Summer Infant 3d tote Review

9.4 Total Score

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Storage space
  • Easy folding mechanism
  • Reclining mechanism
  • Expandable canopy
  • Hooks for diaper bags
  • Height adjustable harness
  • Convenient height of the handlebar
  • Does not stand when folded
  • Wheels are not easy to handle
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This buggy is designed to be practical and easy to use. It comes with a simple folding mechanism which enables you to store it or carry it quickly. When you are done using it, fold it in three easy steps and continue with your day.

The seat and seatbelt are padded for your baby’s comfort. The padding will make your baby feel cozy. It will keep your child satisfied and well-behaved while you handle your daily tasks without any distractions.

The extra storage space is its best feature since it allows you to go about their day without any trouble. Ans as any other umbrella stroller, you can use it while running errands or just going for a relaxing walk.


  • Weight of product – 17.5 lbs

  • Dimensions – 20.5 x 43.5 x 36’’

  • Weight limit  – 50 lbs

  • Material  – 100% Polyester

  • Minimum age limit   – 6 months


  • Spacious storage

Never before has a day-to-day stroller offered as much space as the summer infant 3d tote does. The best feature of this product is its spacious storage providing you with a helping hand when it comes to everyday activities.

You can expand the storage basket with a simple mechanism. Just snap up the extra basket net, and you will be able to fit even more of your stuff. What is more, this product has several side pockets which can safely hold your phone, wallet, keys and such.

  • Hooks for bags

These hooks are designed for any extra diaper bags or groceries you might have. They are conveniently located on the handlebar where you can safely place any additional bags which you don’t want to carry. This feature will help you get rid of any unnecessary baggage and take a relaxing stroll with your little one.

Because the stroller’s designed for this type of additional weight, you won’t be risking tilting it over by hanging your bags on it. Since it is designed to support any weight in the back, the buggy will remain well-balanced and steady. Keep in mind though, that the limit for the extra hanging weight shouldn’t exceed 5 pounds.

  • Folding

This feature ensures compact folding and storing of your stroller. With an auto lock which is easy to use, your stroller will be folded tightly in a matter of seconds. Once finish this, you can use the conveniently designed strap to carry the stroller on your shoulder.

The folding mechanism is easy to use, and you can do it in three simple steps. You can use your foot to lift the brace in the back, and then push on the lever, the stroller will start to clasp on its own, and when it’s fully folded you are ready to go.

  • Reclining mechanism

The seat can recline to provide your child with extra comfort. This useful feature allows you to give your child with a relaxed resting position. You never know when your kid might need a quick nap.

You can even use this feature to do a quick diaper change while you’re on the go. The reclining mechanism allows three different positions which to accommodate your child’s needs. The reclining seating options are designed for the various moods and positions your growing child might need.

  • Wheels

An extra perk of this stroller, in particular, is its wheels. They can be smoothly maneuvered and glide evenly. It is great for any terrain, even the rockiest and roughest of paths you might encounter.

  • Canopy

The canopy can be expanded ensuring extra shade for your little one. This is cleverly designed for those days when it’s exceptionally sunny. The canopy is made out of durable material which guarantees lasting quality.

  • Peek window

The peek window is also part of the canopy design. Since this buggy is intended for growing kids, it faces the front so the children can ride looking at the world. This prevents parents from seeing their child at all times.

With the peek-a-boo window, you can monitor what your child is doing whenever you wish to. Most parents prefer to have a peek window because they can check on their kid without disturbing their observation and exploration.

  • Harness

The buggy has a 5 point safety harness, meaning your little one will remain comfortably seated and safe at all times.

The harness on this buggy can be adjusted as your kid grows. It has three distinct height options which are a benefit for both you and your child. They will sit comfortably, and you will be saving money by using the same stroller over an extended period.

An additional benefit is that the seat belt is padded. This contributes to your child’s overall comfort. Most straps and harnesses are not padded and can cause some discomfort if your kid is too active.

  • The height of the handlebar

The height of the handlebar is a particularly important feature for taller parents. This buggy can see to almost every height. It is convenient and comfortable even for people exceeding the height of 6’3’’.

  • Additional feature

The buggy has a cup holder which is convenient for any parent on the go. It is a practical design perk which keeps your drink within your reach.

Summer Infant 3d tote Review

What’s wrong with the product?

– It does not stand once folded

A big letdown is the fact that the stroller does not stand once it is folded. A standing option would undoubtedly contribute to its overall practicality. Once you’ve secured the buggy, you can lay it down, store it away, or carry it with you.

– Wheels are not easy to maneuver

The wheels work less as your child grows. This is a setback which will come after a certain period. Because your child will continue to grow, the weight sometimes hinders the otherwise very mobile wheels.


This baby carriage is light in weight and offers some sufficient storage space. You can carry it with ease and use it for years to come. Its weight limit is 50 pounds.

The stroller is made to serve you for a couple of years. It has adjustable seating positions, a seatbelt which can accommodate your child’s changing height, and it is made of durable, high-quality materials. Given the fact that it falls into more affordable carriages, buying this product is more than a sensible investment.

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