Pregnancy Progression: Week by Week Pregnancy

Being pregnant is one of the scariest and most exciting moments a woman goes through.

The mind and the body go through some massive changes that get even more powerful as the belly keeps growing.

So, if you’re a first-time soon-to-be mom, this text could help you get to know what to expect from yourself and your body.

The section is divided into three trimesters, so you can quickly find the week you’re in right now.

So, dive in the 9 months of pregnancy, and congratulations!

First trimester

After the fertilization is done, your baby will be in the embryo stage for the first month or so. Embryos are really two layers of cells that will grow and develop organs and other body parts. They grow rapidly and move around the womb. Pretty soon they are about the size of a bean. The heart of your baby beats quickly, and the first to develop are the intestines followed by physical characteristics like the mouth, nose, eyelids, and earlobes. Here’s a week by week progress of embryos growing:

Week 2

The second week is the time when you ovulate, and if the sperm cell gets to the ovaries, you will become pregnant!

Week 3

The cell is fertilized, and the embryo starts to develop. At this point, it’s a couple of hundred of cells multiplying really fast. The embryo at this stage is called a blastocyst.

Week 4

The baby is still an embryo by this point. It has two layers and a primitive placenta that just started to develop.

Week 5

This is when things speed up even more as the embryo keeps growing really fast. You may experience fatigue and sore breasts at this point.

Week 6

The mouth, ears, and nose are taking shape, and this is the week where many future moms experience morning sickness and spotting.

Week 7

The developing embryo looks like it has a little tail. The feet and hands start to develop, and your uterus becomes twice as big.

Week 8

The baby keeps moving constantly, but it’s still tiny so you won’t feel it. You can do the prenatal tests to make sure that the embryo is developing as expected.

Week 9

The fetus is now close to an inch long and its starting to take the shape of a human. Your waist will become thicker.

Week 10

The fetus has developed all the organs, and it’s now ready to grow to a full-sized baby.

Week 11

The baby’s hands open and close into fists. The teeth start to develop as well.

Week 12

The brain starts to grow super-fast, and the kidneys begin to do their role of excreting urine.

Week 13

By the last week of the trimester, the developing fetus has fingerprints and is about 3 inches long.

Pregnancy progresion week by week

Second Trimester

It’s now the second trimester with your baby in womb, and things get a little harder on a mom. The babies are about 3.5 inches long and weigh about 1.5 ounces. The fingerprints are fully developed, and the heart slows down, pumping 25 quarts of blood every day. Your baby’s skeleton will start to harden to bones, and it develops hearing too. You will probably feel the baby kicking by now.

Week 14

As the baby continues to grow, you will feel like you have more energy and less nausea.

Week 15

At 15 weeks, the baby can sense light, and its taste buds begin to form.

Week 16

The intense growing starts this week, so be prepared to gain a couple of pounds in the next few weeks.

Week 17

The skeleton of your baby is hardening, and the umbilical cord becomes thicker and stronger.

Week 18

This is the first time that your doctor can tell you the sex of the baby via ultrasound. The 18th week with baby in womb is when the genitals develop and when moms get their appetites back.

Week 19

You may experience some side-pain as the ligaments stretch. The babies hearing is fully formed.

Week 20

This is the halfway mark and the point when the baby starts to gain weight.

Week 21

The small movements from before turn into kicking and constant moving. Your little one has eyebrows.

Week 22

Your baby looks like a mini-baby by now. You may catch yourself touching your stomach all of the time.

Week 23

The baby can feel when you’re moving around, and you may start to experience the swelling of feet and ankles.

Week 24

The baby becomes long and lean, about the size of an ear of corn. Your uterus will keep growing, and by this time it should be the size of a football.

Week 25

The little one starts to add fat and grow hair. Your own hair may look extra shiny and healthy at this point.

Week 26

The baby starts to inhale and exhale tiny amounts of amniotic fluid, practicing to breathe.

Week 27

Your baby starts to experience his/hers first hickups and opens its eyes for the first time. Unborn babies often start sucking their fingers at this point.

Third Trimester

When the third trimester starts, the babies weigh about 2.5 pounds. They can blink, and their wrinkled skin becomes smooth as the baby gains fat. The fingernails and toenails start to develop, as well as hair. The brain develops millions of new neurons. The baby will keep gaining weight in the final weeks and will grow to about 19 inches in length and 7 pounds in weight.

Week 28

The last trimester is starting! Your little one will be able to see the light that comes into the womb through the skin.

Week 29

The baby keeps growing muscles, and the lungs continue to mature. The head also expands so it can accommodate the growing brain.

Week 30

The baby weighs about 3 pounds by now. You will probably experience a lot of mood swings and fatigue.

Week 31

What was mild movement turns into strong kicks that will keep you up at night. You can experience the Braxton Hicks contractions as well, but don’t be scared.

Week 32

Your baby keeps growing, and the growing uterus could cause shortness of breath and heartburn.

Week 33

The baby should weigh about 4 pounds, and you will probably have a hard time to find a comfortable bed.

Week 34

The central nervous system and lungs keep maturing which could lead to feelings of dizziness and fatigue.

Week 35

Your little one grows to the point where it can’t roll around in the belly, so the movements won’t be so dramatic.

Week 36

The fast-growing baby now gains an ounce a day. It will drop down into the pelvis as you get closer to the due date.

Week 37

The lungs and the brain are still maturing, and you may experience occasional contractions.

Week 38

The baby now has a firm grasp, and you will meet each other in only a couple of weeks!

Week 39

You reached the ending game with your baby in womb. Contact your doctor in case your water breaks.

Week 40

The baby has reached its full size. You shouldn’t worry if it is past your due date.

Week 41

Your baby feels cozy and safe inside the womb, but now it’s time for it to meet the world! The labor will start, and you will meet each other really soon!


The baby you have sacrificed so much for is finally here! However, the journey of being a mom is only beginning. You will need to take care of your little one and make sure that he or she grows up in a safe environment.

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