller also has swiveling front wheel locks ensuring you have maximum stability when you are running. If you are in pursuit of a do-it-all stroller, a stroller that can withstand all those dim early morning commutes and long days in amusement parks, this might be the thing you need.

City Mini GT Double Stroller – Top Quality Double Stroller

Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT Double Stroller


• Adjustable handlebar
• Longevity
• Spf50+ canopies
• Ventilation
• Fits through normal passages
• Near flat recline
• Hand-operated parking brake


• Lack of accessories
• Under-seat basket difficult to access

Easy to handle and a delight to steer – two characteristics that are worthy of praise in every double stroller. Considering that double strollers are usually a bit more expensive, it is wiser to choose a model that will last longer, and this one will serve you over four years. Both seats are padded with smooth fabric, which allows your kids to have a very relaxing stroll. Adjustable five-point harnesses are included as well, making the stroll even safer.

Each seat has an extended backrest, and both of them are quite spacious. Allowing 26 inches of maximum head height, it is plenty more than most other double strollers offer. Considering that the model is very spacious, many parents use it for their toddlers. The seats have the multi-position recline function, which includes the near-flat position. And when the seats are completely reclined, you can use the seat back vent for extra ventilation – especially useful in summer.

Bear in mind that there is no fully flat position available, rendering the stroller unsuitable for newborn infants. The seats are still suitable for infants with head and neck control (usually around three to six months old, at least). The manufacturer offers a separate feature, the Compact Pram bassinet, which makes the stroller apt for newborns as well. However, that bassinet is sold separately.

The stroller comes with all-terrain rubber tires, allowing you to stroll over harsher surfaces, as well as run errands around town. It has swiveling front wheels enabling you to maneuver it more easily. They can also be locked to increase stability. Just like the single model, it has patented fold technology as well as an automatic lock, making it even more convenient.

There is also the option of attaching a single baby car seat, the compatible City go car seat, if you are interested in adding travel system features. To sum it all up, considering that we are talking about double strollers, the ability to be handled with one hand might be the selling point for such a model.

Summer Infant 3D flip – Best Umbrella Stroller

Summer Infant


• Wheel locks
• Reclining seats
• Light and compact
• Sweat can be switched from front facing to rear facing


• Buckles
• Folding mechanism
• Small storage basket

An umbrella model coming with a reversible seat, the Summer Infant 3D Flip Convenience strollers has a lot of similarities with the famed Baby Jogger Vue, which was the first of its kind. Well, there is one crucial difference, the Summer Infant offers you the same conveniences at a much lower price. There is a good reason why this model stands out from the other umbrella strollers.

It is not necessary to take out the seat if you want to reverse it. You can simply bring it back forward before shifting the canopy. The seat has three recline positions and a one-hand lever recline. There is no fully-reclined position, although it does go pretty deep, making it unsuitable for newborn infants. The stroller can hold 50 pounds, making it ideal for children over the age of 6 months.

In addition to being large and reversible, the canopy has a peek-a-boo window that will give your child the much-appreciated complete sun protection. The only downside of the canopy is the noise it can make. It is not really a significant problem, but it can get a bit annoying. The handlebars can be positioned at 42 inches above ground, which might make a lot of tall parents happy. The storage basket beneath the seat is a bit small and awkward to operate. The stroller possesses a couple of side pockets and a cup holder that somewhat compensate for the lack of an adequate basket.

Weighing only 14 pounds, it is excellent for running errands or traveling. It is very easy to move it in and out of the car, thanks to the carry strap, the auto lock, and the compact fold. The umbrella fold requires both hands, possibly causing you some inconveniences. All in all, the Summer Infant 3D Flip Convenience stroller is a remarkable set of wheels in its category, especially considering its price. It’s easier to maneuver than a regular stroller and offers some excellent features that other umbrella strollers don’t possess.

