Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump Review

9.8 Total Score

  • Closed-system design removes the risk of mold
  • One of the most efficient electric models right now
  • Multiple power options - AC power, batteries, car adapter
  • Ameda offers different shield sizes and inserts
  • Cycle speed is quite low even on the highest setting
  • Weird beeping sound appears from time to time
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Started some 80 years ago by a Swedish engineer, the Ameda is now one of the best brands when it comes to breast-pumping devices. Their pumps have always been held in high regard by the breastfeeding mothers, and the company wants to continue that tradition with their newest model – the Purely Yours Breast Pump.

Advertised as one of the best choices for moms-on-the-go, this model features a very powerful motor, a few power source options, BPA-free parts, and a reasonable price. It’s definitely something worth checking out – so let’s do it together!


  • Brand – Ameda

  • Model Name – Purely Yours Breast Pump

  • Power Source Type – AC/Batteries

  • Weight – 5.9 pounds

  • Dimensions – 14″ x 7.8″ x 11.6″

  • Dishwasher Safe – No

Features of Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump

  • The Design

Just like all other devices manufactured by Ameda, this one also sports an impeccable design. The pump looks very clean and “medical”, effortlessly combining its clinical white color with some green shades. Even though it might look big in the pictures, the model is actually very compact and lightweight. When we combine this with multiple power options (more on that later), we get a highly-portable model and a truly tempting offer for moms-on-the-go.
All parts of the pump are BPA-free, so there’s no need to worry about harming your infant.

  • The Efficiency

One of the greatest things about this model is that it can be powered by a few different power sources. One can connect this pump to an outlet in the wall, use it in a vehicle with the car adapter (included in the package), or use it on the go by placing six AA batteries into the dedicated slot. Like we already mentioned, this will let you use the pump literally wherever you go, and it’s something that Ameda deserves high praises for.

This breast pump will let you to independently control its cycle speed and the suction strength. This is a pretty unique feature, as most models allow you only to change the suction level while the cycle speed adjusts automatically. There are two separate knobs to control these settings, giving you a more customizable experience – every mom has different preferences.

Since this is a double pump, it’s capable of fully draining both of your breasts, which makes it highly efficient. It has a suction range of 80-240mmHG, and one can choose from 30 to 60 suctions per minute. You can switch to a single mode whenever you want, which makes the model even more flexible than we initially expected. There are also two bottle holders that remove the risk of accidental spillage.

One important thing to note here is the fact that most models in this price category are single pumps, so it’s pretty apparent that you’re getting a lot for the price of this pump.

  • The Comfort

Our testers had no complaints about the comfort of this pump – they said that it feels quite nice on their breasts and that it causes no discomfort or stress. A thing that deserves special praise here is the fact that that Ameda offers breast shields of multiple sizes. Along with the three that you’ll get in the package, there are also four additional ones that you can buy online. The company also offers inserts for ladies who are in between the sizes.

No mom’s body is the same, and in this way, Ameda has ensured that every mother can find the parts that fit her best.

  • The Hygiene

Fortunately, the Purely Yours is a closed-system model, which means that the milk can’t get into contact with the motor and the tubing. This brings a few advantages, including multiple-user sharing and, more importantly, easy cleanup. You won’t have to worry about the condensation appearing in the pump’s tubing – there’s no risk of mold growth.

Even though this model can be passed down to other moms, there is always the risk of burnout. The manufacturer claims that the device is most efficient when it has been used for no more than 400 hours.

What Comes With Purely Yours Breast Pump
  • What’s in the box?

Along with the pump itself, the box includes an abundance of useful accessories. There’s the Ultra tote, the Cool’N Carry tote, the milk collection system, the CustomFit flanges, an accessory bag, an ice pack, two extra valves, six milk storage bottles, as well as the AC power adapter and the car adapter.

The storage bottles are BPA-free, and each has the capacity of 4oz. The car adapter allows you to use the pump while you’re in a vehicle and is an essential accessory for all moms that do a lot of traveling or commuting. As you can see, the box is packed with accessories that can make every pumping session a little bit easier.

What’s wrong with the product?

  • Fairly low cycle speed

As we said, this electric breast pump allows the user to separately control the cycle speed and the suction strength. The settings for the suction strength work just fine, but we weren’t pleased with the cycle frequency – it’s relatively low even on the highest setting.

  • Beeping noise appears from time to time

Even though this model is quite silent when it’s working, we noticed a beeping sound that occasionally occurs during the pumping. It’s nothing serious, but it can probably become annoying after a time. This is something that Ameda has to fix in the next update in the series.


This is a compact, well-made electric breast pump that looks and works just as advertised. The highlight of this model is that it allows the user to independently control the cycling speed and the suction

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