Cocoon Cam

9.4 Total Score

  • Great Video And Image Quality
  • Breathing Detection
  • No Wearables Required
  • Instant Notifications
  • Two-way Audio
  • Wireless Transmission
  • Night Vision
  • Activity Log
  • Sharing
  • Data Is Protected
  • Set Up Requires Some Work
  • Wall-bound
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Most parents can’t help feeling anxious when they leave their little one laying in the crib unsupervised. Luckily, nowadays you can choose from many different gadgets that can help you keep an eye on your baby when you are away from the cradle.

Many baby monitors have night vision that will allow you to check in on your newborn during night time. However, even with all of these features, you may still end up zooming in on your child’s chest to check if it’s breathing ok.

In previous years, a broad spectrum of breathing detection gadgets became available on the market in the form of wearable monitors or under-matress sensors.

The cocoon cam plus is the first breathing detection monitor that doesn’t require any mats or wearables for it to work. It uses motion detection and artificial intelligence to construct a live graph of your child’s breathing.


  • Monitor: Smartphone, PC or tablet required

  • Resolution: 720 p

  • Audio Communication: Two-way

  • Signal Type: Digital

  • Transmission: WiFi

  • Range: Not limited, so long it’s connected to WiFi

  • Power Source: Must be plugged into a power socket

  • Mounting: Wall stand


Great Video and Image Quality

The Cocoon provides a fantastic image quality. When zooming in, you can still see a vast amount of detail. The live stream video is crystal clear night and day.

If you want to change the camera angle you can manually rotate the lens.

Breathing Detection

Breathing detection is Cocoon’s distinctive feature. The app displays footage of your child sleeping, along with the fantastic live graph. This feature is very cool, as it does a great job at reassuring you that your baby is doing ok.

Also, you will immediately get a phone notification if something seems off. Cocoon’s camera still works if your child is covered with a blanket and can monitor breathing even in swaddled newborns.

No Wearables Required

Cocoon is not the first monitor on the market with breathing detection. However, it is the first one that doesn’t require any wearables for it to work. The smart movement sensors track the baby’s chest movement in a completely non-invasive way.

Instant Notifications

The instant notifications will inform you if your child’s breathing pattern changes. Other than that, the app will let you know when your little one has fallen asleep, waken up or is crying.

Two-way Audio

The Cocoon baby monitor provides you with the talkback option. This means that you can hear your child, and also sing or talk calming words to him/her.

Wireless Transmission

If you are online, you can always check your smartphone to see how your baby’s doing. You could be down the hall or halfway around the world – you will still be connected to what is happening with your kiddo via the Cocoon app.

Night Vision

Another one of the useful features Cocoon offers is the night vision. Checking up on your child during the night without having to leave your bed can be extremely helpful.

Cocoon’s night vision quality is tremendous. Because the camera is mounted directly over the crib, the detail is fantastic even in complete darkness.

Activity Log

Another helpful option is the activity log, which shows when your child fell asleep, woke up or was crying during the night. This feature can prove useful if you are in the middle of sleep training.

Also, there is a fun feature called Swaddle Stories. It creates time-lapse videos of your baby’s night highlights.


The Cocoon app allows for the live-stream content to be shared with up to six family members, so all of baby’s guardians can be on the same page.

The activity log videos and Swaddle Stories remain in the app for an entire week with no subscription required. They can be easily saved to your phone or shared on social media. However, the app does not let you capture a photo or a video manually.

Data Is Protected

When signing into the app, your password is required. This way, no one but yourself (and the people you share your password with) can access the camera. The data is safe and fully encrypted.

What’s Wrong With the Product?

  • Set Up Requires Some Work

To function correctly, the camera has to be wall mounted. This requires some drilling, so once the baby is too old for the monitor and it is removed, you may find those holes unaesthetic.

Also, once the camera is mounted, you will be left with the power cable hanging from the wall. This could represent a potential danger to your baby, so you will need to get creative and find some way to keep it away from your child’s reach.

Connecting the camera to WiFi may also take a couple of tries, but once everything is up and running, it should stay connected for good.

  • Wall-bound

Cocoon monitor is wall mounted, so if you move your child from one bed to another, you won’t be able to use it. This may also be a significant setback if you plan on traveling with your baby.


If you want to keep your baby safe while doing chores, having dinner or being away from home, a baby monitor is a dream come true. Having one of these devices will help you check in on your baby at any given moment without disturbing it.

In this cocoon cam review, we’ve mentioned some of it’s best trademarks – excellent video and image quality, breathing detection without wearables, instant phone alerts, clear two-way audio, and the activity log. All of these features make it a top-notch gadget.

While being one of the best baby monitors in 2019, it falls into the category of affordable devices. So, if you are okay with a camera that is wall-mounted above the cradle, the Cocoon is an excellent choice for you and your family.

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