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller – Safest All-Terrain Stroller



• Two cup holders and storage basket
• Fold-able design
• Smartphone cradle
• Smooth and comfortable ride
• Front swivel wheels


• Weight
• Bulkier than other models

Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller is the way to go if you are a parent in search of a durable stroller that you can jog with, or take on a hike and that is suitable for any terrain overall. It will ensure that your infant has a smooth and cozy ride whether you are strolling over a wooded trail, gravel, grass or a cracked sidewalk.  The suspension on it is remarkable; it will keep your child’s spine safe from negative impact. While the padded stroller seat and the recline mechanism will provide your baby with maximum comfort. The manufacturer thought of your own convenience as well; the stroller features a large storage basket and a one-second, fast-action fold feature.

All of these conveniences come at a fair price; the stroller is affordable which is excellent news for the parents on a lower budget. The manufacturer states that this stroller seat is apt for a baby from birth and it is recommended for a child that weighs up to 50 lbs. Nevertheless, it might be better to wait until your newborn has head and neck control (which every infant acquires at a different pace). However, the seat is excellent for your toddler. It comes with the five-point safety harness that will convert to a three-point belt when your little one gets older. The only downside is that it is a little bit bulkier than some other models.

One of the best features of this product is the maneuverability. The air-filled tires will help you on any terrain to quickly move your most precious cargo. The front swivel wheel unlocks and locks as needed when you are ready to go out on some adventure with your little one. This stroller makes for memorable bonding times when you are navigating a new hiking trail or just taking a long jog.

Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System – Top Quality Stroller/Car Seat Combo



• Sturdy construction
• Stylish model
• Light
• Ergonomic design
• Easy to assemble
• One-hand fold
• Includes accessories
• Removable seat


• No flap over the mesh
• Canopy material

It is the best-selling infant seat and stroller combo in the US, and you will quickly realize why it is so. The combo consists of the Key Fit 30 Infant car seat base and baby car seat and the Chicco Bravo Stroller. You won’t have a problem using this stroller well into your child’s toddlerhood. You can attach the baby car seat while the toddler seat is still there, or you can remove it – hence transforming the stroller into a car seat frame.

When your infant gets older and learns to sit up straight, you can use it with a regular seat. Such travel systems have a major perk. They reduce the amount of additional infant equipment needed, saving you a lot of space in your house. The model comes along with an appropriate car adapter. Aside from being suitable for the KeyFit 30 already included, it also accepts other Fit2 and KeyFit baby seats.

The stroller can be used with newborns when the infant car seat is attached. Thanks to the removable seat, it can also be converted into a baby car seat carrier. Another excellent convenience, you can simply push the light frame with the baby car seat. All you need to do is remove the stroller seat and position in the KeyFir 30 and you are all set. You don’t even have to take out the toddler seat each time you wish to use the stroller with the car one. This product allows you to attach the baby car seat to the toddler one. Aside from being able to be collapsed with one hand, it isn’t so easy to maneuver it without using both.

It is much easier to navigate it over even ground than cracked pavements or dirty roads, although the latter is still possible. Many parents might be tempted to purchase this model just for the parent tray and the spacious storage basket that can fit a large diaper bag without any problems.

GB Pockit Stroller – Best Lightweight Stroller



• Lightweight – easily fits into a handbag
• Compact fold – great for travel by public transport, car or plane
• Easy to store
• Suitable for even 6 year old
• Maneuverability
• Slim
• Washable and removable seat fabric


• Useless canopy
• Low handles
• Small wheels
• No reclining position

This revolutionary, innovative model is likely the most popular lightweight stroller. Having the smallest fold out there, it has served as an inspiration for many knockoffs. Such a light and compact stroller will surely make life easier. Coming with a regular toddler seat, it is not suitable for children under six months old. The seat is more suitable for a child who can sit unassisted and hold their head because the back of the seat is pretty thin.

