Arm’s Reach Concepts Mini Ezee 2-in-1 Bedside Bassinet Review

9.3 Total Score

  • Comfortable mattress
  • Sidewalls go down
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Spacious storage underneath
  • Storage not easy to access
  • Mattress not washable
  • Temporary usability
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Arm’s Reach is an award-winning brand that is famed for the security and quality of their products. The Mini Ezee 2 in 1 is another Arm’s Reach high-end co-sleeper that offers you the opportunity to safely bond with your baby through nighttime sleep. Its ready for use as soon as you bring your baby back home from the hospital.

This particular model comes with even more ventilation and offers better breathability than a lot of other co-sleepers out there. The unit is quite easy to assemble, and it takes just a few moments. The co-sleeper is even portable, although it lacks wheels.

It comes with side pockets for the bare necessities and a storage compartment underneath that has ample room for a big bag of diapers. The bassinet is equipped with an attachment strap and a resistant plate that are there to ensure maximum safety. The Mini Ezee 2 in 1 stays true to the Arm’s Reach original mission.


  • Bassinet weight – 24.5 lbs

  • Weight limit  – N/A

  • Dimensions   – 21″H x 31″L x 34″W

  • Age limit  –  0 to 5 months


  • Accessibility and Safety

This bassinet might not sport an ultra-stylish look like some other high-end models, as it comes in a basic, neutral color, but it does its job better than most other co-sleepers currently available on the market. With the Ezee 2 in 1, you can be sure you will always have your precious one within arm’s reach whenever you decide to co-sleep during the night. One of the sides goes lower than the rest so that you are able to easily reach your baby without much effort – a feature that is excellent for mommies who had a C-section.

The arm’s reach co sleeper mini stands on four robust and sturdy legs that leave no room for accidents. The co-sleeper is equipped with attachment straps and plates that super-glue the co-sleeper to your bed. It wasn’t manufactured with wheels, but you shouldn’t have much difficulty moving it from one room to the other.

  • Mesh Sidewalls

The model was manufactured to minimize all the risks that co-sleeping comes with, and the mesh sidewalls are an essential safety feature. They do not only provide additional airflow, but they improve breathability and relinquish the threat of suffocation.

The mesh on this particular model is not a 100% transparent, but it’s transparent enough for you to be able to see through all sides, and for your child to see you back as well. It is crucial for the infant to be able to see the mother as the sight of their parents puts them at ease and helps them fall asleep.

  • Storage

The Mini Ezee will not only help your baby sleep comfortably, but it might also help you solve some storage issues if you live in a smaller apartment. The side pockets it comes with are big enough for you to keep the baby essentials that you might need often. Then you have the whole storage compartment under the bassinet to use for big diaper bags, snacks or whatever you can squeeze inside.

There is a total of four side pockets. You probably won’t be able to find a bassinet with better storage options than the Ezee 2-in-1.

The sides are also adjustable and can be locked upright or in the lowered position. When dropped, it provides you easy access as you sleep next to each other. That’s a feature you can’t find on many models, so it’s a big plus. The most important thing is keeping your baby safe and protected, and this bassinet provides precisely that.

  • Mattress

With the bassinet, you also get a mattress, which is often taken for granted, as a lot of models do not come with one.  The mattress is waterproof and comes with a sheet. However, the mattress is not washable.

  • Additional accessories

The co-sleeper comes with a nice nylon carrying case. The case has a strong carrying strap. The model might not be the most portable, but it can be moved out of the house without a lot of effort, thanks to the carrying strap and the ease of assembly.

cute baby sleeping

What’s wrong with the product?

-Storage hard to access

Storage is what really puts this model at an advantage from the rest of the bunch. So, the fact that its hard to access is concerning. If you opt for it, you will have plenty of room for objects that are not even completely necessary to be there, but you won’t be able to access the necessities you need with a simple stretch of a hand.

-Mattress not washable

The mattress is waterproof, but not washable, so it can still get stained. For hygiene, you’ll have to rely on the sheet included, so it might be a good idea to get a couple of extra sheets.

-Temporary usability

To be fair, that’s the disadvantage of every bassinet there is. Still, the fact that it cannot be used for an extended period of time cannot be repeated enough, as it is crucial for the baby’s safety.

Once your baby starts to push up on their hands and knees, it is time to move on to a crib. Or when your child reaches their fifth month, whichever comes first. As for the play yard mode, stop using the co-sleeper once your child reaches the height of 35″ or is able to climb out on their own.


The Arm’s Reach Co Sleeper Mini is a brilliant co-sleeper that helps bonding in a safe way from the moment you bring your newborn home. The bassinet is quite useful and comes highly recommended. It is especially great when it comes to midnight breastfeeding, as it makes it much simpler.

If you don’t want to waste a lot of time on the assembly process, then this might just be the model for you. It is mobile and comes with plenty of storage, probably the most of all bassinets currently available. The model ought to ensure safe and uninterrupted sleep for your little one and thus for you as well.

The model might not be the most fashionable and is not the best when it comes to particular features, but it has a lot of things going for it. For parents that are looking for a practical co-sleeper above all, the Mini Ezee 2-in-1 is a safe bet.

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