Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat Review

9.4 Total Score

  • Installing the NextFit into a car is an easy task
  • The presence of the convenient seatbelt lock-offs
  • Nine recline settings allow you to find the best fit
  • The padding is well-cushioned and very comfortable
  • It's one of the largest and heaviest models of this type
  • The seat fabric gets overly warm in the sun
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When it comes to baby gear, Chicco is certainly one of the most reputable manufacturers. Their car seats are among the most popular on the market since they always sport a quality build and a ton of convenient features.

We’ll be taking a deeper look at their NextFit model, which comes with a steel-reinforced frame, easy installation, nine different recline positions, seat belt lock-offs, and can provide a child with a very comfortable riding experience. It is quite expensive and indeed a premium choice when it comes to convertible car seats – but is it really worth the money?


  • Car Seat Type – Convertible Car Seat

  • Weight – 25.1 lbs

  • Weight Recommendation  – 5 – 65 pounds

  • Dimensions – 20.5″ x 19″ x 26″

  • Maximum Height Limit  – 49″

  • Lowest Harness Position– 5.5″

Features of Chicco NextFit

  • RideLight & ReclineSure

When it comes to safety features of this convertible car seat, the ReclineSure is the name that should be on the top of the list. Basically, this would be a leveling system, and one of the most advanced systems of this kind that has been successfully fitted into a car seat. It allows correct, full proof installation of the model into the vehicle, allowing the seat to become ready to accommodate itself in all kinds of cars.

The RideLight, on the other hand, is a feature that can be found on the sides of the seat and makes sure that it’s sitting firmly in a properly leveled position.

These characteristics allow a very precise installation and will enable the seat to readily face even the slightest road bumps during the rides.

  • SuperCinch

This is a revolutionary one-pull tightening system which lets the parent apply large tightening force with just one slight pull. It brings bigger safety, but also easily removes all that hassle that comes with installing the seat into a vehicle.

The SuperCinch ensures a tight attachment of the kid with the NextFit seat, without asking for too much effort from the parent. It also makes re-positioning quite convenient, and is something we’d like to see on all other products of this type.

  • The Comfort

Even though this model is very safe, all of its safety features have been designed with comfort in mind. The padding has been designed with a lot of attention to details. During the long rides, the child will be strapped down for hours, which is precisely why the thick padding is appreciated in these types of devices. And the Chicco NexFit indeed offers enough comfort for your kid – pleasant rides are guaranteed with it.

  • Nine Recline Positions

The NexFit comes with nine different recline positions, which has to be a record when it comes to convertible car seats. This allows the parent to find the right fit for his child in a matter of seconds, and will be especially appreciated by the owners of mini-vans and SUVs.

  • The Accessories

The primary accessory of this model is the Zip & Wash Seat Pad which can be, as the name suggests, washed in a washing machine. Kids often make a mess, so purchasing this accessory might be a very wise decision, especially for the parents of very active kids.

We should also mention the thermal-insulated cup holder, which can come in quite handy during the long rides.

Ease of Installation

Chicco NextFit Zip Convertible Car Seat

The thing that makes installing this seat easy is the presence of the SuperCinch design on its LATCH anchors. It will allow you to tighten the anchors by pulling the strap and then do the same thing on the other side in an even easier way, thanks to this signature design by Chicco. We often struggled to achieve a tight fit with the competing models, but we had no such issues with the NextFit – it is far easier to manage.

But there is also a particular disadvantage here – this model’s base is a bit wider than the LATCH connectors, which can make the installation a bit of a hassle sometimes. Fortunately, the presence of so many different recline positions will certainly help you find the right position in the end.

  • Belt

We have to admit that this seat is a bit convoluted when it comes to its belt path, which will require you to dismantle the seat before you even try to thread the belt. It goes under the model’s cover, and you won’t be able to see what you’re doing – you’ll have to do the threading by feel.

One extra problem is the fact that even when you get your car’s belt tight enough for a correct install, the lock-offs on the belt will be harder to use due to wrinkling. Overall, the installation isn’t too complicated, and the stability is on the same level as it is on other similar models we’ve reviewed in the previous few months.

What’s wrong with the product?

  • The seat is among the largest and heaviest on the market

The Chicco NextFit is a super heavy convertible car seat, as it weighs over 25 pounds. This weight can contribute to the overall safety of the child, but is also very inconvenient when it comes to transportation.

  • The seat fabric is prone to overheating

The material that was used for the fabric on the NextFit’s seat is quite prone to overheating, so there’s a danger for your kid to get overly warm during the long summer rides. We hope to see this fixed in the next revision.


As far as we’re concerned, this model is an excellent choice for a long-term car seat. It should support your kid at least to the school age, and provide him or her with enjoyable riding sessions due to its comfort and safety. The nine recline positions alone make it worth considering for purchase.

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