Without a doubt, it’s tiny design is the stroller’s best feature. It allows parents to move through crowds effortlessly, and it can easily fit through narrow aisles, or tables in restaurants. The complete stroller only weighs 9.5 pounds. It is so small when folded that its revolutionary design has earned it a place in the Guinness Book of Records. Even though the design is minimal, the safety isn’t neglected. The stroller has an adjustable 5-point harness that you can loosen or fasten as your toddler grows. The straps are well-padded for your child’s coziness.

The wheels are a bit too small, but luckily they are much more durable than it seems. The front wheels swivel at 360-degrees, making the stroller nimble and easy to handle. They are also lockable – providing additional stability. The rear wheel parking brake is controlled by foot. It is best not to push this stroller around in flip-flops or sandals because the brake is smaller than usual, unless you are willing to operate it by hand.

It has two handles instead of one handlebar. They do allow one-hand pushing, making it very easy to turn and steer. Keep in mind that this ultra-light model lacks several add-ons and features as a trade-off for its compact design, ease-of-use, and cost-efficiency. Allowing the parents to travel around so easily, it has become one of the best-selling lightweight strollers on the market.


It is a purchase you cannot go without, but all of the types, models, features, add-ons, and brands can be so confusing. No surprise it can make fresh parents very anxious. Once you go through this guide, it becomes much easier. After that, all you need is a bit of time and some cash.


Let’s start with the bad news. Eventually, you might end up purchasing two kinds of strollers because it is almost impossible to find a model that is suitable for all ages. Newborns have a thing of their own going on, as well as toddlers. Strollers have their own jargon. “Carriage” could be just another way of saying “stroller,” but it often refers to a type of stroller in which the infant faces the parent. A “Pram” is used to talk about old-fashioned strollers, the ones with large wheels and an elaborate canopy.

Before you start off, it is crucial to set a budget. It is also an easy way to simplify your stroller options.

Do you plan to buy a deluxe model for $300? Or perhaps you are looking for something more popular, ranging from $100 to $200 dollars. Maybe you are willing to spend more than $700 on an almost impeccable model. Think about which option suits you the best. Begin with a stroller that is suitable for a newborn infant. In such a stroller, an infant can ride in an almost fully reclining position. Granted, old-fashioned prams do have a charm of their own, but they are costly, too bulky, and not safe for babies older than three months.

A better choice might be a carriage system, which has separate bassinets that are fitted onto the frame during the first three months. You can use the stroller seat after that. Their price is their major downside, though. Make sure the height of the handlebar suits you. Take it out for a test push. A lot of well-designed models have adjustable handlebars, so it shouldn’t be a problem ordering such a model online.

Mother With baby stroller


What will you do with all the diaper bags and other necessities? Strolling is not the only thing you are going to be doing. Surely, you’ll go shopping with your kiddo, visiting your friends, or just go running errands. A large basket makes all the difference. The folding mechanism shouldn’t be neglected either. You will probably be transporting it in your car, if not that, you will surely store it in your house. If you have to start a wrestling match with the stroller, it safe to say it is a problematic fold.

Once your child reaches a certain age, it is convenient to have a bar on the front that swings and shuts open so your child can climb in without any help. Or maybe instead of that, a nice snack tray. Think about which features you would like to see on your stroller. If you have your own thing going, and lead a certain kind of lifestyle (maybe you travel a lot, or you like to jog), it might be a good idea to check out what specialty strollers you can find on the market.


  1. There are some basic safety rules that you should always follow.
  2. Always use a safety harness, it will prevent your child from falling out and make sure they stay in place in case of an impact.
  3. To avoid injuries, make sure your infant isn’t in the proximity when you are unfolding or folding the stroller.
  4. To ensure you always have your eye on your child, the bassinet in which the infant is placed should be facing you.
  5. Ensure that the stroller is completely unfolded. If the stroller is partially unfolded, there is a risk of the stroller collapsing under your infant’s weight.
  6. If there is a cup holder included, never use it for hot drinks.
  7. Always do a double check on the brakes. Shake it a little bit to be sure it is fully locked.
  8. Do not go running with a regular stroller. For such purposes, you can always get an adequate jogging stroller. However, even if you get one, do not go jogging with an infant under six months old. Shocks and impacts that happen during a jog can be damaging to a developing baby’s health.
  9. Never hang anything from the handlebars. It increases the possibility of the stroller tipping-over.


