Best City Strollers Reviews

Best City Stroller Reviews

There is nothing in the world like city life. When the baby arrives, you will be very happy that you live in a place where you can conveniently stroll to your favorite cafes and malls without having to go through the stress of sitting behind the wheel. For a relaxing, stress-free stroll, you need a suitable stroller that suits your lifestyle, and picking out the ideal one can be exhausting. Looking at all the possibilities can take days. Luckily, you won’t have to go through that.

Here is a list of the best strollers for urban-dwelling parents currently on the market.

Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT Single Stroller
Baby Jogger 2016 City Mini GT Single Stroller

Stroller Weight: 22.49 lbs
Age:6 month
Weight Limit:65 lbs
Adjustable Handlebar: Yes
Fold: One hand
Brake: Hand
City Select Stroller Baby Jogger
City Select Stroller Baby Jogger

Stroller Weight: 28 lbs
Age: Newborns
Weight Limit:50 lbs
Adjustable Handlebar: Yes
Fold: Two hand
Brake: Hand
UPPAbaby CRUZ Stroller 2018- Gregory
UPPAbaby CRUZ Stroller 2018- Gregory

Stroller Weight: 21.5 lbs
Age:3 months
Weight Limit:50 lbs
Adjustable Handlebar: Yes
Fold: Two hand
Brake: Foot
Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller - Black
Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller - Black

Stroller Weight: 13 lbs
Age: 6 months
Weight Limit:50 lbs
Adjustable Handlebar: No
Fold: One hand, but requires foot use as well
Brake: Foot
Maclaren Quest Stroller
Maclaren Quest Stroller

Stroller Weight: 12.5 lbs
Age: Newborns
Weight Limit:50 lbs
Adjustable Handlebar: No
Fold: One hand
Brake: Foot


Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Stroller 2016

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Stroller

An enticing stroller that is convenient to push and turn around, no wonder it is a popular product that can often be seen on American pavements. It is small even when folded and comes with some nice features, such as a handbrake, adjustable handlebar, infant car seat compatibility and wheels that can run on almost every kind of terrain. The seat is only suitable for babies that can sit up straight and have neck and head control. It is padded with comfortable and easy-to-clean fabric. With its high weight capacity, it is definitely suitable for toddlers and big kids as well, but beware, they might be able to open the harness on their own.

With the backrest that reclines deeply, your kid will comfortably nap during a stroll, but do note that it cannot go full-flat. To recline it, you have to use the strap and buckle, it is a bit inconvenient but not a big deal overall. You can convert it into a travel system fairly quickly. The stroller is compatible with the different baby car seat models from other brands, but only if you use the required adapter. A prominent feature of the city mini gt model is its brilliant three-panel canopy. It provides quite enough shade when it is fully extended, even up to the knees. You won’t have to worry about sunburns during summer strolls.

The canopy has two peekaboo windows, which is a rare find in strollers, allowing you to check up on your child easily and always. However, it is a bit noisy (Velcro). Another distinguishing feature are the tires and suspension. The stroller has a three-wheel design with tires that never go flat. The front wheel suspension is there to cushion every ride and soak in the bumps.


  • Large canopy
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Easy to maneuver
  • One hand fold
  • Light and small
  • Two peekaboo windows
  • Easy to transport and store in a small car
  • Smooth wheels
  • Great shock absorption
  • Deep recline
  • Forever-air tires


  • Noisy window closure
  • Cannot stand on its own after folding
  • Lack of attachments and accessories
  • Small storage

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Stroller

An excellent option for growing families looking for a possible upgrade to a tandem stroller. It easily converts to a double, but the second seat is sold separately. Other customizations are possible as well, such as adding a glider board, one or two baby car seats and pram-like baby seats. The standard features are worthy of praise as well. The recline has three positions and can be operated with one hand. Just like the handlebar, the leg rest is adjustable as well. The adjustable canopy has a peekaboo window with magnetic closure.

Whether you are strolling around town our moving across gravel, the lockable and swiveling front wheels, along with air-filled rear tires, allow you to push and maneuver this stroller effortlessly. And when you are done, it folds compact, allowing you to store it in the back of your car. It’s weight and the need of two hands are the only drawbacks in that regard. The stroller has a hand-operated brake, which is easy to apply and release. In addition to getting the job done safely, they are flip-flop friendly as well.

