Harness Booster vs Convertible Car Seat

Harness Booster vs Convertible Car Seat Which One Your Baby Needs Infographic

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Traveling with your baby should be an adventure. Depending on the age and behavior of your child, you’ll either want to use a convertible car seat or a harness booster. Surely you’ll want to make sure that your infant is secured on the seat no matter where your travel or which mean of transportation you use. This being said, it’s important to understand which method of securing your child while in transportation is best for your baby.

With harness booster and a convertible car seat, you’ll be covering both methods. But you’ll be able to use only one, right? So let’s see which method should you take into consideration in various situations.

  • Your Child’s Age

Every responsible parent should know that you shouldn’t secure a 3-year-old in a harness booster. For one simple reason. No matter how disciplined your infant is, you won’t be able to feel safe while driving. One attention-grabbing detail can cause your child to change the position and thus greatly increase chances of injury. The adequate age for using a harness booster is 5 years old or older.

  • Traveling via Plane

When traveling with your infant via plane or by another mean where discipline is important, it’s advised that you use the convertible car seat. Using a harness will secure your baby, but not as much as you want or advised by standards for child safety in vehicles. With a convertible car seat, you’ll be the one who determines how safe your child will be while traveling. By securing it to the seat of a plane and then using an additional harness on the convertible car seat itself, you’ll fully secure your child from possible injuries.

  • Comfort

Sometimes it seems that no matter what you do, you can’t make your baby feel comfortable while traveling. This can happen quite often, especially if you prefer to use harness booster over the convertible car seat. By using the other method of securing your child in a transportation, you’ll avoid seeing undesirable behavior from your child while riding in a car, plane or by any other mean of transportation. By securing your child tightly, they won’t have too much freedom of movement and at the same time feel comfortable. Most models of convertible car seats have ultra-soft cushions that massage baby’s back, transforming stressful ride into a quite pleasant experience.

To Conclude

While using a harness booster to secure your child during a ride might be the easiest method to deploy, it’s not the best one. Convertible car seat is easy to install, more secure and comfortable method of keeping your baby in one place while driving a car, riding a bus or traveling via airplane. Therefore, if you’re planning on traveling with your child in near future, it’s best to plan ahead. This implies that you choose the right method of securing him/her to a designated seat. Otherwise, you’ll find out that traveling with your kid isn’t enjoyable as you thought.

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