Best Electric Breast Pump Reviews

electric breast pump reviews

The electric breast pumps aren’t only faster than the manual models – they also offer more options. For instance, you will find models that come with the double-pump capacity, adjustable suction settings and levels, as well as with many useful accessories. Right now, there are dozens of different brands on the market, and selecting just one can prove to be quite difficult. That is exactly why we have decided to round up the most popular models and see which one of them are really worth the money. These are our reviews of the best electric breast pumps:

electric breast pump
Medela Pump in Style Advanced

Weight: 7.2 pounds
Suction Strength: max 280mmHg
Breastshield Size: 24mm (standard)
Material: BPA-free plastic
*Patented 2 Phase Expression technology.
spectra baby USA S2 breast pump
Spectra Baby USA S2 Breast Pump

Weight: 3.3 pounds
Suction Strength: 300mmHg
Breastshield Size: 24mm, 28mm
Material: Plastic, BPA Free
*Super quiet, Letdown mode and fully adjustable program to best suit your body
lansinoh signature pro review
Lansinoh Signature Pro

Weight: 3 pounds
Suction Strength: max 220mmHg
Breastshield Size: 25mm
Material: BPA and BPS free
*Hygienic, closed system design guarantees no milk backup in tubing or motor.
ameda purely yours electric breast pump
Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump

Weight: 5.9 pounds
Suction Strength: 250 mmHg
Breastshield Size: 25mm
Material: BPA free, DEHP free
*Includes dual hygiene-kit milk collection system
philips avent single breast pump
Philips AVENT Single Electric Breast Pump

Weight: 1.7 pounds
Suction Strength: 2540 mmHg
Breastshield Size: 19,5mm, 25mm (standard)
Material: Polypropylene, BPA free
*Compact, lighweight design for ease of use and transport- fewer light weight parts.


Medela Pump in Style Advanced – Editor’s Choice


When it comes to electric breastfeeding devices, Medela is certainly the leading manufacturer. Their “Pump in Style” model exists for over 15 years now, in one form or another, and here we have the newest edition. This is a double electric model, coming with Medela’s famous 2-phase expression technology and having a lot of useful features. It’s designed for moms who need to pump several times a day and is one of the most efficient models on the market. The pump got our “Editor’s Choice” award – if you’d like to know why, read on.

One of the main selling points of this model is the presence of the 2-phase expression technology. The idea behind this feature is to mimic how your infant would nurse, and it’s separated into two distinct phases. The first one, called the Simulation Phase, provides light and fast suction to get the milk flowing and behaves just like a hungry baby. The second one is called the Expression Phase, working much slower and providing deeper suction that simulates the baby’s deep swallows. The combination of these two steps is what makes this pump so efficient – with it; you’ll be able to pump lots of milk in a short amount of time.

The speed is, of course, adjustable, so it shouldn’t be too hard for you to find the most comfortable setting. And once you pump the milk out, you will be pleased to find out that the package also includes a freezer pack and a removable cooler bag. These will be of great help when it comes to storage of milk. The pump can be plugged in or run on the standard AA batteries, and all of its important parts are free of harmful chemicals (BPA-free).

This quality model has everything that an electric breastfeeding pump should have – it is very efficient, portable, easy to use, and offers an excellent value for the money. We recommend it!


  • 2-phase expression technology
  • Highly efficient
  • Portable
  • Very easy to use


  • A bit loud sometimes
  • Open system model – requires frequent cleaning

Spectra Baby USA S2 Breast Pump – Top Quality Product

When it comes to breast pumps, Spectra is the new kid on the block. The products of this company have been available in the U.S. only since 2013, but they already became quite popular with moms all over the States. And there’s a reason behind that – their models are not only highly efficient but also come with a great design and a ton of features! This time, we’ve decided to take a closer look at one of their best sellers – the Spectra Baby USA S2, and see what it has to offer. Join us!

The maximum suction strength of this model stands at 100mmHg, which is exactly why it has been dubbed as the “hospital grade” model. This means that the Spectra Baby USA S2 is a very efficient pump and can express a lot of milk for a good amount of time. One of the most commendable features of this model is its control flexibility. Both cycles can be easily adjusted according to the rhythm and speed that are most comfortable to your own body. The digital display makes this very easy and allows the mom to see her customized program at a glance.