Q: How long does a stroller last?

A: The longevity of a stroller depends on the category it falls under. Ones are safe for babies who don’t know how to sit; the others are suitable all the way through preschool. It is best to check the user’s manual for age and weight limitations.

Q: Are infant strollers necessary?

A: Strollers are a crucial part of infant gear. They make parenting much more comfortable and ensure your baby is safe even outside the comfort of your home.

They come in handy for carrying around, diapers, bottles, snacks, and other parental necessities. Without having to carry your baby around, it allows you to save your strength.

Q: Do I get a money-back guarantee or a warranty?

A: Most companies do not offer warranties against malfunctions, but a lot of manufacturers offer warranties against production defects. If the device has not been used, some suppliers accept returns and offer full refunds. Take a close look at the manufacturer’s terms before making a purchase.

Q: Is a stroller easy to clean?

A: Whipping them down is easy and doesn’t take much time, although sometimes they do require detailed cleaning. It is best to clean the canopy and the seat with water, a mild soap, and soft fabric. Make sure to towel dry afterward. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove small residue from the seat.

Q: Are baby strollers categorized as luggage?

A: The majority of strollers are checked in at the gate as luggage before boarding your flight, but airline companies usually don’t charge extra fees for them. Well-made umbrella strollers can easily be placed in overhead compartments. The best thing would be to check with your airline in advance because procedures vary from company to company.

Q: Are strollers suitable for newborns?

A: Newborn infants cannot use the kind of strollers which only feature the upright seating position. Travel systems, and some other specialized types of strollers, come with bassinets that can be attached and used with infants.

Q: Can I use a jogging stroller as a regular stroller?

A: Technically, you can, but due to the difficulty of handling such a type in tight spaces, crowds, it is highly recommended not to use them in such environments. If you opt for a jogger, make sure it has a swiveling front wheel that can be locked and unlocked for regular use.

Q: Can a single stroller be suitable for two parents of different height?

A: The majority of parents are able to find a stroller that can be used appropriately for both of them. But if the height difference is significant, buy a stroller that has an adjustable handlebar.

Q: How easy is it to fold a stroller?

A: Folding and unfolding depend on the model and type. Some require a bit of getting used to, while others can be folded with only one hand. Generally, lighter and more compact strollers are quicker and easier to fold than the ones with car seats, adaptors, and detachable bassinets.

Q: Can a stroller work well with a car seat?

A: Specific categories of strollers come with detachable car seats that are placed into the stroller frame. Light, travel or umbrella strollers are not compatible with such seats.


For something that ought to be an utter delight by its very nature, buying a stroller can cause a lot of headaches if you don’t consider your needs beforehand. Shop with confidence! Take it out for a test ride, borrow one from a friend, and make inquiries. Don’t forget what you learned – the most critical aspects are safety, your child’s age, and your lifestyle. Strollers sure do make a parent’s life much more comfortable, and fresh parents need all the help they can get, because their children won’t go easy on them.  A good stroller will keep your family stress-free and out of trouble during that Sunday visit to the zoo.

It doesn’t matter if you are taking a walk to grandma and grandpa’s house, or going on a soothing evening stroll in the local park, or maybe even going on a journey across the country, there is a stroller out there that is perfect for every family occasion. The market is vast, with countless models that have been put to the test by many parents before you. The problems you might be worried about have probably already been solved by another caring parent. Take your time to select a stroller that will suit your family’s needs.