The seat recline is really easy to set, all it needs is just a single squeeze of the recline button and you’re ready to go. The leg rest does take a bit of dexterity to operate, but overall it is very easy to find a suitable position in which your kid will be comfortable and able to nap. A storage basket is located underneath, and it can carry up to 15 pounds of necessities. There is also a smaller basket on the back seat that can carry up to two pounds. If you are looking to add more features though, accessories cost extra. Not to forget, the stroller is compatible with the Baby Jogger infant car seats and a couple of other brands as well, such as Britax, Graco, Maxi-Cosi, Chicco, Peg Pergo, Cybex, BOB, and Nuna.


  • Telescoping handlebar
  • Sizeable basket
  • Full-flat recline
  • Easy fold
  • Easily fits through doorways even as a double
  • Peekaboo window
  • Suitable for newborns
  • Large canopy


  • Missing rain covers
  • Width; Weight
  • No accessories

UPPAbaby CRUZ Gregory Stroller


Most new stroller models aren’t sold with a lot of accessories. The UPPAbaby Cruz is not much different, but it has a big advantage that sets it apart, it is equipped with two shields (for bugs and rain). Among other things, the Cruz 2018 stroller can easily be turned into a travel system. It is compatible with the MESA infant car seat (no adapter needed), and many other car seats with adequate adapters. The frame is quite compact and light, the main seat can be both front facing and rear. The seat can be reclined with one hand, and it has four positions. The newest version has an upgraded bumper bar and a handlebar, which is also telescoping expandable.

Another noticeable feature is the new canopy that locks when pulled. It can move up and down, giving the child more space to grow and to suit taller toddlers. The sunshade comes with a noiseless mesh peekaboo window with magnetic closure. To make sure you will be strolling care-free and safely, the stroller has been equipped with Polyurethane tires that will never go flat, literally. It can easily go through narrow aisles and crowded places, but the small wheels and the lack of a suspension system render it unsuitable for rough terrain. Steering usually requires two hands, which is a slight disadvantage.

What grabs the attention of most city parents is the excellent storage basket that can hold up to 25 lbs, providing enough room for parenting gear and shopping bags. Folding requires two hands, but it only takes a couple of seconds. It locks automatically and can stand on its own. Most parents consider it worth the extra penny because of it’s stylish look and, more importantly, maneuverability.


  • Light frame
  • Comes with bug and rain shields
  • Sizeable under-seat basket (25lbs capacity)
  • Reclining seat for toddlers
  • Adjustable telescope handlebar
  • Convertible into a travel system, or stroller for two children, or pram
  • Lockable front wheel
  • Adjustable and extendable SPF 50+ canopy with silent magnetic close and a peekaboo window


  • Small wheels
  • Not suitable for rough terrain
  • Missing a cup holder and child tray

Summer Infant 3D Lite Convenience Stroller

Summer Infant

When you are running errands with your child, you don’t want to put up with a bulky, cumbersome stroller. Luckily, the Summer Infant 3D has convenience written all over it. Weighing only 16 pounds, it is one of the best selling strollers in its category.

It is incredibly easy to fold and barely takes up any space when stored inside a car trunk and can be easily transported in public transportation. A carrying strap is included as well, if you want to tote it over your stroller. Truly a dream come true for every parent with a hectic lifestyle. To fold it, pull up the handle in the back and push the lever with your foot. It only takes a couple of seconds, but requires some practice to get used to the system. It is not possible to adjust the handlebar, but it suits the height of average and tall parents. The handlebar is 42 inches above the ground. Some shorter parents might complain, but it ought to satisfy most of them.

The storage could be a bit easier to access, but it is large enough to hold a diaper bag. But beware, once your baby is out of the stroller, the stroller will probably tip over because of the weight of the bag. To fix that, just put a bag on the seat until your kid occupies it again. If you are looking for a smooth ride, the 3D won’t disappoint. It comes with anti-shock wheels that perform well on rough sidewalks. The canopy doesn’t include a peekaboo window, but it has a removable UV visor that can be adjusted according to the sun’s position.

