Cough and Cold During Pregnancy: Treatment and Prevention

Colds are easy to spread, and all of us catch them at least once a year. In pregnancy, the immune system gets mildly suppressed. Because of that cold during pregnancy lasts longer and appears more frequently.

But cease your worry. Even though you feel like the train has run you over, the chances that the beaming light in your stomach is in danger are minor.

Symptoms of cold in pregnancy involve a few indicators. The signs are primarily coughing, clogged nose and sneezing. But there is also a chance of high temperature, muscle pain, and a sore throat.

It is of great importance to try leveling the chances of attracting a cold to the minimum. Especially when you are pregnant. But if you by any means find yourself noticing the symptoms, we will help you.

Let us go together through a few pieces of advice on how to prevent the symptoms of cold while pregnant. And also look for some tips on which medicine to use during pregnancy which will erase every possibility of endangering your baby.

Cold in Early Pregnancy

As a to-be-parent, you find yourself scared for your health. Your question does your cold and cough during pregnancy affect the baby is perfectly reasonable. Cold isn’t dangerous in the first trimester of pregnancy.

If there’s a cause for concern, an ultrasound can be performed to determine possible damage.

A viral infection in only 1% of cases can lead to a severe outcome, such as a miscarriage. Viral infections are during pregnancy treated by resting and sleeping. It’s also advised to drink plenty of water and to take vitamin C.

Are the Colds in Pregnancy More  Common Than Usual?

Yes, it’s true that pregnant women are more prone to colds than women who are not in a blessed condition. This comes as the immune system is weaker during pregnancy. And the body reduces defense mechanisms so as not to discard the fetus.

Because of this, pregnant women are more susceptible to diseases than they would otherwise be. That’s why they need to be a bit more careful.

What Should I Do if I Get a Temperature?

In the event of an elevated temperature, you should call the doctor. Higher temperature can disrupt your baby’s blood supply, and cause the onset of labor. To lower it you should shower with warmish water. It’s advised to put on cotton clothes after the refreshment.


Cough And Cold During Pregnancy

When is My Time to Go to a Doctor?

If you have a common cold, a cough, runny nose, sore throat while pregnant, you needn’t worry. After several days of rest and taking teas, the cold will likely disappear itself. But if your cold meets with more severe symptoms, for example, muscle pain, headache, high temperature call your doc.

Try to lower the temperature naturally in advance; avoid taking the medication on your own. After the exam, the doctor will tell you, depending on the month of pregnancy. And he will recommend adequate therapy which will lead you to your usual healthy self.

Can the Cold Be Prevented at All?

Prevention is as you’ve guessed better than cure during pregnancy. And you should of course do everything that is in your power to stick with being in sound physical shape.

You will most certainly reduce the odds of getting a cold if you eat healthy and versatile food. Eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals is essential. You should consult your doctor about taking prenatal vitamins as a dietary supplement.

Also, wash your hands more often, and if you smoke try to stop with that filthy habit.

Natural Anti-Cold Medication in Pregnancy

Your cold has flushed down your feelings of satisfaction of a forming life in your belly. We will bring up a few tactics on how to aid your ill self.  In other words how to use natural medicine which will be harmless for your baby during pregnancy.

We recommend the following: humidifier, fresh air, and throat and nose flushing.


If you’re breathing slow and have a dry, irritating cough at night, purchase this device. Moist air is a powerful natural decongestant. It works by diluting the secretion in the lungs and opening the airways.

Fresh Air

Staying in a well-ventilated area is very important for you and your future baby’s health. Various air pollutants, like tobacco smoke, are harmful when you are healthy, let alone when you are ill. They notably worsen the symptoms of colds, prolonging its duration.

Throat Flushing

If your throat is dry, red, painful and burning. If you feel scratching or find swallowing difficult. Prepare a simple salty solution: Dip one-quarter of a spoon of salt in a hot water bowl. This agent effectively extracts the secretion, reduces the painful island and eliminates irritation.

Nose Flushing

A simple combination of salt and water dilutes the secretion in the nose and calms the inflamed, irritated tissue. You can quickly prepare the saline solution. Dissolve one-fourth of a spoon of salt in a cup of water, and then use a clean dropper to place a few drops of solution in each nostril.


A cold can get you down during pregnancy. Fever, headaches, muscle aches, weakness and loss of appetite occur. So strengthen your organism and immunity through healthy sources of vitamins and minerals.

Drink plenty of fluids and consult your doctor for further steps. Of course, many vacations and cessation of work are crucial to healing.  You have to encourage yourself to eat at least a fruit, a toast, a hot drink, a cup of milk, etc.

It is essential that you don’t blame yourself if you come down with a cold during pregnancy. We know that in your best interest is to preserve the health of you baby.  But getting sick is something you can’t fully control.

We are all unable to avoid the viruses, especially in the winter. You should shift your attention to many joys of being pregnant and remember: It shall pass.


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