And when it comes to hygiene, we have only words of praise. The Spectra Baby USA S2 is a closed system, which means that the parts that come in contact with the milk aren’t exposed to various infections. Keeping this thing clean certainly isn’t complex! The model is also very silent and is perfect for moms who don’t like to attract attention when they’re doing some pumping. This also makes the S2 a great choice if you’re often pumping in the wee hours – the sound of the device won’t wake the baby up.

The Spectra Baby USA S2 is a great model, and we think that the products of this company will become more and more popular with time. They surely deserve it!


  • Quiet and comfortable
  • Hospital-grade efficiency
  • Adjustable speeds
  • LCD screen


  • Less portable
  • Cannot be run on batteries

Lansinoh Signature Pro – Great Value for the Money


Next up is Lansinoh’s Signature Pro model, which is an impressive electric pump that comes at a reasonable price. It’s one of the most flexible models on the market, offering eight suction levels and three pumping styles. Its closed system makes it perfect for long-term use (ideal for mothers who pump frequently), and it’s also compact enough to be used on the go. The Lansinoh Signature Pro is one of the company’s best sellers, so we decided to check out if it’s really worth the money.

Just like many other models on the market, the Lansinoh Signature Pro also uses the technology that mimics an infant’s feeding pattern. It stimulates the “letdown,” and this leads to more productive pumping sessions – that’s always a big plus in our book. And, with only a few parts to assemble, it’s easy to figure out how this model works, and the same goes for cleaning. The hygienic design of the Lansinoh Signature Pro stops the milk from getting back into the motor or the tubes, which is the greatest benefit of having a model with a closed system.

Like we said in the intro of this review, the pump comes with eight suction levels and three customizable pumping styles. This puts all the power into mother’s hands, exactly where it should be. The studies have shown that the moms are more likely to stick with pumping if they manage to find a setting that feels comfortable. We also liked the presence of the LCD screen, which has the ability to track the time of your pumping sessions. The package also comes with a nice carrying tote, and you can never have too many of those.

In our opinion, the guys and girls from Lansinoh did a mighty fine job here, as they have created one of the best electric breast pumps on the market. It’s no wonder that it sells so fast – there’s a reason for that!


  • Reasonable price
  • Hygienic design
  • Portable
  • LCD screen


  • Can’t use other bottles without an adapter
  • Not really quiet

Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump – Cost Effective Product


Ameda has been standing among the trusted brands for quite some time now. Started by Einar Egnell some 80 years ago, this company has been producing quality breastfeeding devices for decades, and we’re always pleased to have their products on a review. This time, we took a closer look at their Purely Yours model. It’s a decent pump that comes at a great price. It is quiet, comes with a tote bag and multiple breast shield sizes, and it’s also lightweight and thus portable. Is it worth the money?

One of the best features of this pump is that it comes with a few power source options, and those are AC adapter, car adapter, and battery. When we combine this with the low weight, we get a pump that’s very portable and an excellent choice for moms-on-the-go. And, as no mother’s body is the same, the package also contains three flange sizes. There are also four additional ones that you can buy separately – and this is a feature that deserves a big plus. The Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump is a closed-system model; however, it comes with lots of different parts – collection bottles, connector pieces, diaphragm, and others.

The double pump of this model is very powerful, having a suction range of 80-240mmHG. Most of the other models in this price range are single pumps, so you’re definitely getting a lot for the price. The pump is also highly adjustable – you can choose from a spectrum of 30 to 60 suctions per one minute. This will allow you to gently stimulate your breasts to start the milk flowing, after which you can switch to slow suction and get the most effective milk yield. It’s also worth mentioning that the pump is BPA-free, so there are no harmful chemicals to worry about.

Even though the Ameda is an established brand, we were still surprised with the efficiency of this affordable pump. It’s something you should definitely consider for purchase.


  • Reliable closed-system design
  • Efficient milk expression
  • Different power options
  • Multiple breast shield sizes


  • Cycle frequency is fairly low
  • Occasional beeping noise

Philips AVENT Single Electric Breast Pump – Offers Powerful Suction

This famous Dutch company manufactures many different kinds of electronic devices – and one of them is the breastfeeding pump. Their AVENT series is highly popular with moms, so we’ve decided to take a look at the newest entry in the series, the Philips AVENT Single Electric Breast Pump. This is an ergonomic and innovative product that enables moms to express the milk quickly and in comfort. It allows you to set the pump’s rhythm, set it comfortably on your breast, combine it with other AVENT products, and many other things. Let’s take a look!