The Summer Infant 3D Lite meets the criteria for an ideal lightweight city stroller. It is not only one of the lightest strollers on the market, but also one of the most comfortable. Your child will surely appreciate the smooth cruise it offers.


  • Incredibly lightweight and portable
  • Deep recline
  • Compact fold
  • Cost-effective
  • Maneuverability
  • Padded harness
  • Removable cup holder


  • Recliner requires two hands
  • Missing a peekaboo window
  • The canopy doesn’t provide much shade storage basket not easy to access

Maclaren Quest Stroller


Maclaren quest is one of the few lightweight, durable strollers with a full recline that can be used starting at birth.  It comes with some additional features, like a peekaboo window, a reflective pattern for night use, and an extendable leg rest. Having two recline positions and a full-recline option, it is an ideal city stroller for napping. The extenders are there to provide a sense of coziness and safety by surrounding your newborn infant in the head and foot barriers. The stroller doesn’t come with all the unnecessary bulk but still manages to have a compact design with smooth and colorful fabrics. You won’t have to worry about the assembly because it requires none.

All Maclaren models have a signature feature, an easy five-second fold that only requires one hand. And once it is closed, it can easily be stored anywhere. An automatic look will keep it in place once it is folded. Don’t forget to empty out the storage basket beforehand, though, because the fold might squish your belongings. The carry strap that comes along makes it a perfect stroller for travel. It is well-balanced and convenient to carry. Most manufacturers forget how messy babies can be, but luckily that is not the case with the Quest. The stroller has removable and washable seat padding.

It is not meant for jogging or off-road, but its shock absorbing mechanism makes it ideal for commuting and traveling. You won’t have to worry about pumping up the wheels because the Quest is rocking ultralight and never-flat EVA tires. The brake can be operated by foot, but some parents have complained that it requires a double check. The maneuverability and the smooth ride make it a joy to take on long walks. The front wheels can be locked into place, giving you more stability on bumpier pavements. This Maclaren model is a game changer for families who are adamant about having only one stroller. With the lifetime warranty it comes along with, it is indeed worth the purchase.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to fold
  • Compact


  • Not suitable for cross-country
  • Brakes need double checking


As an urban dweller, you are going to need a stroller that is quick to fold, has a large storage basket, is durable, and will stay clean. You are probably constantly squeezing through crowds and narrow spaces, so you will need a model that is easy to steer as well. That’s only the beginning.

Things to consider when buying the best city stroller

Okay, no need to panic. Let us start with a couple of essential aspects on which you are going to need to focus on when you start shopping for a baby stroller.


A safety indicator. Every proper model has a label telling us that the stroller is certified by the the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). Since it is not possible to look at it if you are online shopping, you can also go to their official to see which manufacturers are certified. It tells us that the stroller has the most crucial features (stability and breaks, no sharp edges, locking mechanism) and that they were carefully tested.


Large wheels and air-filled tires are most suitable for lengthy strolls and uneven pavement. Small wheels are usually only suitable for the city and running errands. A swiveling front wheel will make it easier to maneuver the stroller, and lockable wheels give it stability.


Your baby won’t endure any shocks if the stroller comes with a good suspension and amortization system. Toddlers can go without them, but it is crucial for newborns because they have a delicate spine and do not possess head and neck control until the sixth month.


Without a few exceptions, a good city stroller can’t possibly have a bulky and heavy frame, therefore be on the lookout for a light one. It still has to be strong and durable, besides being light and compact.



Optimally, the brakes should lock both wheels at the same time, but some strollers come with individual brakes. It shouldn’t be a deal-breaker as long as the stroller is immobile when the brakes are on.


Ideally, the canopy should have proper ventilation for those hot and humid summer days. It should also fold easily and offer protection from the sun and wind. The size should be big enough to allow your child room to grow.


It isn’t absolutely necessary, but it will make pushing the stroller much more comfortable, especially if the parents are of different height. If the handlebar isn’t adjustable, be sure to check if it fits your and your partner’s height.


Offers you the possibility to change the direction the little passenger is facing. Considering that parents mostly prefer when their baby is facing them, but a curious child likes riding facing the opposite way to observe the world, it is an advantageous feature.


Children can make a big mess fairly quickly, and city streets are dirty places. That’s why it would be good to have a cover that can be quickly unfastened and fabric that is easy to wipe. The option of taking off the padding and throwing it into the washing machine, without it fading or shrinking, is a big advantage.


