Baby Jogger City Select Stroller Review

9.5 Total Score

  • Large canopy
  • Huge storage basket
  • Can transform to a double stroller
  • Stable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Adjustable foot rest
  • Weight
  • No Auto-lock
  • Seat material
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The Baby Jogger City Select is one of the most popular award-winning strollers on the market. It can transform into a double stroller with a bassinet, car seat, or an extra seat when needed. When you add the second seat, there are 16 possible combinations in which you can arrange them. The large canopy and decent storage basket are also there. The handlebars are fully adjustable, and the overall appeal of the stroller is fantastic. It’s definitely one of those strollers that will keep the heads turning.

Unlike other double strollers, this one has the seats arranged one above the other, making it easy to maneuver. This stroller is ideal for everyday use like long walks in the park, or around the neighborhood and shopping malls. The ride is smooth, and since it’s so light, you can control it with a single hand.

When you decide to have a second child, add another seat to the stroller, and you won’t have to buy another stroller. There are plenty of features to enjoy, so keep reading to learn everything about this great city stroller.


  • Weight limit – 45 lbs per seat

  • Stroller weight – 28 lbs (single), 34 lbs (double)

  • Seat to canopy height – 27.5″

  • Handlebar height – 38.5″ – 41.5″

  • Rear wheels – 12″

  • Front wheels – 8″

  • Folded Dimensions – 42″L x 26″W x 12.5″H


  • Canopy

The canopy on city select stroller has three sections and is quite large. The peekaboo window is located in the middle part. You can close or open the window with magnetic closure, so it’s great.

  • Roomy seat

At first, the seat may look like it’s smaller than what you would expect, but when you measure it, the width is 12 inches, and the height is 21 inches from the seat to the canopy. If that’s not high enough, you can adjust the canopy for another 3 inches extra. The maximum height 24 inches, so even a tall child has enough room to sit comfortably.

The one-hand recline is easy to operate. The entire seat is made of a single molded piece, so it will retain the V shape when reclined. Also, keep in mind that the lowest point is not entirely flat, making this stroller suitable for babies that are older than six months. However, it can be ideal for a newborn, but you will have to buy an extra bassinet or car seat adapter. Another cool feature is the reversible seat. You can choose the side your baby is facing.

  • 5-point harness

The 5-point harness system is a standard for most city strollers, and this one has it too. The harness is padded for extra comfort.

  • Fabric

The fabric used for the seat is super-easy to clean. You can do it by hand, or you can take it off and throw it into the washing machine. Drying it is easy too – all you have to do is reattach it to the frame and leave it to dry. Don’t use a dryer because the material could shrink.

  • Storage pocket

The storage pocket on the back of the seat is medium in size. It can hold small items like house keys, phone, wallet, water bottle and so on.

  • Second seat option

The second seat feature of the City Select Stroller is the main reason why it’s so popular. You can convert this single stroller to a double stroller in no time at all. That’s great when you decide on having a second child. All you have to do is to buy another seat and some adapters. Install everything in minutes, and you are ready to roll.

There are 16 different positions you can choose from. That’s great because you can fit the needs of each of your children at any time. For example, if the kids are in a happy mood, you can sit them facing each other. If they’re not feeling so friendly, face them away from each other. It’s a handy feature you can’t find elsewhere.

  • Foot rest

The foot rest is adjustable, and we absolutely love it! It is adaptable to four positions, so you can adjust it as your child grows.

  • Massive storage basket

The size of the storage basket under the seat is usually sacrificed for other features, but the city select has one that can fit everything you need and more. The basket is huge, and you can easily access it from all sides, including the front. If the standard basket isn’t big enough, unzip two zippers on the back and make it even bigger. In fact, it’s so big; you can place two large diaper bags with room to spare. You can do your grocery shopping and fit everything you buy inside. Awesome!

  • Wheels

The city select stroller has four wheels. The front wheels are 8 inches in diameter and swivel, so you can lock them in place when traversing rougher terrain. The back wheels are 12 inches in diameter. All of the tires are forever-air, so they will never go flat.

  • Parking brake

The parking brake is operated by hand, and you can find it on the right side of the handlebar. It’s easy to use, and since it’s a hand operated brake, you can wear any shoes without worrying about damaging them when braking.

  • Easy to fold mechanism

Every stroller coming from Baby Jogger has an easy to fold mechanism, and so does this one. The only issue some people have is that they have to use both hands to fold it. There is no automatic lock, so you have to do that by yourself manually. The seats are not foldable, so if you want to store it, you need to take the seats off first. You can, of course, do it while the seats are attached, make sure you have a large car trunk.

  • Stability

The stability of this stroller is fantastic. Even when you put two seats on it, and the back seat is unoccupied, the stroller won’t tip over.

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller In Silver, Black Frame

What’s wrong with the product?

  • Weight

The weight of this stroller is 28 lbs when using a single seat. If you use it as a double stroller, it weighs 34 pounds. The extra weight is needed to provide stability, but it’s not that easy to carry around, especially if you have two more toddlers to take care of at the same time.

  • No Auto-lock

If the city select stroller had an auto-lock feature, the folding process would be quicker and more comfortable. You will have to lock it manually.

  • Seat material

The seat material is easy to clean, and it’s very durable, but the downside is that it’s a little scratchy. Some other material would work better.


The City Select Stroller is a great model that gives you all kinds of options most other strollers don’t. It can easily be transformed into a double stroller with a purchase of another extra seat, or an infant car set, or even a bassinet. It provides a steady ride, the fabric is entirely washable, you can store all kinds of stuff in the basket, and there’s even an adjustable leg rest for your child. So, if you have one baby and are thinking about another, this could be the ideal city stroller for your needs.

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