Unlike some other models, the Philips AVENT has a very unique and natural expressing position – you don’t have to lean forward in order to express the milk. Instead, you can sit up straight while pumping; and the milk will flow directly into the container. This not only helps with comfort but also helps with the more natural expression of breast milk. The pump also features a clinically-proven cushion with the soft petals, which is there to gently compress the breast and spur the milk to flow. It also prevents the milk from pooling, which aids to the overall hygiene of the whole process.

The settings are very simple, and that’s always a big plus in our book. Moms can begin the pumping by using the gentle stimulation mode, after which they can choose from 3 different expression settings. The fact that the model is interchangeable with various AVENT parts (like bottles, for example) makes everything even more convenient. All of this makes the Philips AVENT Single Electric Breast Pump a perfect product for mothers who need to express regularly, and need as much efficiency as possible. This can be of crucial importance for working moms.

All in all, we think that this pump deserves the popularity that it has. It offers powerful suction and works under technology that allows both the comfort and efficiency.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Comfortable use
  • Different expression settings
  • Compatibility with other AVENT products


  • Large number of parts for assembly
  • Noisy on some occasions


The electric breast pumps are much faster than the manual models, as they’re using electricity and are the most efficient option for the milk expression. If you’d like to feed your kid exclusively with expressed milk, a quality electric model is the device to go for. It will allow you to get more milk for less time, which can be pretty useful if you’re a busy mother. Some of the more expensive models come with features you may find to be very beneficial, such as:

  • The tailored suction – it mimics the infant’s sucking patterns and helps the milk flow more quickly;

  • The double pumping function – allows you to pump both breasts at the same time;

  • High number of sucks per one minute – impossible with manual models;

  • The adjustable suction levels – this helps you find the most comfortable setting and avoid the possible pain.

Unlike with the manual pumps, once you place the cup on the breast, the work will be automatically done for you. You don’t have to squeeze any part of the device, and you can select the pace that you find to be the most comfortable. This will save you from difficult-to-maintain patterns and aching hands.

The biggest downside of the electric models is that they’re not as portable as the manual or the battery-operated breast pumps. They are also noisier and more cumbersome, and the discrete expression is much more difficult with them. However, if the efficiency is what you’re looking for, they are by far the best choice.

mom and baby sleeping together


Every mom wants to provide her beloved baby with pure breast milk. The breast milk is the best source of nutrition – and it’s of crucial importance for your infant to eat nutritious food when he or she is in the first stage of life. But, unfortunately, many women have issues with breastfeeding. These issues are sometimes circumstantial, and sometimes physical.

The physical problems include things such as inverted nipples, while the circumstantial often include the mom’s need to be at work. In this case, a quality electric pump is the best solution. It’s the best alternative when it comes to breastfeeding, and it ensures that the infant will get the proper nutrition right from your breasts.


There are many kinds of electric pumps, and almost all of them are far more efficient than the manual models. They are also more expensive, but if you’re looking for efficiency, it’s your only option. When compared to a manual model, an electric pump will save you a lot of effort and time.

  • Specialist recommendation

Many specialists will recommend using an electric model. This type is capable of pumping milk quickly and efficiently and is the best choice for working moms. The high-end models have lots of adjustable options, and they also bring the necessary comfort while you’re using them – you’ll experience no pain.

  • The versions

Low-end models

There are all kinds of electric pumps available on the market, with the low-end ones also being the cheapest ones. They’re best for occasional use, with some of them being fully automatic and some semi-automatic. With them, you’ll be able to regulate the whole process of milk suction.

Mid-range models

If you’d like to have a bit more features, go for a mid-range electric breastfeeding pump. These will have more capabilities and advantages that are unlikely to appear in the category of the low-end devices. Their settings are much more adjustable, and some models even offer the double-pumping feature – sucking milk from both of your breasts.

High-end models

These would be the most convenient and efficient breast pumps that the money can buy. They are extremely effective and come filled with choices – it’s no wonder that most of the working moms choose to purchase a high-end model. These versatile devices come as double pumps and are certain to provide enough milk for your infant.

In conclusion, the electric breast pumps are the best choice, which is exactly why it is also the most expensive one. They provide more efficiency than the battery-operated and the manual models, and we’d definitely recommend you to get one if you’re a working mom who feeds her baby exclusively with expressed milk.