Handy for every parent, but especially handy for city folk. Keep in mind, hanging your baggage on the handlebar can cause the stroller to tip over. A large basket is a must.

Okay, so you have acquired some knowledge on basic stroller features. Now is the right time to go shopping for one.


If you plan to go in-store shopping, don’t be afraid to take the desired model for a spin.


  1. Do try to try turning it around, stopping, and moving over curbs if possible. That will help you get a feel of the stroller’s maneuverability.
  2. While testing it, bear in mind that you will eventually have a little passenger inside, a passenger that could weigh as much as fifty pounds. Throw in your handbag to see you how easy it is to push the stroller with some more weight.
  3. Shake up the stroller a bit, let’s see how sturdy it is. Ensure it stays put when the brake is activated.
  4. Make sure the handlebar suits both your partner and you. If the handlebar is adjustable, it’s one less worry then. Check if you both have sufficient leg room as you push the stroller.
  5. Try folding it and opening it. Every stroller folds in a different way. One takes one hand, some take both. Some fold in one step, some in two, after removing the seat.
  6. A two-step folding process is not necessarily better than a one-step fold, because it could make the stroller easier to place inside the car. Don’t worry if you don’t get the hand of the fold on your first try, it takes a bit of practice to get the hang of it.
  7. Nevertheless, if you struggle a lot with the fold, it is probably wise to try out a different model. It is a practice that you will do every day, more than once a day – sometimes you’ll be having only one hand at your disposal when you are holding the baby.
  8. Lift the stroller like you are putting it inside the trunk to see how heavy it is. Unlock it to check how it gets back into place. See what the stroller is like when folded, some stand on their own and can easily be lifted and stored, while others can be trolleyed.
  9. It might be a good idea to try it with an infant car seat. Check out which car seats are compatible with the stroller and which one you suits you the most, both on and off the stroller.
  10. If the situation allows it, fold the model and see if it fits in the trunk of your vehicle. Check out the storage basket as well, be sure your parenting essentials, such as diaper bags, will fit.


Q: Are city strollers suitable for newborns?

A: Only strollers with fully-reclining seats and good suspension are suitable for newborns. Make sure to check out the specifications before making the purchase.

Q: Can I bring my city stroller onto a bus or train?

A: Most city models are designed for such purposes and can be folded and carried around with ease.

Q: Can I buy a used stroller?

A: It is not advisable to buy a used stroller. Even though it might not have visible damage, the safety mechanisms could be damaged.

Q: Can I bring a stroller on board a plane?

A: Each airline company has its own policy regarding strollers. Most allow strollers to be brought onto a plane only as check-in luggage.

Q: How do I make sure the stroller is safe?

A: Read the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) guidelines. Well-known manufacturers have the seal of approval from the organization.

Q: Is it easy to fold a city stroller?

A: City strollers are usually easy to fold. However, every stroller has a different folding mechanism, and each requires some getting-used-to. A stroller can either have a one-hand or two-hand fold.

Q: What kinds of brakes does a city stroller have?

A: It can either have a hand or a foot brake. Some foot brakes are not easy to operate in certain kind of footwear, such as flip-flops.

Q: Do city strollers have a weight limit?

A: The usual maximum weight a lightweight stroller can hold is fifty pounds. Be sure to check the weight limit on your model.

Q: How can I keep my stroller in good condition?

A: Do not leave your stroller out in bad weather or in the sun. Make sure the tires stay in good condition by being careful on which kind of terrain you use it. Occasionally, check if the harness, belts, and fasteners are broken or worn out.

Q: How can I find out information on recalls on my stroller?

A: It is best to check with the store where you bought the model. Aside from that, you can take a look at the manufacturer’s official website or contact them via phone.


Experience the joy of introducing your child to the city lights for the first time, without having to worry about the safety and the comfort of your little passenger. Instead of getting exhausted, let us make it a relaxing experience for you just like it is for the baby.

A good stroller can be a real lifesaver when you need to take a breath. Follow the basic principles you have learned about, and you are guaranteed to find a secure, comfortable stroller at a reasonable price in which your baby will be cozy, and, with some luck, fall asleep safe and sound.