Like with all other electronic devices, the electric breast pumps will also require some knowledge about them before you decide to purchase your very first model. Let’s have a look at some important features that will make every pumping session a breeze:


The electric models mimic the infant’s natural sucking rhythm by pumping in two different modes. The first one is rapid, and it simulates baby’s quick sucking which begins the flow of the milk. The second one is much slower, simulating baby’s deeper sucking and thus producing most of the milk. When combined, these two phases provide a more authentic breastfeeding experience, adding quicker pumping time, increased milk flow, and comfort. Also, look for the models that will allow you to automate the speed, suction, and the pumping rhythm at just one touch of the button – it’s better than relying on the already preset controls.


If you’re excessing on the road or if you don’t have access to an outlet, look for the electric model that also gives you the ability to power it with batteries. Furthermore, you should search for the models that include adapters that can be attached to vehicle’s cigarette lighter. We have to say that we don’t really recommend pumping while driving – it can be distracting and lead to dangerous consequences.


If you intend to use your new electric breast pump every day, look for a model that has a one-year warranty, at least. A generous warranty is almost always the sign of durability and quality.

baby eating breast milk


If you think that you’ll be pumping frequently, investing into a mid-weight automatic or a hospital-grade model would be a wise decision. By expressing the milk from both of your breasts at once, you’ll be able to complete every session under just 15 minutes. And, besides being fast, these double-pumping devices are also better for the overall milk production. They increase the level of prolactin, which would be a hormone that’s responsible for the milk production. The smaller pumps probably won’t be able to maintain the milk supply in the long term and can be very frustrating to use.


If you’ll be pumping on the go, look for compartments in the model’s carrying case. Never forget to keep at least two ice packs with the breast milk in your storage compartment.


Some models will come with LCD panels, as well as with programmable memory that will let you record the pumping pattern of your preference. This means that you won’t have to reset the device every time you want to use it.


If you’ll be traveling a lot, look for a backpack or a professional-looking briefcase in which you will carry the pump around. Most models come with black microfiber cases which have shoulder straps. Some models, on the other hand, have cases with removable cooling compartments – and those are just great.

Purchasing a model with these features will make every pumping session a pleasant experience. We hope we’ve been helpful!



Q: How do I clean the pump’s tubing?

A: Once you turn off the pump, unplug it from the power source and remove the tubing. Rinse it in the cool water and remove the milk, and then wash it in the warm, soapy water. Then, rinse it in the clear water and let it air-dry. It’s important to keep the tubing clean – it’s an essential part of the device.

Q: What’s the “let-down” reflex?

A: The “let-down” reflex is when the infant’s sucking pattern stimulates your nipple’s nerves, which causes the release of oxytocin. The oxytocin will squeeze the muscle cells around the milk glands, which will then release the milk.

Q: How do I defrost the breastmilk?

A: You can thaw the milk over the night in the refrigerator, or just hold the bottle under hot water until it’s thawed.  Another way to do it would be to place the container with milk into a bowl of hot water for 20 to 30 minutes.

Q: Will I produce enough milk?

A: Try expressing after you eat – this may help to increase the supply. The more often the milk is removed by expressing (or by the baby), the more milk you’ll be able to make. A health visitor, midwife or a breastfeeding counselor might help you with this.

Q: My breasts feel like they’re full after pumping. What do I do?

A: Check if the flange fit is correct, and also check if the breast kit parts need to be replaced. Furthermore, you could try using the pump without the silicon massagers.

Q: Are breast pumps returnable?

A: Due to the personal nature of these types of products, the breast pumps are usually non-returnable. Some manufacturers even place the “hygienic seal” on their models, which, once it’s broken, immediately makes the device non-returnable.


Of the three most important types of breast pumps, the electric ones are certainly the best. They’re also the most expensive, yes, but nothing beats their efficiency. They are the only valid choice for working moms who need to express milk as quickly as possible – the double-suction electric models take care of this in no time. The electrically powered pumps are also the ones with most extra features and accessories, and they can easily make every pumping session an enjoyable experience.

In our reviews, we have tried to test all of the most popular models on the market, taking a look at their advantages and flaws. There are many mothers who’d like to try their hands at breast pumping, but know next to nothing about it – and that’s what our informative articles are there for. We hope we’ve been helpful, and we believe that you’ll find the model that suits your needs the best.

Our favorite electric breast pump is the Medela Pump in Style Advanced – it’s a model that certainly deserves our Editor’s Choice award. It fared very well on our test, and we consider it to be the best device of this type on the market. We heartily recommend it!